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After making the grand remedies that is Canceroso, why Mattei prepared Venerio remedies? The answer is very simple because Mattei was somewhere thinking that the dyscrasia or cellular degenerative diseases especially with suppurations and very chronic in nature with foul discharges associated with history of STD i.e. Sexually transmitted diseases must have a deep presence in the body and may be passing some remains of it from generation to generation and it needs more deep acting medicinal plants that’s how he designed the Venerio….. He even wanted to differentiate it from Canceroso otherwise he would added a new number of remedy in the group of Canceroso as they are also acting on degenerative diseases but with other causes, What Mattei has done is this that he adopted the concept of Hahnemann’s Syphilis and Sycosis and put them into single complex remedy that is Venerio as they are far superior drug deeply acting on Syphilis and Gonorrhea and their remains in the form of miasm homeopathically. Let us have some short look over the history of development of Hahnemann’s remedies and how he adopted new concepts of these miasm in those times after failure of his drugs in some chronic diseases and out of that he learned new things and his one of beautiful work “The Chronic Disease” got published. Though the concept of miasm is as old as medicinal history is even we can find them in the works of Hippocrates, and he was a first western physician mentioned about it. The term “miasm” this has its origins in the Greek word for haint or tault. He postulated that certain infectious diseases were transmitted to humans by air and water tainted by miasms and in Ayurveda also it is mentioned that some unseen micro organism are responsible for many diseases. While In 18th century it was common belief that miasms were impure airs that were responsible for the spread of epidemic diseases among groups of people as it was logical and new thought in science was taking grip. Hahnemann early in his career made a special preparation called Mercurius Solubis Hahnemanni that was the standard treatment for syphilis throughout Europe. The discovery of the microscope and publishing the observation of small living “animalcules” by van Leeuwenboek led Hahnemann to believe that microorganisms were that root of many infectious diseases and therefore he suggested that certain skin eruptions, such as “crusta lactea”, were being caused by microscopic “miasmic animalcule” i.e., micro organisms. The great contribution of Hahnemann as far as thinking in higher way is no doubt more contributing to the history of medicines, even the term Allopathy is also coined by Hahnemann.

Well, as most of us know that the theory of miasms originated in Hahnemann’s book The Chronic Diseases which was published in 1828 as mentioned above. He declared that the theory was the result of 12 years of the most painstaking work on difficult cases of a chronic character combined with his own historical research into the diseases of man (Refer even the subject Doctrine of Constitution). Hahnemann noticed that each of the chronic diseases has three phases, a primary stage, latent stage, and a secondary or tertiary state and can be divided into diseases with fully developed symptoms and diseases with very few symptoms – Non miasmatic and miasmatic. The effects of miasms were then passed from one generation to the next generation by inheritance and caused predispositions to certain disease syndromes. And here is where new era of TREATMENT and THEORY begins in the history of Homeopathy. The three chronic miasms that Hahnemann introduced were called Psora (the itch miasm), Sycosis (the gonorrheal miasm), and Syphilis (the chancre miasm). Hahnemann published his miasmic theory long before the presence of germs was widely accepted so most practitioners found it hard to understand. Therefore the classification of chronic misms can be divided into two groups: Non-venereal miasms: Psora (the itch disease) and Pseudo psora (the tubercle disease), Venereal miasms: Sycosis (the fig wart diseases) and Syphilis (the chancre disease). In Hahnemann’s words, “The true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, when left to themselves, improper treatment, go on to increase, growing worse and torment the patient to the end of his life”. The physical signs of a person are fundamental to the treatment of chronic disorders homeopathically also because the constitution and temperament shows the effects of the inherited miasms. Each of the chronic miasm has its own characteristic signs that are an integral part of the totality of the symptoms Homeopathically and exactly here is where as an inherited miasm that has root with venereal diseases has to do everything with VENERIO remedies and the purpose of Mattei for preparing these remedies is to combat the most deceiving nature of inherited miasms of SYPHILIS and SYCOSIS speaking homeopathically. Let us see some of common clinical symptoms and diseases seen in these two venereal diseases according to homeopathy on a clinical basis so that we can further know that how deep Mattei’s Venerio is intended for.

Sycotic miasm: Abortion, acne without pus, angina pectoris, anemia, appendicitis, cough with expectoration, colic, pelvic disease  affections with sexual organs, piles, prostatitis, nephritis, gout, arthritis, chronic asthma, dysmenorrhea with leucorrhea, herpes, rheumatism, warts, urinary ailments almost with burning micturation, swellings without with no known cause, overgrowth of tissue anywhere in the body i.e. begin enlargements. Among the dermatic disorders what we find: warts, moles, unnatural thickening of skin, herpes, scars, mails are thick, irregular & corrugated, oily skin with oozing, disturbed pigment patches are common among them.

Syphilitic miasm: Discharges putrefied, blindness, ulceration in veins and bones, carcinomas, fistulas, gangrene, hyperextension, bone marrow inflammation, leucorrhoea, rheumatism, skin disease with putrefied discharges, ulcerated sore throat, history of abortions, sterility, immature death, ischemic heart disease, disseminated tuberculosis, ulcers of ear, nose, urinary organs, mouth, etc, and accordingly on a skin most commonly found disorders are ulcers, boils, discharge of fluids and pus, offensive, slow to heal, leprosy, copper colored eruptions, spoon shaped thin nails that tear easily.

Though these are very commonly seen in homeopathy along with some mental symptoms but as we are concerned with Mattei’s Venerio complex remedies, we should not forget that Mattei has done great job using only medicinal plants for curing such chronic miasms instead of using metals and other substances that are commonly found in Homeopathy, this is another great achievement of Mattei as far as Venerio remedies are concerned. That’s how if we look at our day today’s common practice what we today find is this that somewhere in last 200 years these diseases have taken bigger shape in the history from one to another generation passing some remains of it on atomic level and people become more prone to such common symptoms because of these chronic miasms,  so Venerio becomes one of the most deep acting remedies in Electro-Homeopathy group of medicines and later Theodore Krauss, as we can call him the co-founder of Electro-Homeopathy with his complex remedies enhanced the actions of these miraculous remedy and added few later with this group of medicines adding Canceroso, Angiotioco, Scrofoloso and Vermifugo combating so called sycotic and syphilitic  miasms deeply from root.

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