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This series consists 13 different remedies from S1 to S12 and Slass laxativo, these medicines are also popular as lymph purifier.

Scrofoloso series of remedies seems to be more adaptive to lymphatic temperament. As we know the lymph and blood is the foundation of our metabolism, if we throw the light on the mechanism of lymphatic system, we come to know that the food starts having effects in the mouth by salivary glands then pushed down into stomach for further churning procedure and later into the small and large intestines for further chemical and enzymatic actions to absorb the bio-chemical elements needed to build the cells, tissues and organs during this process assimilated food is taken to the liver by blood vessel for further enzymatic actions on them and mean while the chylus is absorbed through the thousands of lymphatic vessels from GIT and pushed up into the lymphatic trunk which finally discharges into vena cava, where lymph at last mixes with the venous blood and vena porta and finally to the lungs to get oxygenated and back into the heart gets and from heart circulates throughout body.

In short: The lymphatic system is a network that runs throughout the human body, which has a number of different functions. Serving as one of the body’s main vessels of immunity the lymphatic’s primary function is to create immune cells. The system also helps to shuttle away fluids from tissue in the body, as well as absorb fat and move that fat to the circulatory system. It is easiest to think of the lymphatic system as being, in many ways, analogous to the circulatory system. Both are extensive networks of tubes that go virtually everywhere in the body. But where the circulatory system moves blood around the body, the lymphatic system moves a clear liquid known as lymph throughout the body. Lymph is a clear to yellowish watery fluid which is found throughout the body. It circulates through body tissues picking up fats, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, filtering these substances out through the lymphatic system and produce immune cells, and transport disease-fighting cells. The circulation of lymph through the body is an important part of immune system health. The lymphatic system, which can be described as a secondary circulatory system. This system includes not only lymph, but also nodes, ducts, and body organs. This clear fluid contains white blood cells, known as lymphocytes along with a small concentration of red blood cells and proteins. Because white blood cells are smaller than red blood cells, they can pass easily through membranes which red blood cells cannot penetrate. What a nature! You could think of lymph as the milkman of the body, dropping off fresh supplies and picking up discarded bottles for processing elsewhere.

Well, now let us come to a point of therapeutics and see the logic why these drugs are so pharmacologically, If we look above at the contents of the medicinal plants used in Scrofoloso group of medicines what we see is that many of Scrofoloso remedies are having the same medicinal plants but with different proportions of essence that makes Scrofoloso another specific Lymphatic and Glandular remedies for Lymphatic temperament. The main motto of putting these remedies in such a way is to show that they act primarily on some important organs and secondarily on other organs that becomes cause for the obstruction in proper function leading to the disease. They are primarily having actions on the lymphatic system, and then the organs that are responsible for the formation of lymph, especially the Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Small and Great intestines, Glands of alimentary canal, Mucus membrane of the same from oral cavity to anus. That’s how they become special remedy for Lymphatic temperament especially S1 and universal remedy for many long standing scrofulous diseases where S1 is recommended before meal and S10 after meals. Let us find out some scientific reason behind this as we know the contents of S1 is Cochleria, Hydrastasis, Nasturtium, Scrophularia, Smilax Medica, Tussilago farafara, Veronica officinalis, Chamomila officinalis, Nux Vomica etc… These remedies as we know are popular as stomachic, anti choleric, scrofulous, nervine and glandular especially, so the idea behind its design is clear that it should act as Lymphatic and on other organs that plays an important role for the formation of Lymph and purifying it by hook or crook. If we compare the proportion of the essence of the above mentioned medicinal plants in S1 with other group of medicines of Scrofoloso what we find is; there is a very great difference in its quantity as well as a new medicinal plants are also added to have a proper action on the desired organ especially keeping in mind the ORGAN PATHO-PHYSIOLOGY. That’s how these Scrofoloso remedies from S1 to S12 acts with their peculiar characters on SPECIFIC ORGAN in our system specially and secondarily on other organs of system that supports them for proper functioning to keep homeostasis. Let us not forget that Electro-homeopathic remedies are based on the theory of vitiation of LYMPH and BLOOD; and ORGANOPATHY. Now if we see the content of them from S2 to S12 what we see in S2 along with the most of the medicinal plants excluding NUX VOMICA, a new medicinal plant Lycopodium is added, in S3 Rheum palmatum is added, in S5 Berberis, in S6 Solidago, in S11 Lobelia inflata and Melissa officinalis are added. And it is clear that new medicinal plants added in those remedies must have their action primarily on SPECIFIC organ and speaking practically the same is observed on clinical level also. That’s how each separate remedy stands with its peculiar character as an ORGAN specific as well as having action on different group of related organs of another inter connected system.

Let us take an example of S6.  From the contents of S6, a practitioner who is well acquainted with the mode of actions of 114 plants used in Electro-homeopathy can conclude that it is especially designed as a URINARY ORGAN specific remedy. So its value is no doubt great in the service of the diseases of the same organs giving rises to hundreds of symptoms like dysuria, haematuria, albuminuria etc. if the disease in a severe degenerative stage, if it is in that STATE the  C6 becomes drug of choice and S6 falls in second line. And what S6  shows is that its PRIMARY action is on KIDNEY, URETER, BLADDER, URETHRA and it makes this remedy the same organ specific but at the same time its action expands even on STOMACH, LIVER, SMALL AND GREAT INTESTINES, GALL BLADDER, ASCENDING AND DESCENDING LYMPATICS, ALIMANTARY GLANDS, SKIN and finally NERVES also, this shows its secondary action. This is only because these remedies are designed so by Mattei and later by Theodore Krauss. And the same logic is applied for designing other remedies in this group from S2 to S12. As far as the perception of Mattei for patho-physiology and a remedy for curing it, is concerned what I think is that it needs great knowledge of human physiology and pathology because as we study we find that not a single organ is left untouched by the action of his remedies as far the concept of curing the diseases completely is concerned. That’s why perhaps it took him many years for research and study and could only prepared 38 remedies in his life time out of 114 plants.

Well, as we can say among Angiotico, Canceroso, Lymphatico, Febrifugo, Pectorale, Venereo, Vermifugo, and Electricities. The Scrofoloso group of remedies are no doubt unique in action and becomes first drug of choice in many diseases especially S1 and S10 for cleansing the gastro intestinal tracts which is also seat for developing many metabolic diseases. As we read them separately about their mode of action  it becomes more clear to us that Mattei was a only Physician in history that discovered an unique system of medicine that thinks inter relation of organs for homeostasis and as well as the two bio-currents that cleanses and brings back the human cells in homeostasis, that’s lymph and blood. Of course, Scrofoloso do the same the great job of acting on lymphatic current of this human organism and as well as acting on different organs for bringing the perfect homeostasis physiologically back; here is where these remedies becomes victorious over many diseases, and the rest is the skill that how to apply them makes every physician a successful practitioner without any doubt. 

Thats why EH medicines are always said LYMPH and BLOOD purifiers, And meets the challenges of patho-physiology with helps of L-groups, A-groups and S-groups along with constitutional and organ specific remedies.

Following medicinal plants are used in Scrofoloso series…..        

  • Cochleria officinalis
  • Hydrastis canadensis
  • Nasturtium officinalis
  • Scrophularia nodosa
  • Smilax medica
  • Tussilago farfara
  • Veronica officinalis
  • Nux-vomica
  • Matricaria chamomila
  • Rheum palmatum
  • Berberis vulgaris
  • Solidago virgaurea
  • Mellisa officinalis
  • Lobelia inflata
  • Euphresia officinalis
  • Atropha belladonna

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