Composition Of Scrofolso Medicines

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Composition Of Scrofolso Group Of Medicines

Scrofoloso series of remedies seems to be more adaptive to lymphatic temperament. As we know the lymph and blood is the foundation of our metabolism, if we throw the light on the mechanism of lymphatic system, we come to know that the food starts having effects in the mouth by salivary glands then pushed down into stomach for further churning procedure and later into the small and large intestines for further chemical and enzymatic actions to absorb the bio-chemical elements needed to build the cells, tissues and organs during this process assimilated food is taken to the liver by blood vessel for further enzymatic actions on them and mean while the chylus is absorbed through the thousands of lymphatic vessels from GIT and pushed up into the lymphatic trunk which finally discharges into vena cava, where lymph at last mixes with the venous blood and vena porta and finally to the lungs to get oxygenated and back into the heart gets and from heart circulates throughout body.

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