Composition Of Angiotico Medicines

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Composition Of Angiotico Group Of Medicines

Angiotico group of medicines are concerned because they are made with intention and purpose for Sanguine temperament as well as taking consideration of whole circulatory system from heart to arteries, veins, capillaries etc’s role in patho-physiology of different tissues of organs that’s why they can be added easily with other group of medicines that are organ specific and correcting functional and structural defects as well like Scrofoloso, Lymphatico and Canceroso. Even its actions extends for simple diseases to more complicated and becomes winner even in long standing diseases that’s the uniqueness of these drugs if properly and logically added with other group of medicines for example If A2 is added with C5 and Green Electricity the action of these complex remedies extends such a high level that they are able to cure simple diseases that are results of arterial and venous circular defects of same tubes and their contents like phlebitis, clots, angioderma and musculo-circulatory also in external and internal piles, hard abscesses to un-healing ulcers, even more and more degenerative diseases like gangrene to cancerous growths etc.

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