Venereos Group Of Medicines

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After making the grand remedies that is Canceroso, why Mattei prepared Venerio remedies? The answer is very simple because Mattei was somewhere thinking that the dyscrasia or cellular degenerative diseases especially with suppurations and very chronic in nature with foul discharges associated with history of STD i.e. Sexually transmitted diseases must have a deep presence in the body and may be passing some remains of it from generation to generation and it needs more deep acting medicinal plants that’s how he designed the Venerio….. He even wanted to differentiate it from Canceroso otherwise he would added a new number of remedy in the group of Canceroso as they are also acting on degenerative diseases but with other causes, What Mattei has done is this that he adopted the concept of Hahnemann’s Syphilis and Sycosis and put them into single complex remedy that is Venerio as they are far superior drug deeply acting on Syphilis and Gonorrhea and their remains in the form of miasm homeopathically.

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