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I have given much time to read the mind of Mattei, as far as the purpose behind introducing this remedy is concerned. Well, in older books what we find is this that no more extended information has been given of such remedy except with common saying “A new remedy, originally referred by Count Mattei and was said to have universal action both on lymph and blood” .

Dr.A.G.L.Gliddon also placed this remedy between Angiotico and Scrofoloso group of medicines and he of course mentions that in early days it was used only and chiefly as an external remedy in ointments, lotions, compresses and baths.

A.G.L.Gliidon was right, when he says that it’s place has to be between Angiotico and Scrofoloso, when L2 was composed instead of taking other remedies like Canceroso, Venerio, Why A3 and S1 was taken with L1 and then was constructed is a matter of more scientific thought, and it gives strength to the above statement of A.G.L.Gliddon, and what we find between circulatory and digestive system –the origin of lymph in chyle and lymphatic vessels connection to gastrointestinal tracts especially small intestines and to the circulatory system through thoracic duct, and exactly here is where the founder’s mind have attracted and out of which in the world of history of medicines the first medicines were took birth that were intended to cleanse the blood, to stimulate the appetite, to help in digestion and better formation of chyle, and to purify the lymph, that is Lymphatico (Linfatico). An experienced EH practitioner can notice that it is equal to S1 and A3 and Mattei is true when he says that it is universal remedy acting both LYMPH and BLOOD and later L2 has been made more extensive and deep form of it adding S1 and A3 in L1 ( what an IDEA sir ji !.). And that’s how L1 influences the result of organic activity thereof, the distillate obtained from the digestive process itself, the chyle (the lymph); as we know lymph is clear watery, sometimes faintly yellowish fluid which derives from tissues and contains WBCS and chyle, a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats formed in the small intestine during digestion of ingested fats, thus lymph circulates throughout lymphatic system returning to venous blood stream through the thoracic dust, lymph acts to remove bacteria and certain protein from tissue, transport fat from small intestines and supply mature lymphocytes to the blood.

If we throw light on the law of circulation of energy with the help of physiological background what we see is this, that first of all story starts from (a) FOOD BOLUS, stomach digestive enzymes, (b) Chyme duodenum enzymes small intestines, (c) Chyle lymphatic vessels thoracic duct,  (d) venous blood system.

And now if energy is blocked in (a) and (b) then it calls for S1, and suppose if it is blocked in (d) then it will call for Angiotico specific remedy, and if the energy is blocked in (c) then truly it is Lymphatico/ Linfatico is drug of choice to correct the pathology, which is admired for having its action on lymphatic fluid especially WBCS.

Dr.N.L.Sinha sir further adds a little bit same information but with extensive manner in another way with a long experience of his practice with even reference of A.G.L.Gliddon “This remedy was originally referred by count Mattei as the new remedy and was said to have a universal action, both on the blood and on the lymph. At first it was customary to regard to as chiefly a remedy for external application and it was generally prescribed for use in compresses, baths and ointments. But experience has proved it to be of great value as an internal remedy and is now constantly used thus in the treatment of various kinds of diseases especially of those which are associated with the gouty diathesis.

You have heard that the Scrofoloso influence the organs that produce the lymph, and appertain to the lymphatic current in the widest sense of the word, and through their agency the entire organs and tissues of the human body. If you meanwhile let this process of action pass once again accurately before your critical vision, you will easily find out that it is, above all, the organs of the ascending lymphatic current, which are influenced by the Scrofoloso- i.e. the organs of metabolism, from the moment that food enters, to when it turns into living lymph. This is the moment when the action of Lymphatico begins. This remedy influences namely in the first instance, the white lymphatic corpuscles themselves, whilst the Scrofoloso address themselves more immediately to the organs that produce and develop the same.

As you know, the little while lymphatic bodies being promoters of the exchange of matter do not disappear entirely even in the perfected (red) blood although they are in the minority compared with the red sanguineous corpuscles that are saturated with oxygen, and are of an electric negative character. This explains the circumstance that the influence of this remedy extends to the blood and the course of the blood too. In this sense it is the most similarity and relationship to Angiotico belonging to the series of the sanguineous remedies (Angiotico), whose influence extends to the red sanguineous corpuscles of the arterial blood. Hence the action of both these remedies is easily to be explained, they supplement each other to a certain extent, and that as well in their anatomical, physiological relations to the bodily tissues, as in their medicinal actions well, which is found thereon. Thus the sphere of influence of Lymphatico includes especially the conditions owing to lymphatic and sanguineous dyscrasia, Anemia, Green sickness, leucosis, or to an ichorous condition of the blood. Amongst the series’ of tissues and organs of the human body it is especially the glands, the lymphatic absorbent vessel, which perform the function of conducting the backward current of absorbed lymph up to its discharge into the (used up) venous blood, which must be supplied by the lymph with new and useful nourishing substances.

These downwards conducting lymphatic vessels and glands are to be found, as is well known, in all parts of the body, but in their ramifications especially in the cutaneous tissue, in the capacity of an organ of metabolism of the most extensive importance.

Lymphatico acts particularly on stagnation and congestion in the glands, and thus  may be essentially considered as a glandular specific, for examples in the cases of tumors and inflammation., Inflammation of the cutaneous, subcutaneous, or sudoriparous  glands which results from the accumulation of foreign irritative substances in the same, or suppressed secretions thereof thus example chronic scabs, scurvy, cutaneous eruptions, lupus, swellings of the glands of the tonsils and groin, inaction of the intestine, suppuration on the glands and mucous membranes, as for instance, Leucorrhoea of anaemic women and girls, ear discharges, polyps of the mucous membranes, for which, it is true, the help of Canceroso or eventually. Venerio becomes necessary, if these polypi either assume a malignant (gangrenous) character or arise form a sycotic, (gonorrhea ailment fig-wart) or syphilitic foundation”.

Its general glandular action explains the application of this remedy for external use (like S5, and C5) for baths compresses and ointments, for the most different sorts of external diseases, such as chronic eruptions, Eczema, Scab, Lupus, Indurations, Abscess of all kinds, then as a gargle and injection for mucous membrane disease, and growths, catarrh and discharge.  Linfatico has a prominent effect through its influence on the glandular system, or the excretion of foreign and emboldening bodies more especially of uric acid, lime and phosphates during Gout or Rheumatism. Its influence on the white corpuscles of the blood explains the facts that Lymphatico may be applied for the most various results like Dyscrasia and Anaemia, and not least for green sickness, neurasthenia and other nervous crisis (e. g. Convulsions) of anemic patients. For a time Lymphatico was even regarded as a specific for st Vitus’ dance, Epilepsy, Hysteric attacks of nerves, etc. until it was out-distanced in the this capacity by S10, and later on bv S1 and F1 but it is undoubtedly one of our most important and widely influential remedies.


Medicinal Properties:

Anta-acid, Anti-phlogistic, Anti-rheumatism, and Vascular.

First dilution: Generative debility, Atrophy, Muscular rheumatism, Cold tumors, Gastric debility,.

Second dilution: Acute and chronic cases of Gout, Lumbago, Chorea, Fatty tumor.

Third and higher dilutions: Flow of prostate, lymphatic complaints in children, Congestion and hardening of the gland, Cephalgia, Intermittent fever, Uterine congestion, Epilepsy, menstrual colic, creeping sensation in skin, fits in insanity, leucorrhea, perspiration of leg.

Dry globules: Acidity, Asthma, Gout, Fistula, Blind piles, Mumps, Locomotor ataxy.

Ointments: Rheumatism, Mumps, Lypomas, Lumbago.

Baths: Contraction of nerves, Hysteria, Orchitis, Skin diseases.

Lotion: Hair fall

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