Anti-Scrofoloso 6

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This posses a certain resemblance in its effects with S2 in the case of the urinary organs, But while S2 may be considered in the first place as a bladder remedy, and only in the second place (secondarily affects the kidneys and urethra. S6 is on the contrary, to be considered first and foremost (primarily) as a kidney remedy, and then further (secondarily) as a bladder remedy, It affects the urethra in accordance with nature and moreover like S2. Thus S6 is for instance one of the chief remedies in the treatment of gravel and stone in the kidneys, while on the contrary S2 is preferable in the case of calculus and stone in the bladder, but it can also be employed for the latter co-operatively, especially to combat the chronic tendency to an ever renewed deposit of stone. It acts accordingly against stone in the kidneys as well.

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