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Is the counter part of A1? Its efficacy extends over the venous section of the circulation of the blood: the right side of the heart, the cardiac muscle and valves pertaining thereto: further the veins that debouch there, the vena cava, the portal vein, the veins of the upper part of the body, as well as the ramification of the venous capillaries in the various organs and tissues. Under this heading comes the so called pulmonary artery, which contains venous blood in reality and conducts it into the lungs to, purify and charge it with oxygen. On the contrary, the so called pulmonary vein which furthers the purified blood into the left auricle, and therefore contains arterial blood, is influenced by A1.

Just as A1 is the remedy for (active) congestion of the separate organs, so A2, is the remedy for the stagnation of the blood (passive, surfeit), resulting from stoppage, the outflow being but off’ further for the here from resulting chronic (creeping) inflammations and catarrh. (Dr.N.L.Sinha has described the action of many remedies in such a way that no extra information is needed to add on, among them Angiotico2’s pharmacology is one of my favorite).

It has further pronounced effect on dilations of the arterial pipes, like for instance the so called nodes of the veins and varicose veins, to which those that occur in the intestine, the so called hemorrhoids, belong. In the same way it acts on the stoppage of the arterial pipes, whether the same be caused by blood, pus, or fibrous clots, the so called thrombosis, while on the other hand, A1 removes the stoppage of the arteries with similar foreign bodies, embolism. In connection, it is true, with C and especially C5, if it is a question of stoppage by pus, or if the arterial vessels and their surroundings are turning into a state to suppurating disintegration as the task of the arterial system is to remove the most diverse foreign and molestign bodies in the blood out of the tissue, excreting them by means of the corresponding organic filter (e.g. kidneys) ‘A2 acts just essentially on these disorders of the metabolism too, which result from foreign bodies left behind in the system and which either as virus’ the so-called gouty diathesis, lay the foundation for the later development of gout and rheumatism or bring about cancerous degeneration of the humours  etc. in which case A2 may be employed alternately with Canceroso and the corresponding organic remedy.

The sort and quality of the hemorrhage shows here whether A2 or A1 must be administered. Dark colored sticky, fibrous blood, which coagulates at once and is discharged in an oozing steady stream, tending to the paste up the wound or even considerable injuries of a vessel, originates without doubt in a venous pipes have longitudinal muscles that run in parallel to the longitudinal axis of the blood vessels is ruptured. They therefore help on their own  account, if not to close a wound of this sort, still to contract it: and the healing power of nature is supported in this endeavor by the tough sticky quality and tendency to coagulate of the venous blood itself, that help to close the wound with its encrusting oozing streamlet.

Therefore even comparatively extensive ruptures of veins are not dangerous and hemorrhage resulting there from is easily staunched. A2 promotes the contractibility of the longitudinal muscles of the veins and thus helps to staunch the bleeding.

It is different matter with hemorrhage from ruptured arteries. These posses ring shape transverse muscles, which contracts and dilate in the time with the pulse beat and drive in this way the blood with great the pulse beat, out of the wound. It is the question of violence through the arteries supporting the pressure of the heart. Consequently in the case of rupture of arterial vessels, the bright red liquid arterial blood bursts forth by fits and starts, corresponding to the rhythm of the rupture of a larger arterial trunk, the blood may even gush like a fountain in the curve out of the wound, and the movements of the encircling muscles tear spontaneously the gaping wound stale wider open. Arterial hemorrhage is therefore for this reason, not only far more. Dangerous and exhausting, but also more difficult to staunch, no matter whether the  hemorrhage be internal or external this must be treated as, Dr.N.L.Sinha says not with A2, but A1 or with the similarly active Blue Electricity.

In organic heart disease both these remedies supplement each other, because each one influences a different side or part of the heart. They may be combined with advantage, so that A1, be administered internally and A2 at the same time applied externally in the form of ointment, or compress, to the heart. But at other times for the same reason, in the treatment of such (chronic) organic heart diseases the necessarily may arise, after a certain period has expired, to prescribe A2 internally as well instead of A1.

Organic transformations of the heart and elsewhere in the vascular system require of course the weakest doses: e.g. – 5th, 10th dilution, and under certain conditions even higher degrees of dilution may be given in rare doses. This must be especially observed when high dilutions are administered. It will be clear to you without further explanation, that organic heart disease, if acquired in earliest childhood hereditarily cannot be cured as such: but the effects and functional disorders which are caused by the reaction of its influence on the well being of the whole organism may be practically removed through the power of the Angiotico remedies, in such a way that a so called, compensation is brought about to balance the disease, abolishing the effects thereof, although the later remains in the existence. What such a compensation is, may be explained to you by means of an example from daily life.

If one leg of a table or cupboard be either too short or too long, or if they stand on an uneven floor they will be rickety but if you put a wedge or piece of a wood under the leg that is too short, they will stand steady. Thus the effects of organic defects may in this way be balanced by means of a change of shape, which brought about in another place, partly or entirely abolished them.


Astringent, Styptic, Anti-rheumatic, Nervine, and Pectoral, Cardiac, Antacid.


First dilution:  Similar to A1.

Second dilutions: Chilblain, Paralysis, ottorhea.

Third dilutions: Hysteria with C1-3rd dilution, Nervo-Sangune temperaments, and more higher dilutions in Hemorrhage, 3rd dil. In bleeding piles.

Compress Cleans   ulcers and cures them, stops bleeding from cut surfaces, curces bruise and sprains, and reduces their inflammation and relieves pain. Useful as applied tom apoplexy with A2 and BE, Heamptysis to be applied on the nape of the neck, Headache, Organic hear disease, Sciatica, Vericose veins.

Ointments: When applied reduces congestion and inflammation, useful in organic heart diseases, piles, Varicose veins, Phelbitis and Rheumatism etc.

Lotion: Congestive headache.

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