Anti-Scrofoloso 10

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As most of Electro-Homeopaths know that this remedy is in its essential character of a combination of S5 and F; S10 is also called as Scrofoloso Giappone (S.G.) this is unquestionably one of our most prominent, effective and extraordinary remedies. It’s strange name “GIAPPONE” i.e. Japanese Scrofoloso, it owes to a terrible cholera epidemic in Japan, during which it received its baptisms of blood, so to speak, for practice, For it is one of our youngest remedies that first come into general use during a century. Before this took place it was tried and proved as indeed each one of the Electro-Homeopathic remedies, at first by the deceased discoverer himself, and then by his closest confidants and pupils and now it is one of chief remedy seems to be placed on the table of Electro-Homeopathic physicians.

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