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In Scrofoloso-1 all the medicinal Spag Ess, are used in equal parts, but one more important thing comes to notice that only and strictly NUX VOMICA has been used in S1 not in other group of Scrofoloso medicines, this medicinal plant plays an important role in S1 because physiologically it has been reported that in small doses this agent is a stomachic tonic, increasing the vascularity of gastric mucous membrane, and increasing the biliary and pancreatic secretions. If continued over a long period it deranges digestion. It stimulates the peristalsis of the intestines and renders them irregular. The motor nerve cells of the spinal cord, cardiac ganglion, respiratory and vasomotor centers in the medulla are stimulated. The reflux excitability is increased. The respirations are quickened and deepened; the action of the heart is increased and the blood pressure raised. The senses are all rendered more acute. The desire to urinate is increased. It excites uterine contractions, promotes menstruation, and excites the sexual organs. It has been used in gastralgia associated with flatulence when the pain simulates the crampes. They radiate into either hypochondria or beneath the sternum that’s why it has been used in acute as well as in chronic gastritis associated with atonic dyspepsia. No doubt it needs very much intellectuality to add one more stomachic remedy with nux vomica i.e. CHAMOMILLA. Because chammomila‘s physiological action has been proved as a complete gastrointestinal. Physiologically this agent produces hyperaesthesia in both the mental and physical sphere. It acts upon the stomach producing hyperacidity, nausea and vomiting. This acidity extends to the small intestines producing an acid diarrhea with excessive, green watery stools and severe greepimg pains in the umbilical region. There is congestion of the liver with sticking pains in the hepatic region and vomiting of bitter materials. Similar physiological action is reported of HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS. As far as NASTURTIUM OFFICINALIS is concerned it contains all vitamins BRITISH PHARMACOPIA recognizes it as an appetizer as well as tonic. TUSSILAGO FURA and VERONICA OFF have been taken here with an intention and purposes to relieve the inflammatory conditions of mucous membranes.

Here SCROPHULARIA NODOSA plays an important role as compare with chammomila and nux vomica, these are acting on G.I. TRACT on the other hand SCROPHULARIA NOD, acts on the subcutaneous glands removing all the toxins responsible for irritation and inflammations, probably it helps to stop histamine and bradycynine synthesis, because clinically it has been observed so in the skin diseases when applied locally. That’s why it seems that this medicine must have been added to make S1 universal remedy. It is said that SARSAPARILA must poses an antibacterial properties so is the pharmacological action of the said remedy seen in Kidney diseases. Red Indians used this in venereal disease and skin diseases and is popular as blood purifier. In S1 is the beginning of the treatment and end of the treatment.

S1 remedy acts tolerably and equably on the whole of lymphatic organism, But it is always termed as stomachic. Its influence is seen on the complete gastro intestinal tract that’s why it is more or less digestive. It helps for the preparation of lymph. Mattei is true that alone this remedy cures 90 % diseases because in all cases by hook or crook it increases metabolism throwing out the toxins. This remedy is not only curative but also preventive. It prevents and removes all indisposition as well as interruptions of digestive system, as well as the consequences of colds and catarrh of different kinds, and then it counteracts every infection. It excretes every poison that may have entered into the body, no matter whether it is animal vegetable, chemical poison.

Now, because S1 acts on, moreover development of metabolism, and it’s whole working apparatus, it deprives the infectious substance, i.e. so called bacterias, viruses or parasites of its fostering soil and possibility of forcing it to leave the body again without damaging it. This is the simple explanation for the preventive action of this remedy. Probably this medicine helps to secrete the antitoxin. In case of severe intoxication it often sobers with the rapidity of lightening. So instantaneous is its action a few DILUTED DROPS will restore a person who has fainted, arrests and attack of indigestion, if given at the commencement. The aged will find it very useful in preserving the vitality and elasticity. It is used beneficially in all kinds of colic, relieves toothache, improves the appetite, and produces sleep in massive doses. “IT IS AN ANTIDOTE TO THE ALL EH REMEDIES”, If other medicines supplied with an overdose. It is useful in tuberculosis, rachitic affections, Glandular enlargement, the disorder resulting from the abuse of mercury, in paresis influenza and chilblains. IT ACTS AS AN ANTISYPHILITIC LIKE VENEREO. It is best suited to the persons of lymphatic temperament who are subject to the glandular enlargement, phlagmonous inflammations. When for instance, indigestion is complicated with herpetic, rheumatic or gouty diathesis a massive dose must be given at each meal. IT BRINGS GIDDINESS IN THE SANGUINOUS TEMPERAMENT. In such cases instead of S1, S5 is substituted. If this remedy also stimulates the circulation, use S2.


  1. Anti-emetic
  2. Anti-scrofuluos
  3. Anti-phlogistic
  4. Stomachic
  5. Anti-choleric
  6. Nervine
  7. Anti-toxin
  8. Prophylactic

STRONG and FIRST DILUTION: Brings on skin eruption, given in acute case excites the circulation, acts as tonic, nervine, cardiac stimulant, and improves digestion and stops diarrhea, Useful for fainting fits,  eruptive fever, facial paralysis, anemia, ear a abscess, and dysentery etc. cures all kinds of poisoning (mineral, vegetable and animal) polio, leprosy, cold perspiration, sinking of the heart etc.

SECOND AND THIRD DILUTIONS: Positive diseases that seems to be in hyperfunctioning that when not attended with severe symptoms endangering life. Useful for quieting nervous excitement, Disperses skin eruption, Useful for asthma, infantile convulsions, fistulas, conjunctivitis, Paralysis agitans, skin diseases, palpitations etc. chronic case attended with severe symptoms, redness, inflammation and checks muscular contraction. Useful for elephantiasis, neuralgia, and gonorrhea, etc,

DRY GLOBULES: From 2 to 10 globs dry on tongue may be used as tonic to patients of lymphatic temperaments in aneroxia, Bright’s disease, gout, rheumatism, give 5 globs Mornings and evening, in albuminuria and constipation give 2 globs At each meal, Gastralgia give 1 globs hourly.

MASSIVE DOSES: 5 to 10 globs, in repeated dose restore fainting fit, relieves cramp of stomach, cheek attacks of asthma and diarrhea, sobers an intoxicated person and restore extreme exhaustion and prostration brought on by severe and long continued illness in lymphatic patients;10 globs. At night will cure cramp in the legs; 5 drops in 4 ounces of water to be sipped every 5 minutes will cure colic. Give 10 to 20 Globs at the commencement of an attack of facial paralysis, sun stroke, fainting diarrhea, dyspepsia and lock jaw etc. Repeat the dose if it does not give instantaneous relief or double the dose in severe cases like heart failure, snake-bite and other poisons till it gives positive results.

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