Anti-Scrofoloso 1

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In Scrofoloso-1 all the medicinal Spag Ess, are used in equal parts, but one more important thing comes to notice that only and strictly NUX VOMICA has been used in S1 not in other group of Scrofoloso medicines, this medicinal plant plays an important role in S1 because physiologically it has been reported that in small doses this agent is a stomachic tonic, increasing the vascularity of gastric mucous membrane, and increasing the biliary and pancreatic secretions. If continued over a long period it deranges digestion. It stimulates the peristalsis of the intestines and renders them irregular. The motor nerve cells of the spinal cord, cardiac ganglion, respiratory and vasomotor centers in the medulla are stimulated. The reflux excitability is increased. The respirations are quickened and deepened; the action of the heart is increased and the blood pressure raised. The senses are all rendered more acute. The desire to urinate is increased.

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