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This remedy acts on the left i.e. the arterial system including the capillaries In this way it affects the flow of the blood to the various tissues, and organ such as lungs and the liver. It cures facial flushing, heat in the head humming in the ears, flashes before the eyes, giddiness, perhaps a dull or oppressive headache; cold hands and feet, the latter being blue or pallid. A1 effectually combats these troubles when taken internally in the 3rd, 4th and 6th dilution, or even higher dilutions and then in the form of a cold douche, or compress on the head by A1 first dilution. In the first case the water should be allowed to dry on skin, and not be rubbed off with a towel. At the same time that the compress with weak dilution is applied to the head, not compresses, hand baths, and eventually foot baths should be given, consisting of a strong dilution,(15, 20, 25 or 50 globules into 2 pints of water), and if both these applications be repeated daily regularly, there will be no difficulty in gradually regulating to perfection the disturbed circulation of the blood. The answer to this riddle is very simple: – the weak doses of A1, draw the blood vessels together, contract them, cut of in this manner the influx of blood into the brain, in this case the surfeit organ, and thus withdraw the blood from the same, until the normal condition is reached again. On the other hand, the strong dilutions of the same remedy dilate the blood vessels in the hands and feet, increase therefore the influx of blood thither, whereby the natural warmth of the same sets in again, and supplement thus the effect of the above mentioned cold, highly diluted baths for the head. A similar procedure would be opposite for on atrophied organ as well:-i.e. an organ in a state of decline and decay. But here the blood forming power of A-3.which is discussed later in A3 on is generally more decisive. It is indicated for persons of sanguine or mixed temperament who are affected with Liver complaints, or are plethoric, nervous, irritable and especially if they are compelled to do their work by siting. In weak doses it exercises a retarding influence by increasing the blood supply. It indicated against every kind of acute inflammation , congestion, hemorrhage and atrophy when arising from insufficient blood supply, it regulates the menstruation, like the movement of o’clock , and its curative action is seen in all disorders arising from sluggish circulation and irregular distributors of blood. It is useful for edema of feet brought by obstruction of circulation or unhealthy condition of blood. Diseases of the arteries are mostly cured with this remedy. It has also a special action in all disorders of bilious and nervous constitution. It acts more powerfully on urinary organs i.e. it removes all the defects if they are due to sluggish circulation of blood. A strong dilution of 20 to 50 globules of Ang.1 to be sipped frequently will bring on the suppressed menses atone and in weak dilutions it will stop hemorrhage from any organ.

 Medicinal Properties:-

Astringent,  Anti-acid, Anti-tuberculous, Anti-spasmodic, Cardiac, Vulnerary, Styptic, Emmenegogue, Nervine, and Vascular:

 First dilution: It speeds up the circulation of blood leading to active congestion, will cause congestive inflammation, causes hemorrhage, can be used in suppressed menses, in muscular atropies with RE.

Second and third dilutions: reduces the congestion by retarding circulation, and successfully used in venous inflammatory conditions, and even in hemorrhages can be used with BE, in excessive menstruation, can be used in tachycardia to regulate pulses, when used with F1 in higher dilutions acts as anti-pyretic, especially sometimes used in hysteria also.

Higher dilution: Higher dilutions than third must be used in sensitive patients

Lotion: Can be used in congestive headaches with BE ( 1 to 3 drops of A1 and 10 drops of BE in 15-20 ml of distilled water).

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