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This is the basic procedure on which the Electro-Homeopathy depends. I mean the plants used in Electro-Homeopathy are also used in Homeopathy and some of them even used in Ayurveda and Unani. Plants do not take side of any medical system; it is procedure of extraction and therapeutics that takes the side of medical system. In Homeopathy alcohol is the base for fermentation of plants but in Electro-Homeopathy both water and alcohol are used to get the final tincture that is called as SPAGIRIC. 


As a matter of fact, Cohobation is the procedure of fermentation. The parts of medicinal plants which are used for extractions must be fresh this is first rule followed during the Cohobation method. The herbs collected as per the required quantity of its pulp, crushed material or its juices are kept in glass jar determining their property of solidity and liquidity, the required proportion of liquid vehicle like distilled water then poured into the jar.

The required quantity of distilled water is calculated as per the formula:

                                     M.T        Kg

                         W=    ——


M–Weight of the plant mass in Kg.

T–Drying loss of sample per cent.

The Jar made air tight to help fermentation at 28 degree C to 35 degree C that is in summer room temperature. It takes 48 to 168 hours for completion of fermentation depending upon the parts of medicinal plants are used and the rate of fermentation of the parts in aqua. The preparation will then be pressed and the solution kept below 20 degree C protected against light. The extracted liquid is poured off. Again the fresh parts are added to water extracts (tincture) till to get the perfect saturation when it becomes impossible for further fermentation in aqua. It is not be necessary to tell the pharmaceutical delicate manipulation connected with this procedure .The herbs which contains 70% moisture strictly recommended for this process. Then the loss of drying calculated from the sample.

And the second process along with the first one is that the pressed out residue (Water insoluble ingredients remained in plant residue) is percolated and kept for fermentation in another jar with alcohol at the same time. The procedure is repeated till the alcohol fails to dissolve the pressed out residue, finally when the crushed plants stops dissolving, a pure liquid with a characteristic odour is obtained in alcohol jar.

Both separate solutions (i.e. aqueous tincture and alcohol tincture) ARE NOT DIRECTLY mixed but the two separate solutions are potentiated with dilutions as 1:9, this two-step dilutions are called ‘D2’ (D=Decimal). In the last procedure called as ‘D3’, where the two solutions are then reunited according to Spagyric principle. This is what “Cohobation” is meant, where the physical properties are reduced and the dynamic properties are activated by the process of separation, purification and reunification. The methods are “Cohobation” and the essence is SPAGIRIC (Separating and reuniting the bio-dynamic energy). For the production Spagyric complex compound resulting solutions from different plants are mixed and raised again together to make the group of medicines.

There are two methods of SPAGIRIC ESSENCE MANUFACTURING registered in HAB (Homoopathisches Arzeneibuth, German Homeopathy Pharmacopoeia) which are preferred by Electro-Homeopathic pharmas as the method of Cohobation used by Mattei followers like Theodore Krauss and Zimpel. Among the two, Theodore Krauss is mostly preferred as he was a disciple of Mattei for longer time and was a chief of pharma and world Electro-Homeopathy doctors association in those times and even after many years of practice on scientific base he added some 22 new compounds to the original Mattei’s remedies. We can see the clear difference between the Zimpel method and Krauss method from rule No. 25 to 31 from page No. 53 to 59 in the original book Homoopathisches Arzeneibuth (HAB) published in 1978.

Dose and Dilutions

Dose determines the strength, duration and therapeutic effects while Dilution determines how much the liquid is dynamically reduced in its concentration and therapeutically enhanced under the law of physics.

According to Electro-Homeopathy SPAGYRIC/ SPAGYRIC ESSENCE is in D3 form is not advised for therapeutics, instead D4 is used. But the dilutions are advised from D4 to D10 as Positive or Negative dose or Stronger or weaker dilutions according to law of polarity. As a rule 1st dilution is positive dilution, 2nd is Neutral and 3rd is Negative which must be applied according to law of polarity that’s Positive dose in Negative cases, and Negative doses in Positive diseases. If a patient is more sensitive to the medicines then weaker dilutions are preferred up to 10th dilutions. Mattei considered the first dilution as a NORMAL dose, later a SECOND and THIRD according to the severity of cases but not weaker than 3rd dilutions. The Electro-Homeopathy masters who practiced it later in different continents in the world experienced something else in different climate and geography especially among them are Stephen Von Smirnoff from St. Petersburg, Ida Diestrich from Stockholm, Leath and Ross from London etc. proved that sometimes CLIMATE influences the temperament of human being as far as selection of dose of medicine is concerned that even more weaker dilutions than Mattei acts as a NORMAL dose. It all happened because the experiments done by Mattei were in Italian climate, and it’s masters practiced in NORTHERN countries generally prescribed D5 and D6 dilutions as a NORMAL or POSITIVE or STRONG dose. It was soon accepted in those times that geographical site and climate influences the diseased organism and temperament. And that’s how in older manuals of Russia and England we find the reference of weaker i.e. higher dilutions also, but yet D10 is said to be the highest dilutions preferred in EH therapeutics. Since his experiments Mattei also did not agree with the use of very high potency in homeopathic way of medicines like 30x, 200x, 30C, 1M etc. and instead recommended a theory of dilutions most scientific way in minimum dilutions that is a dosage in proportion to severity of disease, patient condition, weight or age, in his own words: “The general rule for my remedies is to place the dose in relation to the disease, that is to say, to diminish the dose in proportion to the gravity of the malady, by the word dose, I mean dilution”.

Spagyric eh essence in D4 form is available in Indian market.

The first dilution i.e. D4 or DILUTION-1 is obtained taking 1 part of Spagyric Ess, and 9 parts of distilled water or ethanol 30% from D3, and then DILUTION-2 or D5 is obtained taking one part of DILUTION-1 or D4 and nine part of distilled water or ethanol 30%, and so are the other dilutions. Diluted remedies can be used directly in water or other vehicle like sugar globules are also helpful etc. Medicines are supplied according to the law of polarity either in positive or negative dose that means in strong or weak (Light) dilutions, 4-5 drops of D4 in 2.5ml to 5ml (1 teaspoonful) is a STRONG dose (Second dilution) – 4-5 times a day or according to the severity of diseases particularly in NEGATIVE diseases (The diseases with sluggish character), and ½ drop of D4 in 2.5 to 5ml (1 teaspoonful) is a WEAK dose (Third dilution) 4-5 times a day, or 5-10 Dry globules made from D4 directly placing on tongue to dissolve them slowly or dissolving in 5ml distilled water are given to adults 4-5 times or according to requirement (This is also equal to third dilution or weak dose), if patient is more sensitive to even this weak dose then more weaker can be prepared by placing 2-3 drops in 100ml of water that is sipped in a day, every SIP with 10 to 20ml (This can be said as 4th dilution). In some acute cases of hyper functioning state sometimes every 15 minutes to an hour is also recommended in 3rd or 4th dilutions to reduce its strength of acuteness and then frequency of dose must be diminished according to the gravity of disease. The medicine to the Children must be given in the form of globules and diluted medicine 4-5 times or according to the severity of disease are advised. All possible and useful modes of medicines like Bath, Unction, Compresses, lotions, Ointments, and Suppositories etc. must be used according to the disease for fast relief. During the treatment patient must not be allowed to take sour food or fruits especially that contains citric acid or fruits like lemon, pickles etc. and smoking is avoided as a rule. All strong beverages like Coffee must also be avoided as they can interfere into the action of remedies. Select REMEDIES according to rules and regulations of LAW OF POLARITY; treat the patients with minimum REMDIES i.e. Constitutional and Organ specific with perfect choice. Do not mix into each other unnecessarily, rather advice them separately… Avoid PATENTS that are made with MIXTURE of 4 and 5 remedies without understanding the polarity concepts.

 Clinical tips for making dilutions and using them in practice

If you want to make D5 (Second or Strong dilution) take 1ml (20 drops) of D4 and add it to 9ml of Distilled water, this 10ml liquid is now called as D5 that is also called as STRONG, LOWER Or SECOND dilution. This STRONG or POSITIVE dose of 2.5ml 4 times a day may be given in cases WEAK or NEGATIVE state of diseases.

If you want to give patient D6 (Third or weak dilution) for 10 days then give patient the 10ml of D5, and advice to take 5 drops of it into 2.5ml of water 4 times a day for 10 days. That will make complete therapeutic dose of 3rd dilution for 10 days on decimal scale.

The same can be diluted for further weaker dilutions that are reducing from 5 drops of D5 into 2 drops that is to be advised with 2.5ml 4 times a day or frequently according to the requirement.

If you want to use weaker dilutions in another way advice patient to add 1-2 drop of D4 in 100ml of water and can be advised to have it sip by sip hourly that is to be finished in a day.

5-10 globules made of D4, if diluted into 2.5ml of water is also equal to 3rd or 4th dilution (The number of globules depends according to the size of globules and the amount of D4 it absorbs, Generally here it is considered No. 40), and this dose can be advised according to the needs either frequently or in 3-4 times a day.

We must not forget that Electro-Homeopathic remedies follow the law of bio medical physics as far as therapeutics is concerned, that’s why they are dynamically administered, not like keeping in mind a bio chemical therapeutic dose that are measured in grams.

NOTE: The strength of dose of Electro-Homeopathic medicines lies just in its manifold possibilities of application and adaptability because of not only the climate, geographical site, meteorological conditions, humidity in the atmosphere but also the patient’s sensibility, receptivity and susceptibility also play a major role to respond to strong or weak (light) doses, lower or higher dilutions of medicines. Accordingly dry globules or liquids must be selected. It is only because of this fact we see the difference of opinion in the strength of dose and dilutions in our old books that is written by our masters of gone times who practiced from North Pole to South Pole, in tropics and sub tropics. It is only in Electro-Homeopathy we see the subject of Posology/ Dosology is considered even according to the climate and geographical sites and this is another proof that EH is more sophisticated and scientific than other system of medicines as far as DOSE and DILUTION is concerned.              

 JSO Komplex Heilweise claims of procedure.

JSO Komplex Heilweise, This is one of the oldest pharmacy based on Electro-Homoeopathic medicine. The JSO complex Heilweise was developed and based on the Electro-Homoeopathy in the end of 1850 by the Italian scholar Dr. Count Cesare Mattei from Bologna (Italy). He took up both suggestions from the Spagyric direction of Paracelsus and the characteristics with the preparation of the medicine, and some basic principles of the Homoeopathy. In holistic treatment, JSO-complex Heilweise from Spagyric combinations of different plants are used. These medicines are registered under the homeopathy medicines act. The manufacturing process is therefore in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB). With over 100 years of therapeutic experience, the JSO-complex therapy proven as a gentle and effective form of therapy. Count Mattei in the early year of 1880 set up Consortium for Electro-Homoeopathy for the sale and promotion of his remedies in Regensburg. In the year 1883 the Consortium was transferred to the Engel Pharmacy in Regensburg for selling the remedies. The Consortium remained responsible for publication of the literature and assistance for these remedies to the 7000 members of the Electro-Homeopathic practitioner.  

About two year later, Theodore Krauss joined the Consortiums for Electro-Homoeopathy and remained there in contact with Count Mattei till the year 1890. But after the death of Mattei in 1896, Theodore Krauss took over the Consortiums for Electro-Homoeopathy; later on he expanded the system. In the First World War the supplies from Italy were missing between the years 1914 to 1918. The first original medicines under the license were after produced in the scientific direction of Krauss and Dr. Johannes in the same direction as the Mattei method and his system. The system later established by Theodore Krauss and became known as Electro-Complex-Homoeopathy, which developed up to today and is known as JSO Komplex Heilweise (JKH). After Theodore Krauss death his work was continuously moving forward and his first book published back in 1920 on Electro-Homeopathy has published its 14 edition till today in Germany. Following that, Spagyric had an official place in Europe and in the German Pharmacopoeia. (Says so WSHO United Kingdom, Source: JSO Komplex Heilweise, for JSO Spagyric preparation according to HAB).

The following paragraph is translated from Germany into English by Google translator from above said web page for reference…

The manufacturing process Spagyric according to JSO.

What does Spagyrik?

The term “Spagyrik” was coined by the distinguished physician and natural philosopher Paracelsus (1493-1541). He wrote: “Therefore thus learning Alchemiam which means Spagyriam else, that is learning the wrong part of the righteous, and righteous of the wrong”

According to the Greek root word in the production of medicines spagyric means  the “disconnect” (spaein) and “merge back” (ageirein) a specific role. This approach comes from the medieval alchemy.

The alchemy was based on the idea that would have all the natural substances on chemical and physical means are separated from the impure. The Alchemist (“becoming”) wanted to win in the process of a return to the original substance of the starting material (“prima materia”) may be precious gold.

Paracelsus used the methods of alchemy and led them to the herbal medicine. This spagyrische processing of medicinal plants achieve maximum activation of all the medicinal powers of healing.

In the 18th Century became the Spagyrik somewhat forgotten and was only in the 19th Century by the Italian scholar Cesare Mattei counts and “revived”.

The development of the JSO complex method of healing

From the electrical homeopathy out of the Count Mattei developed Theodor Krauss and Dr. John Dingfelder beginning of the last century, the JSO complex healing. She is now one of the most important directions of Spagyrik. The JSO complex method of healing is a therapy for comprehensive medical point of all vegetable base.

The composition of the JSO complex funding

JSO complex agents specifically put together combinations of selected medicinal plants. Each herb is processed in accordance with the method of production of Spagyric Theodor Krauss. The exact procedure is recorded in the official “Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB). This will ensure that the medicines are always made to the same procedure. And so with consistently high quality in house production.

The starting materials are used exclusively plants. Due to the special treatment valuable plant compounds and the healing powers of each plant can be obtained. For this purpose, the plants are first crushed and as in wine production fermentation. Fermentation is a very gentle and natural way to gain the ingredients. By pressing the Garansatzes create a watery juice pressing plant and a solid residue. From the remaining plants are then using alcohol more dissolved ingredients water insoluble. Thus, the process of “separating” is completed.

Strengthen by raising

Both solutions are separated into two steps up to “D2” diluted and succussed (potentiated). D2 indicates that dilution steps are taken: The “D” (Latin decem = 10) means to be here that the solutions are diluted with each step to one-tenth the original concentration. A D2 to get this step 2 is carried out twice in succession. In both dilutions, the solution is hand succussed. This “potentiation” (Latin potentia = force) is known from homeopathy. The word “exponentiation” is expressed that this new forces be deployed beyond the purely material effects of the drug.

In a third Potenzierungsschritt (D3), the two solutions are then combined according to the principle spagyric again. For the preparation of a JSO complex agent are thus obtained solutions (tinctures) of various plants and mixed together again exponentially.

Thus, finally, the finished result JSO complex funds. Most of them come in the form of globules of sugar (beads) for internal use. Five compounds, referred to as fluids, is also available as a liquid solution and as an ointment.

The characteristics of production by Krauss

The manufacturing method of Krauss is clearly different from other methods still practiced spagyric. To illustrate this definition, is used for the JSO spagyric the spelling with “i”.

The peculiarities of spagyric production by Krauss:

We only use plants.

Be dissolved in contrast to the usual homeopathic manufacturing process in which ingredients come only with alcohol, in the method of Krauss added or the water soluble components from the aqueous press juice.

The gentle production method is the variety of herbal ingredients obtained. Such a broad spectrum of drugs is possible.

By exponentiation the subtle aspects of homeopathy are made particularly effective use.

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