Electro-Homeopathy with Allopathy

Can Electro-Homeopathic medcine be taken along with Allopathic medcine? Yes, you can take Electro-Homeopathy with Allopathic medicine without one affecting to other. 



  • Electro-Homeopathyand Allopathy medicines do not intract with each other because Electro-Homeopathic remedies are non physical, electromagnetic memory of minrals whereas Allopathic remedies are not dispensedas crud physical substances. 
  • Electro-Homeopathy and Allopathy medicines neither complte for metabolic patways nor binding on eithr receptor sites or carrier proteins in blood. mediatinh 



  • Electro-Homeopathiv remedies act by mediatin the vital principle (immune system) unlike Allopthic medicines which have a more direct chemical action. 

However it should be kept in mind that one must emphasise in reducing Allopathiv medicine to prevetdirectchemical ( toxix) effecton body.