Lymphatico 1

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A.G.L.Gliidon was right, when he says that it’s place has to be between Angiotico and Scrofoloso, when L2 was composed instead of taking other remedies like Canceroso, Venerio, Why A3 and S1 was taken with L1 and then was constructed is a matter of more scientific thought, and it gives strength to the above statement of A.G.L.Gliddon, and what we find between circulatory and digestive system –the origin of lymph in chyle and lymphatic vessels connection to gastrointestinal tracts especially small intestines and to the circulatory system through thoracic duct, and exactly here is where the founder’s mind have attracted and out of which in the world of history of medicines the first medicines were took birth that were intended to cleanse the blood, to stimulate the appetite, to help in digestion and better formation of chyle, and to purify the lymph, that is Lymphatico (Linfatico). An experienced EH practitioner can notice that it is equal to S1 and A3 and Mattei is true when he says that it is universal remedy acting both LYMPH and BLOOD and later L2 has been made more extensive and deep form of it adding S1 and A3 in L1.

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