Anti-Scrofoloso 12

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S12 (MARINA): Dr.N.L.Sinha says that “This medicine possesses a fairly limited sphere of influence as far as we know and understand today, its field of action is on the eyes and more especially cornea. It has proved to be efficacious for inflammatory conditions of course with Angiotico. It is important that S12 should not be in all forms of cataracts. The cataract that consists of cloudiness of the crystalline lens is more affected by S1 or S2. Cataract in the old age seems to be curable by C1, as a rule C1, C3, C5 is given. For the cataract developed through the gouty diathesis. A2, S5, C5. And when arises because of the gouty constitutional nature C4 should be given frequently instead of C5, C6. And when it is with the renal diseases A3, S6, C6 since such diseases must be regarded and treated from a universal that is constitutional point of view and not as purely local ailment as according to the routine of faculty”.

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