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Venereo 1

One of my favorite remedies in chronic dermatological disorders and chronic discharges the seat of which is found deep in the inheritance of venereal diseases, if Venerio were not included in the list of Electro-Homeopathy remedies, this system would not have been complete therapeutics that is my opinion as I think this can be compared with many anti syphiliatic, anti sycotic and even anti psoric remedies of Hahnemann and even more deep acting than those ordinary highly potencised homeopathic anti miasms. Well, the history of Hahnemann’s approach towards the causes of chronic diseases is very interesting and can take us long time to know in details, but in short we can see that during his long experience and careful case recording, he noticed that there was something due to which patients treated on the basis of Simillimum got recurrence of the same troubles after some time. This set him thinking that there was something lacking in the fundamental laws laid down in the Organon, due to which permanent cure was not taking place.

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