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One of my favorite remedies in chronic dermatological disorders and chronic discharges the seat of which is found deep in the inheritance of venereal diseases, if Venerio were not included in the list of Electro-Homeopathy remedies, this system would not have been complete therapeutics that is my opinion as I think this can be compared with many anti syphiliatic, anti sycotic and even anti psoric remedies of Hahnemann and even more deep acting than those ordinary highly potencised homeopathic anti miasms. Well, the history of Hahnemann’s approach towards the causes of chronic diseases is very interesting and can take us long time to know in details, but in short we can see that during his long experience and careful case recording, he noticed that there was something due to which patients treated on the basis of Simillimum got recurrence of the same troubles after some time. This set him thinking that there was something lacking in the fundamental laws laid down in the Organon, due to which permanent cure was not taking place. The underlying cause could not escape his acute observation and careful perusal of the recorded cases. He came to the conclusion that the hindrance in the permanent cure of chronic cases was due to Chronic Miasms present in the affected persons. This let to the foundation of the theory of chronic diseases which is his last gift to the profession and the suffering mankind; in 1828 he published “The Chronic Diseases”. What I think that Venerio is one of the most powerful remedy that can be compared with many Hahnemann’s popular anti psoric, anti syphilitic and anti sycotic remedies that he preferred as anti miasms like Aurum, Graphites, Phosphorous, Sarsaprilla, Causticum, Sulphur, Silicea, Thuja, Merc, Hepar sulph, Phytolacca decandra, Calcaria Carb, Lycopodium etc. And of course VENERIO is one that deserves all the qualities of the same medicines mentioned above as far as the chronic phase of disease is concerned which may be associated with inherited sexually transmitted diseases, and can even treat a new disease that is taking place the human organism completely if prescribed carefully with other Electro-Homeopathic remedies. Dr.N.L.Sinha has given such a wonderful description of this remedy that even many generations can remember it, he says “No other Electro-Homeopathic remedy has such an extensive effect as Venerio, of the there can be no doubt. It possesses in fact some of the qualities of each of the three constitutional series, even if it must be regarded as belonging to the Canceroso series, being a “mixed remedy”. It takes after Scrofoloso in its influence on the mucous membranes and glands, and in a certain sense in its preventative efficacy, against venereal disease only, it is true. It takes after A3 in its action on the blood corpuscules and the mass of the blood itself after Linfatico in its influence on whole white blood and lymph corpuscles and the mucous membranes and finally it takes after C1 in its effect on the glands, the cellular tissue of the separate organs in the widest sense of the word, and on organic degeneration.

Without doubt venerio is a constitutional remedy in the widest sense of the word and there is no organ in the human body which it cannot influence to a certain extent. In fact Venerio accompanies metabolism on its entire course, from reception, and nevertheless it must above all be designated as a remedy for the glands and mucous membranes, influencing by means of the glands the entire process of metabolism. In common with Vermifugo it is a germicide and consequently may be used under similar conditions as the same as a subordinate or intermediate remedy for a general state of dyscrasia, and especially in stubborn chronic diseases, which does not otherwise apparently lie within its direct sphere of action. It is true that Venerio exercise its most pronounced influence on the male and female genitals, especially on the glands and mucous membranes of the same, e.g. urethra, testicles, epididymis, spermatic cord, prostate, vagina, uterus, ovaries etc.

This explains its influence on the so called venereal diseases: – Gonorrhea, shanker and syphilis in all their forms and degrees, from the primary acute stage on, through all stages of development, to the most complicated malignant forms of the tertiary degree, or the veneral dyscrasia (cackexy) which is the end of the uncured sickness of gonorrhea (sycosis) or syphilis.

Although the above mentioned fearful diseases at first, that is when infection has ensued, appear to be of a more locally limited character, they are in reality always constitutional maladies, which take root all the more deeply and firmly in all tissue and humours, and with these first appeared, to the entire current of humours, and with these reach all other tissues of the body, the glands and mucous membranes of the skin of the mouth, of the throat, tongue, eyes. Iris, and latter on the glands: and finally the cellular tissue of the muscles, (gummy nodes tuberculum syphillticum), bones and cartilage, nerves and brain as well. This means, therefore, the venereal noxe leads gradually from the local inflammation of the mucous membranes, in the case of gonorrhea, or the local abscess, (Primary syphilitic hard shanker abscess) over the progressive scales of organs finally to the suppurating or dry disintegration of the same (necrosis, caries) or exuberance (gummy nodes in the case of syphilis, warts in gonorrhea, sycosis), the connecting link being the various venereal (syphilitic) skin diseases of an acute or chronic kind.

But this is not the end of the matter. The venereal especially syphilitic dyscrasis; does it by any means stop at this course of development. It extends its influence over the limits of the grave, and transmits the malady of the parents to the children and grand children as well for even when these fearful diseases are long ago out of the acute (primary) suppurating, ulcerous (virulent) stage. And properly speaking the danger and probability of transmitting is to the descendants is more terrible still. The last danger is only somewhat decreased by the fact, that gonorrhea and all form of syphilis are frequently the origin of impotence, sterility, or that still more fearful scourge-the death of the embryo in mother’s womb.

This shows clearly that venereal disease is principally situated in and on the genitals, but still may entirely permeate and taint from there to the entire organism by means of the distributive function of the glands and the current of humours. The hereditary venereal disposition manifests itself by no means in the original venereal form only, especially when the infection dates from 2 to 3 generations back. It may make its appearance in scrofulous or rickety symptoms, in a tenency to maladies of the mucous membranes; especially for the throat, nose, ears, conjunctiva, iris; wart like exuberance of the skin and the mucous membranes (condyloma, polypus), tendency to chronic cattarh or the bladder or vagina, chronic eruption of the skin especially eczema, which after cure; often leaves brown or chocolate colored marks behind it for weeks and months, which the gradually and very slowly fade into red brown, orange, green or olive green and finally pale colour and not until then disappear after a long time.

Perhaps worst of all its particularly the tendency the tuberculosis of the lungs which hereditary venereal disease may bring with it, For all these conditions with their thousand fold names and degrees, Venerio is the chief remedy, without which a definite cure is not to be thought of.

It must be prescribed in strong doses, e.g. 1st to 2nd dilution, for the acute forms of venereal disease (primary inflammation of the mucous membranes or ulcer). In the secondary in tertiary stages in weaker dilutions, 3rd to 4th or still higher. The weakest doses are at all events; necessary in the real venereal dyscrasia (cachexy), being the final stage of the process of the disease, and in all cases of an hereditary venereal disposition. In such cases the doses must be frequently limited to one or two daily-even one weekly, which should be interpolated between the remedies, which are otherwise suited to the peculiarity of the case, for the effect of Venerio is very powerful and deeply penetrating, and through strong or too frequent doses, the organism weakened by the venereal bacterias, can be easily forced to immoderate reaction, which might debilitate, or at any rate annoy it.

Venerio, like all the Canceroso, may be employed externally as well as internally for ointments, compresses, douches, baths, gargles, and so on, According to the nature of the venereal disease, it may be combined with A2, especially for the primary, inflammatory and acute form, A3 for gonorrhea, with S2, S6; for syphilis with S3 and S5, the latter being a skin and mucous membrane specific, with C1, or C5, as glandular remedies, with C2 which affects the bladder C6 for the kidney with C10 or C2, both intestinal remedies with L1 in its capacity of cutaneous and mucous membrane remedy, for polyps, with C3 or C4, the remedies for bones and cartilage, for necrosis, caries, or when the falls out or the teeth get loose or decay. It acts as a preventive against the danger of venereal infection when given in strong doses, dry or liquid and further applied in the form of baths or douches. However the importance of Venerio is by no means exhausted in its curative efficacy against the three forms of venereal disease namely gonorrhea, shanker (soft) and syphilis, together with their complications.

As you know, today’s science treats these ailments in the usual palliative manner; in such a way that in some cases there is an apparent cure, which in reality does not exist. The former evident state of disease is replaced by a masked infirmity, which may exist for years, yes even for a whole lifetime, absolutely interspersing the foundations of the organism. For instance in gonorrhea the favorite astringent injections often lead to exuberances of the mucous membrane of the urethra, causing contraction, or the chronic gonorrhea  inflammation passes from there to the bladder, and often to the urethra, even to the kidneys, stimulating catarrh of the bladder and kidneys, which in its real and innermost character, neither more nor less than locally displaced gonorrhea, which is proved by the fact that the same returns again at a favorable opportunity to the primary seat-the mucous membrane of the urethra.

To the evil results of a local treatment of gonorrhea with allopathic injections frequently belongs inflammation of the prostate. Shanker and syphilis on the contrary are as you know, treated allopathically in the first place with mercury and its various derivations in olden days, and by means of excessive doses of this medicine at most locally expulsed, only to break out again in another or in an altered form, often after the relapse of years and is eventually transformed into a chronic ailment.

How true the words of Dr.N.L.Sinha’s are when he says at the end “Now just as Venerio combats and cures the real syphilis, it acts on the “artificial” syphilis brought about by misuse of mercury or (any new anti bacterial agents) in heavy doses, in the same manner. In these cases, it is true the action of Venerio is essentially promoted through the administration of the antidote S1, which liberates from and excretes the poison, and then of course, where inflammation of organs or tissues, or exuberances exist, the suitable Canceroso especially C4,C5 or C6.must be prescribed, in their capacity of bone, cartilage, glandular, or kidney remedy”.


Anti-cancerous, Anti-scrofulous. Dessicant, Anti-syphilitic,Prophylactic, Laxative and Antisycotic.

First dilution: For suppressed venereal sores and discharges of sexual organs, can be used to remove chronic miasms with origin of syphilis and gonorrhea.

 Second and Third dilutions:  For gonorrhea primary as well as in a secondary stages, sycotic disorders associated acute dermatological disorders having genetic history of STD, Scrofulous disorders with caries of bones, neuralgia with etiology of venereal diseases may be successfully treated with F1, Leucorrhea chronic with L1 and C1 and if associated with menorrhagia then A2 can be added as supplementary. Chronic eczema with C3 or C5 , Venereal orchitis, Condylamato with GE, Warts, Chancers, Vaginitis if with fungal infection then GE and C5, phymosis, dermatitis etc falls under the influence of these dilution must be acute or sub acute.

Compresses and ointments: Sores, ulcers, chancers, all the oozing and unhealed wounds from venereal origin with C5 and GE.

Baths: Non-healing chronic ulcers, chronic dermatitis, eczema etc.      

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