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Angiotico 3 is one of the series of angioticos remedies which acts directly on the mass of the blood itself and through the influence of the same, on the red blood corpuscles. These are the real bearers of energy in our metabolism: which contain stored up in themselves the material nutritive as well as the energetic values taken over from the former, and through respiration (reception of oxygen) then distribute the same amongst all the various organs and tissues in every part of the body.

The action of A3 therefore begins in the same moment that the lymph corpuscles and red blood corpuscle (RBCs) under the influence of oxygen, and the negative electricity known as free radicals contained therein. In this way the action of A3 confirms directly to that of Scrofoloso, and especially of Llinfatico, it is therefore the real sanguineous specific in the closest sense of the word where as you have seen, A1 is more an arterial specific, A2 acts on the veins. Both together may be considered as a vascular specific, while on the contrary A3 is essentially heart specific. It may be administered therefore in all forms of blood diseases, the so called Dyscrasia (blood dyscrasia one means, for example, low white count, or low platelet count, or low hemoglobin) and especially Anemia, Chlorosis  (hypochromic anemia) and poverty of blood, which are all founded on an insufficient development of the red blood corpuscles.

But this explains the fact as well that A3 can be prescribed with advantage for the greater part of all chronic illnesses to support the organic remedy, because all chronic illnesses essentially create in the time of dyscrasia of the mass of blood and degeneration of the blood corpuscles. This remedy is particularly important and beneficial in the phase of recovery of various diseases, chronic as well as exhausting acute sickness, to promote the reconstruction and renewal of the mass of the blood. For instance after exhausting fever, especially climatic and intermittent fever after diseases of the liver and spleen, which bring about dyscrasia etc. it will act all the more thoroughly and astonishingly if the way so prepared for it by Scrofoloso or Llinfatico, which at the same time as we have seen, influence the first stage of metabolism and its organ on the one hand, and the product of their activity, the lymph on the other.

Thus where the action of the lymphatic remedies ceases, that of A3 logically begins, and accompanies the product of metabolism up to its accomplishment, thus it may easily be explained that A3 may bring about similar and kindred effects as S1or L1, it strengthens, warms, promotes or excites the appetite and improves the digestion, (through the accelerated metabolism in the sanguineous system). At the same time it brings about a healthier colour, as it increases the number of red corpuscles in the blood and Hemoglobin probably interfering with iron. Together with Scrofoloso, and still more S3 or S5 it acts on all chronic eruptions caused by dyscrasia, whether they be moist or dry, such as the various forms of eczema. Together with Febrifugo or Scrofoloso and C10 for the results of chronic intermittent fever, climatic fever, diseases of the liver and spleen, especially tumors in the same, Alternately with Scrofoloso, and Canceroso, for symptoms of chlorosis of women and young girls, and for the exhausting consequences of lengthy, continuous leucorrhoea or hemorrhage. It is necessary in the treatment of all forms of nervous disorders which results from debility and poverty of blood or is accompanied by them. This is especially the case in the numberless forms in which the universal illness of our time the so called neurasthenia makes its appearance. In consequence of its effects on the mass of the blood and the quality of the same, its versatility as that of S1, as whose counter past it may be considered, For just as Scrofoloso acts by means of the Lymphatic current, A3 acts by means of the sanguineous current, fertilizing and Strengthening, alleviating or compensating all organs and tissues of the human body, and therefore the totality of the same in a real constitutional manner. A3 is like S1 a real Arcanum vital elixir of life that penetrates with the current of the blood into the deepest depths and crevices of the human organism, renewing there, quietly and gently but continuously and impressively, whatever be debilitated and worn out, reconstructing that which is decayed, feeble or destroyed.

A3 must for this reason be considered an eminent nerve specific as well. This is particularly the case with all those nervous disorders, which are founded on anaemia, insufficient food or poverty of blood. As you know, it just the nerves, and first and foremost the brain, that require the most blood to carry out their allotted functions, this explains why mental activity wearies sooner than bodily it explains the consuming, enervating results of passions, emotions, mental excitement, which if they be continuous lead to so called neurasthenia, that is almost always founded on universal poverty of blood, dyscrasia, or insufficient nourishment of the nerves. Therefore just A3 is a specific for all kinds and degrees of neurasthenia as well. As it improves the nourishment of the nerve centers as well as the nerves themselves, A3 strengthens and renovates the interrupted efficiency of nerves that are debilitated or paralysed for that reason. In this way it may be combined particularly favorable with S1 and S3 for spinal diseases with S5 and with F1 or Scrofoloso group, as a nerve remedy, it distinguishes itself from the latter therein That A3 acts on the nerves by means of their material construction (through the metabolism of the supply of blood), F1 on the other hand, acts directly on the cellular nerve, tissues, and the magnetic electric nerve centers, by means of the regulation of the current of energy of nerve current, of the stimulus to the nerve (innovation), as well as through the immediate supply of energy, received by means of emanation, whose springs are the solar plexus, the nerves of the sympathetic, the cerebellum, the spleen and the liver.

Medicinal Properties

  1. Astringent
  2. Antacid
  3. Anti-scrofulous
  4. Haematic
  5. Styptic
  6. Pectoral and Vascular

First dilution: Similar to A1

Second dilution:  Aneurism, Cardiac asthma, Bronchitis with haemoptysis, Consumption, Cystitis, Cancerous of Uterus with C1 and cancer of Stomach with C10, Dengue fever, Endocarditis, Eneteritis, Hydrocels, Paralysis, Pericarditis, Pneumonia, rheumatism, Scurvey.

Third dilution: Aneurism, Arterio Sclerosis, Carditis, Pneumonia.

Dry Globules: A 3 for constipation, 5 globs. on rising or in drinks at breakfast; cold absess, 3 globs dry thrice daily; General Dropsy, 3 globs, at meals; Herpes, one glob at each meal, Quinsy I glob, hourly; skin diseases, one glob.6 time a day, Laryngitis, 3 globs Hourly, Stomach ulceration, one glob before each meal.

Compress: Abscess, Carditis, (warm compress) Headache; Phlebitis

Ointment: Abscess, cold Hypertrophy of the heart, piles, palpitation, sprain.

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