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Febrifugo-1 Well, Again here we come with one of the astonishing remedy of Electro homeopathy, that has always made me think in many way that how it acts on nervous system, especially in the acute cases as well as on digestives system in particular the great organs that are involved in long standing intermittent FEVER i.e. LIVER and SPLEEN with after effects of it from long diseases of same that leads to sluggishness of their function and the total vitality is deranged and patients later comes with debility with chronic symptoms like loss of appetite etc. It made me always excited to think deeply that how A NERVOUS CONSTITUTION turns into LYMPHATIC CONSTITUTION with its all sluggishness character, and even turning the deep full pulse to more sluggish that we especially see in the cases of long standing acute fevers when they get cure but, its after effects makes changes exactly opposite in its function in quality into slowness. And the broad action of this remedy in many way since my college days made me study it more in details with available tools and logic with reference, What I found is that Dr.N.L.Sinha’s experience about the usage and scientific understanding of this remedy is just not noteworthy but even great to be probed in details, let us follow and understand the footsteps left behind by Dr.N.L.Sinha as far as F1 is concerned, He says that “F1 directs its influence at the entire apparatus of vasomotorial and sympathetic nerves, at the sensorial and motorial fibers of the psychic nervous system, at the solar plexus, the greater sympathetic nerve and its ramifications, and at the cerebellum as well as the vegetative nervous system. It influences in this manner above all, nervous heart disorders a too allow as well as an accelerated action of the heart and pulsation, intermittent pulse, debility of the heart and pulse” .

Further he adds “Its action in case of fever is founded only on its relationship to the Vasomotorial and sympathetic nerves. In weak doses it combats heat and condition of excitement in fever; in stronger doses, on the other hand symptoms of ague and depression during the same, but not only the bodily phenomena, for its relation to the brain and especially to the cerebellum, invest it with power over mental excitement as well as for instance ravings and on the other hand, over the symptoms of apathy, stupor, indolence, and mental phenomena of exhaustion of various kinds”. And when I study more about Febrifugos, it reminds me the work of Prof. Theodore Krauss especially about his book “Nervous and mental diseases” and how maturely he used the F1 in the same nervous disorders, his words must be mentioned here “The Febrifugos are also necessary in cases of periodical nervous ailments or when they arise from hepatic disorders” .

Well, It is true, even 100 % as said in the above statements. Before we conclude its action we must know that its medicinal contents what major medicinal plants spagyric essence here added with few are Aconitum naphellus, Cinchona calisaya and Cinchona succirubra. Let us take an example of Aconitum naphellus speaking homeopathically it is one of the acute nervous and feverish remedy as always indicated in the early stage of inflammation of different organs and mucus membrane with acute fever with nervous excitement and congestion that appears suddenly that is also with full bounding pulse, anguish of mind and body that cannot be allayed, restlessness etc. Aconitum naphellus is one of popular remedy appreciated in the world for its action in acute inflammatory conditions of different organs when sudden fever abrupt Scarlet fever, Measles, and Rheumatic fever etc. even in acute respiratory inflammations that is associated with coryza etc. Cinchonas as we most of us know that is a popular medicinal plant for intermittent remedy and its influence on even liver and spleen is significant, and it is indicated in the sensitiveness to the draughts and of course in the early stage of acute diseases so naturally when we read that what Dr.N.L.Sinha says has a great scientific ground, over all it is true that on clinical basis it can be concluded that its action is on sympathetic nervous system, If we take even actions of other medicinal plants that are used in F1 like Aesculus hippocastanum, Berbaris Vulgaris, Salix alba, Sambuscus nigra etc. then Dr.N.L.Sinha’s study seems to be more authentic and scientific  because the total action of this medicine in combined form has to be on LIVER, SPLEEN, CNS and the disorders of the same can be overcome.

If we go back into the works of A.G.L.Gliddon what he adds and reminds us even from the experience of Count Cesare Mattei, the founder of this system “F1 is the great remedy for liver and spleen the best substitute for quinine and Aconitum; it exerts also valuable influence over the kidneys, pancreas, and other glands, Specific in all kinds of fever. It is also of great use in nervous disorders which spread from the nervous centers and the abdominal and thoracic ganglions of the sympathetic nerve as well as in such conditions of ecstasy, somnambulism, and spontaneous clairvoyance, consequent upon nervous disturbances of the solar plexus or semi lunar ganglions.”

Now it is skill of physician how he uses this miraculous remedy in his practice with other medicines to have desired effect, and the very success of it also depends upon the knowledge how he gains about and in details, so let us see what further Dr.N.L.Sinha guides that hat remedies can also be added with it in different diseases. So naturally It is therefore of the greatest importance in nervous and mental diseases of all kinds, especially neurasthenia, hysteria etc. Its relation to the sympathetic and motorial fibers of our nervous system causes it to be a chief remedy for all kinds of convulsions, tonic as well as colonic convulsions, St.Vitus’s dance, Epilepsy, paralysis agitans, Tetanus and Catalepsy. In consequence of the enormous influence which F1 exerts on the fibers of the peripheral nerve termina functions of the skin and glands, and is therefore, besides Angiotico, the specific for inflammation, and besides the glandular specific Scrofoloso, or Canceroso.

Given for instance, in strong doses, it restores the perspiration that was checked by chill, through stimulating the cutaneous and sudoriparous glands to activity, Thus if given in sufficient strength it acts as a diaphoretic. On the other hand, weak doses are capable or restricting immoderate perspirations, no matter whether it is attendant on acute or chronic illness. You will easily see how much Febrifugos consequently furthers and supports the exerting of the other medicines.

In this way it is more valuable in the various diseases of metabolism, especially that are founded on reserves of poisons and execrative matter in the body, resulting from the incapability of some excretory organ. In gouty diathesis for instance, it helps to excrete the uric acid salts by means of the cutaneous functions, if the kidneys cannot accomplish this sufficiently. It therefore disburdens the latter in this way it acts similarly in dropsical accumulation, especially in abdominal or cutaneous dropsy. It brings about relieving secretions of sweat in infections acute diseases, and breaks in this way the power of the illness, as well as of the fever and infection into the bargain, in that it helps to remove the infectious matter of perspiration sputum or urine, or through stimulation of the mucous membrane and glandular functions. For through the medium of the sympathetic nervous system, Febrifugos acts on all automatic functions, of our organism, together with its vegetative activity, (i.e. activity that goes on without our knowledge, or exercise of our will and particularly all so called excitomotions as well.) This explains its influence on the bladder, kidneys and intestine in the same way as on the skin, for it is the vegetative and sympathetic nerve fibers which set these automatically acting organs at work.

In this way F1 furthers the expectoration if combined with Pettorales. It regulates the urinary secretion if connected with S2, the production of the urine added with S6 and the evacuation of bowels if added with S2, S5, C2 or C10. The influence of is highly peculiar, but characteristic on all periodical symptoms, that are connected with an irritated condition of the solar plexus, of the plexus, semilunaris, and of the cerebellum.

Dr.N.L.Sinha further adds “I have already mentioned its efficacy in convulsions which like epilepsy for instance, often make their appearance periodically: but it is the same with certain hysterical crisis as well, and then in the case of same forms of neuralgia, such as nervous headache for instance, Ischia etc. Under this heading come the various conditions of somnambulism, moon madness the results of spiritualistic and hypnotic experiments, especially following the misuse of these mysterious power. Finally all periodical fevers climatic, intermittent and tropical fever, yellow fever and the like, in all forms and degrees: and finally the phenomena of mania, madness, and especially of the so called cyclic and circular lunacy.

F1 Acts altogether on all magnetic and electric disturbances within the nervous system, whether the same is of a bodily or psychic kind. This includes an endless amount of phenomena which as a rule are comprised together as the different expressions of so called magnetism, hypnotism and kindred spheres. Under this heading comes for instance, presentiments, divinatory dreams, and the phenomena of telepathy, the transcendental sense, second sight and Clairaudience in the space and time.

We have made the a acquaintance of two nerve organs that are the organic instruments of these mysterious and for the most part, this dark vital demonstration, the Solar plexus and the semiunaris as the seat of the magnetic faculties of clairsentience, as well as the storage of power for the process the direct substitution of energy (interchange of energy) and then the pineal gland which must be taken into account as the organ of second sight in space and time and that in a certain sense, may perhaps be most aptly compared with an apparatus for wireless telegraphy combining, it is true, both giver and receptor in one.

Further F1 is an organic remedy for diseases of the liver gall bladder, biliary duct and of the spleen, disorders of metabolism, which are founded on a faulty preparation and mixture of the gall fluid which, as is well known, plays the part of a chemical solvent in the digestion of the small intestine. For attacks of nausea, bitter or sour eructation, vomiting of gall, disorders of the motion (clay coloured, white, grey or black evacuation), and constipation of course together with the intestinal remedies S2, C2, or C10. Also for diabetes, and further for indurations, dilatations, shriveling, inflammation of the already mentioned glands, as well as cancer of the same, combined to be sure, with the corresponding remedies for inflammation (Ang.) and for induration or tumor, that act on the glandular tissues, especially together with C2, C5 and C10.

Various disorders of metabolism arise in consequence of degeneration of the gall fluid, which exercise an unfavorable influence on the balance of power in the organism. On the one hand a state of relaxation and debility combined with a livid pale complexion spongy relaxed condition of the muscles, want of energy, easily fatigued: on the other hand feverishness, restlessness, irritability, irascibility bad temper, (all of which is expressed by the collective word choleric) restless sleep, often disturbed, agitated terrifying dreams, itching of the skin as an attendant symptom of various illness, such as jaundice, diabetes, hyper sensitiveness of the cutaneous nerves, which is caused be increased influx of gall fluid into the blood and this etc. as an irritant matter.

The importance of the spleen in usually underrated. In reality it is not only an alterative glandular organ, but also transformator, that extracts from the nutritive matter the powers of energies (Od Force) that are accumulated and stored up therein, storing them up on its own account, In this way the spleen supplements also the functions of the often mentioned Solar Plexus, which it is true, receives the energic qualities direct through emanation from the universe, storing them up, whilst the spleen takes over the same by means of transformation out of nutritive matter. Swelling of the liver and spleen are often the results of continuous chronic fever; especially intermittent fever, malaria and tropical fever, but also of the use and misuse of quinine or mercury for years (What I add that today the continuous use of Paracetamol, NSAIDS and other hepatotoxic modern synthetic drugs also responsible for damage of liver). Particularly the degeneration of the spleen which then occurs destroys the red blood corpuscles (leukemia). For all these and other dyscrasia of the blood, so called cachexia F1 is a specific, if the same be attributed to disturbances the functions of the liver, gall and spleen and degeneration of their glandular product that explains the importance of F1 for all chronic diseases, F1 is also important as a protective and preventive remedy against the manifold results of colds. This factuality is explained by the relationship of F1 to the nerves of the head, and through these to the cutaneous, sudoriparous and pituitary glands. Through the sudden or continuous effect of dry or moist cold on the body or single parts of the same, its emanations, exhalations, and secretions are suppressed and checked. These act then as irritant matter, and thus lead to inflammation, catarrh, rheumatic and neuralgic pain. Whilst restoring the regular activity once more F1 removes at the same time the results of such interruptions. For this purpose it is best taken at once when cold has set in, if possible: at least in the evening of the same day, in strong dilutions ( First dilution or 2 to 20 globules in 1/4 pint of water) in frequent doses for instance a mouthful every 5 or 10 minutes. The effect may be clearly perceived, for it, manifests itself very soon first shivering. Often extremely powerful than an interval stillness before the storm after which the ague turns into warmth, then into heat, which at first dry, then after the skin has begun to burn and tingle leads to an outbreak of perspiration in the beginning slight. Then more and more powerful, and with it all the evil results of the chill are obviated.

Further Dr.NL.Sinha says “I add here an example for the above years ago I visited an acquaintance, I found him very poorly depressed, with a bad cold. He had crossed over early with the steamer, in the morning mist, and windy weather, He had gallantly given up his sheltered seat in the cabin to a lady. And had gone out the draughty deck, His reward was a bad chill. I called him to account for not having tried to cure it “Oh!” he said “Nothing can make me perspire!”, “Indeed” I thought to myself. “We will see about that my friend” I gave him in the evening a very strong dilution of F1 to be taken frequently. The next morning he did not appear at breakfast. One of the children answered on my inquiry as to where was with “Oh, papa cannot get up. He is still in bed, because he is perspiring so much” And in bed otherwise he was all right again, thank Heaven, S10 Moreover possesses this quality in common with F1.


  1. Hypnotic
  2. Refrigerant
  3. Febrifuge
  4. Diuretic
  5. Anti periodic
  6. Anti phlogistic
  7. Anti spasmodic
  8. Anodyne
  9. Calming
  10. Diaphoretic

 First dilution: Useful in cases of hyperpyrexia, bilious constipation can be cured with YE, for sluggishness of the function of liver, and can be used to stimulate sympathetic nervous disorders, in chronic hepato spleenomegaly. All different types of fever with chronic nature also fall under the influence of first dilutions.

Second and third dilution: It reduces the hyper functioning of the liver, spleen as well as sympathetic nervous system, can be successfully used in the fevers of acute infections, used in active congestion of liver, nervous disorders with YE and Ver1, Hysteria, Catarrh and Cold, Dengue, Scarlet, Neuralgia, Diphtheria with C13, Cholera with S10 and Dysentery with C13, Epilepsy with YE and S3, Hydro pericarditis, Insomnia with WE, Jaundice and IBS with C10.

Lotion: 2 to 3 drops with 15 drops of WE in a cup of water can be used with linen in nervous headaches, if patient is more sensitive to these doses then reduce them into half.

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