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As most of Electro-Homeopaths know that this remedy is in its essential character of a combination of S5 and F; S10 is also called as Scrofoloso Giappone (S.G.) this is unquestionably one of our most prominent, effective and extraordinary remedies. It’s strange name “GIAPPONE” i.e. Japanese Scrofoloso, it owes to a terrible cholera epidemic in Japan, during which it received its baptisms of blood, so to speak, for practice, For it is one of our youngest remedies that first come into general use during a century. Before this took place it was tried and proved as indeed each one of the Electro-Homeopathic remedies, at first by the deceased discoverer himself, and then by his closest confidants and pupils and now it is one of chief remedy seems to be placed on the table of Electro-Homeopathic physicians. Well, the experience of different practitioners about this remedy in many diseases especially like that of S1 is also noteworthy, I used to visit a village nearby to my city the people of that village never had seemed to use the GLOBULE PILLS, that’s why they were not aware of the science like of Homeopathy and Electro-Homeopathy. Once it happened that a kid was suffering from a chronic greenish diarrhea brought to me for treatment that had been given different systems of medicines with absolute failures, I had just given a kid 3-4 globules three times a day, a miracle happened and kid got beneficial results just within 3 days; his stools became normal and bowel was set to normal in a very natural state, and news spread to the village rapidly, and since then hundreds of kids with history of loose motions, indigestion, bacillary dysentery were treated by me. And of course after a year, the bottle of S10 became so popular and general that parents used to send their children to the clinic for the purchase of S10, which was later known as the famous medicine of children diarrhea especially the greenish diarrhea during dentition. Why I add this experience here if it became popular during it’s early times of birth as CHOLERA specific in JAPAN and also becomes popular in a small village, where the people even didn’t know what was this science; just you can imagine how popular it is expected to become in the future because Electro-Homeopathy Spagyric essence do not suffer from drug resistance….

Dr.N.L.Sinha explores its mystery that how it traveled to Japan that “At that time as is still the case, Electro-Homeopathy was much spread amongst the catholic missionaries in the distant East especially in China and Japan. Whereas has been already said, it received its first solemn baptism of blood during a terrible cholera epidemic, on which occasion it distinguished itself in the most prominent way in combating this deadly plague and in remembrance thereof received its name, outside the numerated series of the Scrofoloso”. As we know that along with the action on this common disease S10 has now well known to our doctors that how useful for number of diseases if added logically with other group of medicines. Dr.A.G.L.Gliddon also reminds us the cholera epidemic of 1883-84 in his book Stepping stones to Electro-homoeopathy that how successfully and marvelously it was used, with that peculiarity of S10 he further describes that it is wonderful remedy in cases of serious Typhus, its use as a preventative of cancer was also recommended by himself. And let us come back to our Indian Electro-Homeopathy master Dr.N.L.Sinha to know in details about it that what he experienced and his word for the same “It unites to a certain extent, in itself to a whole, the action of Sl and F1. This explains huge sphere of application and action. It acts therefore on every organ and group of organs, tissue and group of tissues, which I have, under Scrofoloso, clearly and broadly put before you. But it as well in accordance to its kinship with Febrifugo, essentially a pronounced specific of the nerves, and indeed particularly in the sphere of the sympathetic, and motorial nerves, and the motorial nerves of the vessels, as well as for the peristaltic motion of the intestines.

Keep in your mind’s eye the fact that no organ of our body can be active by itself, but that it received the impulse to its particular function in every case from a certain nerve or a certain group of nerves. Thus whilst Scrofoloso acts in a general way on the tissues of one of the organs in motion mentioned, Scrofoloso Giappone or S10 acts in the first instance on that nerve or group of nerves, which set this organ in motion and at work. It may be concluded, Hereford what is confirmed by experience organic functional degeneration e.g. in the sphere of the lymphatic organs, Scrofoloso Giappone on the contrary for nervous functional disorders of just the same organ.

You have heard that S1 is especially to be regarded as a stomachic. Thus it acts, for instance, on the various digestive disorders that are caused by relaxation of the course of the stomach, faulty preparation and composition of the mucous, humours and acids of the stomach in their quality of products of the mucous membrane, of the stomach and glands. Scrofoloso Giappone, on the other hand, will be superior to S1, when it is a question of so called’ ‘nervous” digestive disorders. And it acts in the same way on all disorders of the Intestines the other digestive organs, and of the whole bodily, and glandular system that bear a ”nervous” character.

The cerebellum and the sympathetic plexus may well be designated as the target of the assaulting action of Scrofoloso Giappone. This is the explanation for its curative influences on the most various forms of convulsions, specially epilepsy, St,Vitus’ dance, and stomach spasms too, colic of the intestines and the gall bladder, It is related in this way to S2. It must also be considered as a specific for nervous pains (neuralgia) particularly for such as occur periodically as for instance nervous headache. Its relationship to the Nervous Vagus explains its excellent effect in cases of vomiting; and especially in those of morbid (neurotic) nature, occurring as accompanying symptoms of many diseases, further, so called seasickness, vomiting of gall fluid, in case of gall stone, liver affection or nervous headache.

Its influence on the intestines particularly pronounced, I have already pointed out its splendid success in the case of cholera, But equally fine cures are achieved in cases of chlorine, and latter be acute, where as if obstinate and chronic it is vanquished more speedily by S5, still more so by S3, when necessary combined with C3. Strong and especially strong liquid dose (dilution of 10 to 25 globules in a 3\4 pint of water) of Scrofoloso Giappone on the contrary, acts as a stimulus on the peristaltic motion, and the secretions of the intestinal glands, obviating in this way constipation as well, In this sense it may be specially given in strong doses for stopping colic during appendicitis. Herein, as well Scrofoloso Giappone exhibits a certain kinship with S2.

An example; years ago I visited unexpectedly whilst on a journey an old friend, who was himself at that time already a competent Electro-Homeopath, I found the whole souse in anxiety and commotion, His little son at that time, nine years old, had fallen ill with most serious appendicitis, consequence of having eaten sloe kernels. When I saw him he was almost in the agony of death. The father had already applied various remedies; all in vain; so that he resigned himself to the thought of the approaching death of his child. In accordance with advice quite strong dose of S10 given a mouthful every five minutes; if I remember rightly of a dilution of 25 or more globules in a 3\4 point of water; and red fluid (RE) applied to the abdominal nerves. That was in the morning, the danger over before the afternoon. The peristaltic motion was in full swing, there here had been a motion and his life was saved.

Its effect on the pulmonary nerves; (Vagus and plexus Pulmonalic) is also manifest when combined with Pettorale. Especially P4 for a cough, particularly for spasmodic and nervous cough; when there is a difficulty in loosening the expectoration. If necessary with fluid furnishes them the corresponding allowance of nerve power to produce violent fists of coughing for the purpose of loosening the mucous. We will speak about this later on under Pettorale group. S10 acts quite admirably on the skin and cutaneous nerves, In consequence of its relationship to Febrifugo. It is particularly applicable to the various forms of acute and feverish eruptions, e.g. Chicken pox, measles etc. given internally, It may be taken like Febrifugo, as well to regulate the cutaneous functions and Perspiration When given in weak doses it checks immoderate sweat in strong doses, on the other hand, it restores again the suppressed secretion of perspiration. For this reason it is applied with success for the various results of chills, all the consequences that may possibly result afterwards there from such as rheumatism, nervous pains, etc. are rendered impossible, finally let us consider the peculiar action of S10, on the solar plexus by means of which this remedy like Febrifugo. Influences various magnetic, and electric disorders of the organism too, which may be manifested in purely nervous fluctuations of sensations or motion, or of the emotional and mental life as well, for instance Hysteria, and the results of spiritualistic or mesmeric experiments and misuse, etc.

Medicinal properties:

Anti-Cholera, Anti-Emetic, Anti-Spasmodic, Stomachic, Febrifuge and Pectoral.

First dilution: Abdominal pain, Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery.

Second dilution: Acidity, Ascites, Meningitis, Diarrhea with bloody stools, Erythema, Laryngitis, Rheumatic fever, Plague etc.

Third dilution: Epilepsy, Rheumatic fever, Typhoid fever. Diarrhea in more sensitive patients.

Dry Globules: Cholera, Indigestion, Flatulance, Nausea, Vomiting, Influenza, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia etc.

Massive Doses: 20-25 Globules in hepatic colic with constipation.

Compresses: S10 with WE must be applied over abdomen in cases of obstinate appendicitis, chronic cases of IBD etc.                             

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