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Almost every week, we receive warm, wonderful letters of thanks from former patients, their families, and friends. We thank them for taking the time to praise the excellent care they received, for telling us about their recovery and for sharing their “Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic Experience” with us, which we in turn share with you here.

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I suffered from chronic skin disease from 2001; I tried everything available in medical science but found Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic really rocking in treating me. They gave me a stress free and disease free life. Moreover they are more than friends to me now and I just call them to know about any problem if I am having. They treated me in 90 days. Mr. Jayakumar (Kotayam). 

I had tried so many medicines for my bleeding piles. It was so uncomfortable, pain and shame for me. Your treatment has given me a big relief. Excellent treatment. Lalitha Krishnan (Calicut).

I was suffering from Arthritis since last 10 years. Your treatment has made me free to move around. Mr. KP Ashrafali (Perumbavur).

Thanks to Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic, as I get rid of my pimples and got a glowing face. Their treatment liberates sweet dimples from ugly pimples. Swathi (Bengaluru).

We tried your Electro-Homeo medicine which we found very well for the allergy, sneezing problem we were having. We are more than happy to be a part of your clientele. Sithara and Manoj (Kayamkulam).

I reduced 16 Kg in 4 months under your guidance and treatment. It has given me lot of confidence and new life away from diseases. “That was not a medicine but a God’s gift to me”. Mrs. Ragini (Chennai).

My heartiest thanks to Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic, for treating me for the thyroid and menses problem I was facing from long time. I tried to reduce my body weight but all in vein but at MEC along with reduction in body weight with 10 kg in 3 months, my menses are regularized and my thyroid is also under control. Tamanna (Kottayam).

“My mobility had been reducing slowly over several years, and after a summer of poor health and being on and off crutches, I was offered long term medication to alleviate pain and stabilise my condition. Not being very keen on lifelong medication, I sought an alternative and found Sam. Four months later I can walk without pain, I can skip and jump (which my 5 year old daughter has NEVER seen me do!), and I have forgotten where I put my crutches. I am astounded, delighted, amazed and beyond grateful. Thank you.” Varalakshmi, Erod.

Thank you for the remedy. I feel it has been working on a deeper subtle level. An inner seeing. I have had the feeling of a melting inside and great sense of peace and rightness. I experienced this before with your perception and treatment so thank you very much. Deepa Arun, KR Puram, Bangalore.

Dr. Ismayil sir is very detail oriented and thorough during the interview process of a session with her. I feel that he really saw the core issues of my problem and I look forward to continued success with the remedy he chose for me. Aleena, Kasaragod.

Dr. Ismayil sir is a true Classical Electro-Homeopath who, not only has exceptional knowledge of Electro-Homeopathy, but is also fantastic at getting to the root on an issue. He is compassionate, intuitive and professional. I have, and would again, recommended her to others. Peetter, Belguam.

Dr. Ismayil sir has been my Electro-Homeopathic doctor for several years. I came to him when I had problems with blisters on my hands and my skin was red, very itchy, peeling, and I also had cuts in-between my fingers. He was the only health practitioner that has helped me to eliminate this issue after several medical and allergy specialists had given up on me after treating this problem for a long time without any positive results. My skin has healed only after he gave me Electro-Homeopathic remedies. In addition he has helped me to control my asthma and seasonal allergies. I am very grateful to Dr. Ismayil sir for his care. I am still currently his patient and come to see him 2-4 times a year for health maintenance. Radhakrishnan Nair, Varkkala.

 I want to thank to  Ismayil sir for the excellent Electro-Homeopathic care I have received from him recently. My immune system was weakened after a 6 day stay in the hospital due to surgery for a burst appendix. I then contracted strep throat with pustular tonsils, for which he gave me Electro-Homeopathic remedy. I was truly amazed and happy watch the resulting quick recovery without use of antibiotics! I am fine and feeling so much better, thanks to Paractitioner Ismayil’s healing skills. It is truly wonderful to experience no side effects, like I used to have from antibiotics. With his guidance I am sure that my immune system will be much stronger very soon! Thank you very much again for your help! Katharine, Philippine.

I was in horrible pain when first finding Dr. Ismayil sir and he got me out of immediate pain and got it under control and helped some things with my psyche that took years and was done in days. Loved talking with him. Dr. Ismayil was a blessing and did get me out of the immediate pain I was in that doctors couldn’t do. Thanks Tina! Shahanas Beegum, Lucknow.

Dr. Ismayil sir is an awesome listener, he helped me work through a lot of mental blocks in my life. He also helped my children through illness and wellness. I would recommend Tina to anyone searching for alternative measures for their health. Aleena Sebastian, Erattupetta.

I have been working with Dr. Ismayil sir for over a year and a half. What a ride! But, the results are indisputable. Thank you. Elizabeth, Pala, Kottayam.

Dr. Ismayil sir has opened a whole new world for me and my family. His insight into the field of Electro-Homeopathy and human nature combined with his thorough approach and passion for his work make he an incredible practitioner. He is wonderful with my children. My two year old son, an incredibly loving but very high energy, ADHD symptomatic child, has his feet back on the ground after taking the remedy Dr. Ismayil sir so appropriately chose for him. And his careful observation and appreciation of him as a person in their sessions together allowed my son to present himself for who he really is. His assessment of my infant is also spot on. I, myself came to Dr. Ismayil  sir initially for prenatal fatigue and discovered an increased capacity for spiritual transformation as a result. I have already learned more than I knew was possible within the Electro-Homeopathic process. I am very thankful to be working with Dr. Ismayil at this point in me and my sons’ journeys and recommend her highly. Jayalakshmi, Kodungallur.

I chose to practice Electro-Homeopathy for its natural approach to healing. It is gentle, and does not cause unnatural side effects. Electro-Homeopathy helps the body heal itself; balancing mind, body and spirit in a way that conventional medicine cannot. With the strength I have gained from Homeopathy, I have made positive changes in my life, changes that I may have been reluctant to make without this supportive healing process. Justin Raj, Selam. 

I used to get dull pain on the left side of abdomen after going through ultra sound test got diagnosed – multiple renal stones. I don’t want to go for surgery, one day when I was discussing my problem to one of my friend, he suggested me to contact Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic’s Online Clinic, I drop a mail to Dr. Ismayil (Clinic Head) for help and her prompt. Reply help me fixing my online appointment with their senior Consultant through video call. They gave me Electro-Homeopathy medicine and very nicely explained how it has to be taken. It’s been 75 days now and I am already feeling much better. R. Vengidesh, Pune.

I was very scared of my hair fall problem, after trying number of hair care products and supplements. I came to know about Dr. Ismayil’s Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic’s treatment. After taking their treatment in September last year I feel good difference in my hair and scalp condition. Now my scalp and hair are visibly healthier than as compare to the condition prior to treatment. The treatment was very good and I was impressed with the regular assessment of my problem every 4 weeks. I recommend Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic’s treatment for Hair treatment. Amrtha Arora, Gwalior, MP.