Pain Management Clinic

Many patients have no idea what a Pain Management Clinic is because until they developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome they never had any need to go to one. This will give you some ideas of what an Electro-Homeopathy Pain Management Clinic.

Typically, a pain management clinic is a location where doctors offer solutions to intractable pain. Conditions that generally respond well to pain management clinic services are arthritis, back pain, neck pain, etc. In addition, migraine headaches, shingles pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome pain frequently respond favorably to pain management clinic treatments.

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Generally, pain management that is offered at an Electro-Homeopathy Pain Management Clinic includes a combination of therapies. These treatments include medications, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. In addition, massage and cupping therapy is often an effective treatment for pain relief, swelling and stress. Not only does the Electro-Homeopathy Pain Management Clinic treat acute pain, it also performs diagnostic services to determine where the pain is originating.

A pain management clinic is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Some specialize in specific diagnoses or in pain related to a specific region of the body. Also called pain management clinics, it often uses a multidisciplinary approach to help people take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their life. These programs are focused on the total person, not just the pain.

At Electro-Homeopathy Pain Management Clinic, your therapy plan will be tailored to your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences.

So as you can see, while many people like the personal touch of their local MD, the Electro-Homeopathy Pain Management Clinic offers many things that an individual physician simply cannot. Having access to all of these services in one place; where the focus is not only on the Chronic Pain but also on the patient themselves; and having the ability to see many different types of physicians who can coordinate your care into one treatment plan.

What do you treat at pain clinic?

What is pain?

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and / or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in the terms of such damage.


What are the factors responsible for development of pain?

Trauma, surgery, cancers, obesity, diabetes, neuropathy, ADIS, old age, osteoarthritis, modern life style.


Why pain relief is important?

Pain can affect physical, mental, financial and social well being.


Is chronic pain preventable?

Yes – By daily exercises and correct treatment in the acute stage of pain and early intervention can help to prevent chronic pain.


How do you treat pain?

Multimodality management is the latest and safest way of treatment.


What is interventional pain management?

Nerves that carry pain impulses are blocked by specialized minimally invasive injection techniques, here either drugs or radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is used.


Is pain curable?

Symptomatically pain is curable with pain management even in chronic and “Incurable” diseases like cancer and old age diseases. Interventional pain management is necessary to improve quality of life.


What are advantages of interventional pain management?

  • Day car procedure
  • Cost effective
  • No cut / scar
  • Early return to work and normal life
  • Fewer requirements of pain medicines


How do treat back pain?

Back pain can be treated with facet joint block, percutaneous disc procedures, decompression and nerve blocks.


What is advance pain management?

Radio frequency nerve ablation-Nerves can be numb precisely by specific heat lesions without side effects.

Neuromodulation- Spinal and peripheral stimulators are used to treat chronic back pain, leg pain, migraine and any chronic pain not relieved by any means.

Intrathecal drug delivery system- Delivers very now doses of drugs at spinal cord pain receptors to block pain. Used to treat cancer pain, spasticity.


What do you treat at pain clinic?

  • Headache, Migraine
  • Trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Radiculopathy (Pain originating in the neck or back, running down the arm or leg) sciatica
  • Prolapsed interventional disc, spondylitis, spinal stenosis
  • Chronic pain following back or neck surgery, failed back syndrome
  • SD- Reflex Sympathetic dystrophy
  • Myofascial pain, fibromyalgia
  • Post surgical pain and post trauma pain
  • Herpes zoster, post herpetic neuralgia
  • Diabetic neuropathy pain
  • Vascular (ischemic pain)
  • Phantom limb pain (After amputation)
  • Knees and other joints
  • Chronic chest pain
  • Cancer pain

“Pain is real and treatable”