Lymphatico (Linfatico)

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Dr. Count Cesare Mattei referred these remedies as a new remedies, these remedies occupies a position between the Angiotico and the Scrofoloso and chiefly used in lotions, ointments, in baths , in compresses and of course internally as well . It was designed by Mattei to have actions on blood as well as on lymph, glands and digestive systems also comes under its influence broadly because the medicinal plants chosen by Mattei was so perfect, and the lymph and blood is also related to this system, that’s why tongue becomes the mirror of this system and the pulse of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, how they are interconnected with each other systematically so are also Electro-Homeopathic medicines interconnected with each other if you chose one according to patho-physiology another more or less organ specific also becomes need so that a perfect homeostasis is to be brought back, it resembles with another lymphatic remedy that is Scrofoloso which has action on digestive organs especially and the organs causative for lymph fluid and lymph forming organs also typically and that’s why we cannot drop its relation with Scrofoloso medicines and its extensive actions on gland also more common like that of Scrofoloso as said above that it is designed to act on both blood and lymph then we must think that the cases where one of the currents of these vital fluids that is either lymph or blood comes in disorder and this remedy is call for the same.

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