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Salient features

*  Electro-Homeopathic treatment cures a disease with cause instead of just suppressing its symptoms

*  It enables the patient to enjoy long lasting benefits

*  It does not involve any complicated procedures for taking medications

*  The treatment does not exhibit any side effects like chemical interactions between different drugs

*  The patient’s immune system and resistance to infections is strengthened

*  It eliminates the need for unnecessary surgery

Along with other medicines! There is no known interference between Electro-Homeopathy treatment and conventional drugs like Allopathy & Ayurveda

Specially Formulated Electro-Homeopathy Treatment for Complete Recovery

Side-effect free, easy to take and fast to work, CURE plus Electro-Homeopathy treatment is only available at Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic



We are sure; it would take just one visit by you, to our Electro-Homeopathy Clinic, to understand why our doctor is considered as the best Electro-Homeopathy doctor. When you visit in our clinic, you experience a high class Electro-Homeopathic treatment that has been customized especially for you.


We are Kerala’s No.1 specialty clinic for Electro-Homeopathy treatment

Our Services



Our Clinic offers specially formulated Electro-Homeopathy treatment for Allergic conditions to cure permanently. The treatment for allergy has been developed after an exhaustive in-house research and studies. Meet our doctor to know if you too can be cured… 


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Our Pain Clinic is a center dedicated to orthopedics. It is a unit of Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic, an authentic center with a motto of providing quality patient care with commitment to medical excellence, patient safety and ethical values..


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Our Diabetes Clinic is an initiative started in 2008 by Dr. Ismayil. It is a comprehensive diabetes care centre located at the heart of the town with various facilities like treatment and prevention of diabetes, and its complications. It was with Dr. Ismayil’s persistence and expertise that led to expansion of this institute also in its research facilities… 


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More Services

Internal Medicine


Internal medicine is a field of practice focused on treating adults. Doctors prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that afflict all adults, from chronically ill patients, to short-term care.


Internal Medicine providers at Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic specialize in treating sometimes complex health conditions in adult patients that do not require surgery.  

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Family Practice 


Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic provides complete medical care for your entire family from infancy to the oldest family members. Family practice provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family.

Family practice provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders through all stages of life. They treat a large variety of different health conditions. “Family physicians do not treat diseases; they take care of people.”  

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