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I always wonder as far as Angiotico group of medicines are concerned because they are made with intention and purpose for Sanguine temperament as well as taking consideration of whole circulatory system from heart to arteries, veins, capillaries etc’s role in patho-physiology of different tissues of organs that’s why they can be added easily with other group of medicines that are organ specific and correcting functional and structural defects as well like Scrofoloso, Lymphatico and Canceroso. Even its actions extends for simple diseases to more complicated and becomes winner even in long standing diseases that’s the uniqueness of these drugs if properly and logically added with other group of medicines for example If A2 is added with C5 and Green Electricity the action of these complex remedies extends such a high level that they are able to cure simple diseases that are results of arterial and venous circular defects of same tubes and their contents like phlebitis, clots, angioderma and musculo-circulatory also in external and internal piles, hard abscesses to un-healing ulcers, even more and more degenerative diseases like gangrene to cancerous growths etc. That’s how without the good knowledge of the mode of actions of these remedies it is not possible to practice Electro-Homeopathy successfully. As said above Angiotico group of medicines act upon cardia, cardiac muscles, cardiac nerves and total vascular system and more or less even on motorial nerves of vascular system also that why we have seen very quick results of these medicines when applied with a proper electricities for example A2 and BE arrest bleeding as early as possible after local application, it is probably because of their actions as a vasoconstrictor only. These can be added with Scrofoloso and Lymphatico as they helps to enhance the curing power by LYMPHATICO  group of medicines by even correcting patho-physiology of vascular system as both LYMPHATIC and BLOOD circulatory systems run parallel for homeostasis;  in LYMPHATIC temperament patients as a secondary medicines, and when sanguine diseases becomes the first focus and patient falls under sanguineous temperament then ANGIOTIOCO becomes first choice and lymph remedies secondary.  And when a morbidity is a challenge with a degenerative phage of pathology arises then one must not forget adding these remedies with Canceroso and Venerio series of medicines in Mixed temperament as a secondary medicines where CANCEROSO and VENERIO becomes temperamental remedies for MIXED CONSTITUTION. Angiotico are far superior than single remedies like Digitalis, Cactus grandifolus, Kalmia latifolia, Spigellia, Aconite, Bryonia, Aesculus, Hammamelis of homeopathy. Other peculiarities of Angiotico remedies are that they are very sensitive to some human beings that’s why for some more sensitive patients it should be administered in the form globules while for less sensitive a liquid Spagyric in dilutions works miraculously. Being as a sensitive remedy must be given in higher dilutions at first from 3rd to 5th etc. and then and then only in lower 2nd and 1st. And patients that are already suffering from severe cardiac and vascular diseases must be given higher dilutions from 5th to even higher.  As a rule these medicines are also expected to be given according to law of polarity i.e. positive dose in negative diseases and negative dose in positive diseases so that desired effects of remedies are also expected as early as possible. Whenever there is a sluggishness of vital force or odic force is found to stimulate the functions of organs it must be given in lower dilutions that’s first and rarely massive dose is required. It can carefully be added with other group of medicines like Febrifugo whenever liver and spleen are deranged in associations with vascular system, with Pettorale when haemoptesis is found in respiratory diseases or in hydropneumothorax or bronchial diseases that are associated with vascular defects etc. and when venereal diseases becomes complicated affecting serous and vascular capillaries then Angiotico can be successfully added with Venerio in genital disorders, so is also added with Lymphatico and Scrofoloso  where functional disorders are seen prominent than structural defects, last but not list they can be added with electricities for excellent results  which is an art and science that depends upon  physicians skill and experience.

There are three remedies in the group of Angiotico- A1, A2 and A3. These drugs are categorized according to their actions as a general and particular. It is to be noted as said above that their actions are observed on cardiac and vascular nerves so it is confirmed that when they are given in first and massive dilutions they increases the hemorrhage and when given in higher dilutions from 3rd to 5th it arrests hemorrhage. So care must be taken during the administrations of these drugs from simple to even complicated diseases.

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