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This posses a certain resemblance in its effects with S2 in the case of the urinary organs, But while S2 may be considered in the first place as a bladder remedy, and only in the second place (secondarily affects the kidneys and urethra. S6 is on the contrary, to be considered first and foremost (primarily) as a kidney remedy, and then further (secondarily) as a bladder remedy, It affects the urethra in accordance with nature and moreover like S2. Thus S6 is for instance one of the chief remedies in the treatment of gravel and stone in the kidneys, while on the contrary S2 is preferable in the case of calculus and stone in the bladder, but it can also be employed for the latter co-operatively, especially to combat the chronic tendency to an ever renewed deposit of stone. It acts accordingly against stone in the kidneys as well. It has altogether in general the capacity through the agency of the excretive function of the kidney’s eliminating superfluous calcareous matter out of the body and its tissues, as well calcareous deposits, out of the tissues muscles; joints and cellular cavities. This explains the adaptability of S6 for gout and gouty deposits (gout stones) in the muscles and joints and also in the case of sclerosis of the heart and arteries.

It is incredible what masses of calceous matter can be secreted there in the course of time, I once had a patient who in his old age suffered much from a strong tendency to general sclerosis, after he had been cured by means of Electro-Homoeopathy of cancer of the bladder and intestines, and a whole conglomeration of life at least to Electro-Homoeopathic years of life at least to Electro-Homoeopathic remedies only, whose most zealous supporter and propagandist he was four years he amused himself with storing up the calceous deposits secreted with the urine and which adhered like boiler scalar to the bottom and sides of the chamber pot. He had at last several large cardboard boxes full of it. It resembled slates of broken snail or mussel shells and in other cases a non insignificant quantity was secreoed in the form of muddy calceous sand, it is just here that we find an essential note worthy difference between S5 and 6. The former acts more on the secretion of urethra and compounds, and is in consequence to be considered as a specific (as well as Linfatico) for gouty diathesis and the tendency to rheumatism of the muscles and joints which is founded thereon S6 on the contrary acts more on the calceous deposits in the body which finally lead to either sclerosis of the heart of the arteries, or to gout. It must not however be overlooked, that just in the treatment of chronic and obstinate cases, after a certain lapse of time it may be necessary to apply one remedy instead of the other and indeed it must be done the moment that the first one begins to fall just as the body possesses several practicable events for the elimination of foreign matter, which can reform their functions to relieve it at the same or after each other, just so the necessary may and will occur to apply various remedies together, or successively, which inference these sluices of the body in a special manner that is the various groups of  sphere the secretions belong.

As a Stomachic it may be particularly apply for the results of catarrh of the stomach or of cold beverages, for instance sucking of ice etc, as well as for the action of sharp acids, which burn the coats of the stomach. Taken in strong doses it increases the secretion of urine, and thus may be given in cases of dropsy and ischury (like S2 and C 17) given in weak doses it produces the contrary effect, and just as suited to cases of diabetes and enuresis nocturna. In certain cardiac defects, or kidney and bladder disorders where it is a question of relieving and sparing these organs as substitute temporarily S6 for instance by S5 and F in order to bring about the expulsion of the liquid excretive matter of the body principally by means of the cutaneous functions (evacuation, perspiration) or of the mucous membrane (evacuation of the bowels) and the reverse. To put it generally and briefly all these Electro-Complex-Homoeopathic remedies belonging to the Scrofoloso, have common similar excretory effects on pathological foreign matter in the tissues. But each of these remedies for the ejection of the same, a special passage, a peculiar sluice: that is the reason as well for the necessity, so often not comprehended or misunderstood, during the treatment of chronic diseases, of replacing one remedy by another from time to time, never however in an arbitrary manner, but with careful consideration of the already achieved results and that which remains to be achieved.

Here one must not forget one thing that all chronic diseases always signify combined process of disorder in the various organic and tissue spheres of the body, and without exception is founded on just as manifold conditions of dyscrasia of the entire stream of blood and humors, therefore on a more or less pronounced saturation of the last with foreign matter, or on the want of certain physiological components.

Where whole group of organs and tissues are diseased and I repeat that is always the case in the chronic illness results as a natural consequence.

  1. That at different times and in different stages for development of disease, the one or other organ or tissue appears more or less affected and that consequently.
  2. The necessity is always evident to select and put in the foreground the one out of the series of similar remedies which is most suitable for the organ or tissue that is in greatest need of help at the time.

I will try to illustrate this for you by means of an example from daily practice. Take one of the many cases in which physicians and pts are in the doubt whether the disease must be considered as “rheumatism” or “gout”. In theory a doubt of this kind is very possible, the systems of both being similar to one another.

Practically to be sure this distinction has not the same importance for us as for the Allopath because it suffices for us to ascertain that there exists a disorder in metabolism and in accumulation of foreign matter in the blood and tissue in general. We do not consider the disease as such as something local, but only demonstration of same, which enable us to draw conclusions as to the kind of malady, and the diseased organ and tissue. Well now, we have combated the inflammatory symptoms in the muscles of joints affected, with internal and external application of A, It being a specific for the circulation of the blood, and as follows as a matter of course, for inflammation.

The application of S5 or L1 in their capacity of muscle and skin remedies has brought about besides more prolific secretions of the accumulated uric acid partly through the urine, and at the same time a decline of the illness, a cessation of the pains and swelling. But inspire of this there remains more or less hard, bulbous swelling in the loins, for instance in the joints of the fingers and the toes etc. that is a hint, pointing out the calceous nature of such deposits and denotes the necessity for using S6 either instead of S5 or in any sort of way together with the latter. This combination will then cause calceous deposits in the tissue tom dissolve and be secreted more speedily.

Of course, just the contrary might happen for instance that then perhaps to further the secretion of uric acid S5 or L2 must be used, to support the action of the former. From this you may see, how necessary it is to comprehend and investigate each case of illness in its essential being and to take steps accordingly.

Dr.N.L.Sinha adds that Electro-Homeopathic physician must do as MOLTKE said “March separately and attack in union” each remedy has its special purpose its distinctive effect: not withstanding them all together serves one great and common end to free the human organism by means of metabolism from its dross, and to build it a new.

When I say that the Electro-Homeopathic physician must do as like MOLTKE, it means he must let the single remedy according to the purpose first to be achieved “march up separately” selecting them with care and then let them “jointly attack”, in the expedient, combination and grouping the malady in its totality namely, being regarded as a whole. The experienced Electro-Homeopath is in this sense far from “covering up” the symptoms in a conventional way: on the contrary he will always in the arrangement of this remedies “tackle the whole show”.

Medicinal properties:

Anti-Lithic, Anti-Scrofulous, Diuretic, Anti-rheumatic

FIRST DILUTION: Cystitis, Dyspepsia, Acidity, Rheumatism,

SECOND DILUTION: Albuminuria, Cystitis Incontinence of urine, Urinary infections, Gout, nephrotic syndromes.

THIRD DILUTION: Bright’s disease, Addison’s disease, Diabetes.

HIGH DILUTION: Diabetes. Addison’s disease, Albuminuria.

DRY GLOBULES: Addison’s disease, Calculus; 5 -10 globs,at meals; Diabetes; 5 globs. at meals; Dysuria; 3-5 globs, every 3 hours; Retention of urine; 2-4 glob,hourly.

HIP BATHS: Cystitis, Dysuria etc.

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