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As we see the medicinal contents of this remedy, a classic homeopath can get an idea that this is designed as a cutaneous remedy as homeopaths most of its remedies prescribe for the skin disorders arising either from psoric, sycotic or syphilitic miasm. Its influence is especially apparent on the skin, i.e. on cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, in the case of eruption of all kinds, especially obstinate eruptions such as all sorts of eczema, of whatever kind they may be, it may be considered as prominent and must be given along with A3. Whilst acute eruptions give way before S1, L1 and still more before S5 allied F1 or S10.

By virtue of its effect on the spinal nervous system, it may be considered as the chief remedy for so called neurasthenia. It exercises quite a peculiar influence on this illness, on the disorders of the sensations and feelings and the phenomenon of debility or excitement of such patients, within the sphere of the sexual organs, for instance in the case of those male who have worn their nervous system owing to misuse of sexual pleasures. Therefore it stands in a pronounced relation to pudendalis nerve.

It offers from S6 which it otherwise resembles in many particulars, there is that the latter is more a spinal remedy, and influence rather the motorial than the sensory functions. It acts on the intestinal mucous membrane by diminishing the immoderate watery secretions of the same. Herein it again differs from S2; therefore it is applicable especially in obstinate and continuous tendency to diarrhea.

A little bit similarity of this medicine has been seen in S5 because the contents are more or less similar. That is why the skin i.e. cutaneous and subcutaneous comes under the influence this remedy. If we go in the details about RHEUM PALM we come to know that this is frequently indicated in sour diarrhea mostly in children and used in dentition.

Medicinal Properties: Nervine, Anti-Scrofulous

FIRST DILUTION: Similar to S1.

SECOND DILUTION: Lock Jaw, Muscular atrophy.

DRY GLOBULES: Nodes, 3 globules at meals, Genital weakness 5 globules after meals.

COMPRESS: Boils, Burns, Bruises, Glandular swelling.




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