Electro-Homeopathy, food allergy and food intolerance

A scientific study expanded on the subject of allergies by explaining the difference between an allergy and intolerance. A food allergy is characterised by antibodies to the foodstuff in the blood, which can cause a severe reaction.


Food intolerance can be the result of a number of different imbalances in the system including, for instance, lactose intolerance, which is caused by the lack of the enzyme lactase which allows the gut to process lactose sugar.

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A true allergy does not necessarily cause an imbalance in the bowel (bowel dysbiosis), nor does bowel dysbiosis necessarily tip over into true allergy. However, food intolerances and bowel dysbiosis can each be the direct cause of the other.


To address intolerance, the Electro-Homeopath would resolve the organ function imbalance that is closely related to the digestive function imbalance. There are many Electro-Homeopathic remedies specific to the large and small bowels – indeed he showed us a page with about two hundred recommended remedies for diarrhoea alone!

A scholar encourages a full investigation where food allergies are concerned. The treatment of allergies is an area that remains poorly understood. As sensitisation to an allergen increases with exposure, seeking treatment as early as possible is encouraged.

Diagnosis involves taking a full case history, including listing symptoms experienced, the patient’s relationship with foods, taking an allergy test – a skin prick or blood test, an exclusion diet then a food challenge, medically supervised in case of anaphylactic shock. 


Treatment is complex, dependent on a holistic and in-depth diagnosis with an experienced Electro-Homeopath, and must take into account not only the typology of the sufferer (eg quick-witted, not very muscular) but also his or her character (eg lacks self-confidence, charming to outside world but extremely shy) and he or she must be prepared to put time and energy into their own treatment.