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Plants are the basis upon which all other life depends. The prevailing scientific view is that all disease is caused on a molecular level. The modern medicines (allopathic) pharmacologically produces its effect by entering a cell through a receptor that confirms to the shape of the drug molecule like a lock and key, medicinal plants are described by their adherents as working on higher level (astringents make muscle solid firm diaphoretics promote perspiration by the skin which makes them more versatile a plant that increases secretion of urine can also be used to treat the kidney and bladder ailments or to eliminate body poisons). For example tannins are compound that bind with proteins in the skin and mucus membranes and convert them into insoluble resistant tissues so plants that are high in tannins, such as bilberry may be used for number of ailments including diarrhea, wounds, and inflamed gums hemorrhoids. Medical plants commonly have several constituents working together catalytically to produce a combined effect which surpasses their individual activity.

Well, these all are scientific scales on molecular level as far as the ingredients of medicinal plants are concerned, but what about the actions of Spagyric medicines that neither contains alkaloids nor any chemically so called structures of plant ingredients. It seems that alchemical preparations (Spagyric medicines) either the diluted remedies of Electro-Homeopathy or potencies of homoeopathic remedies are acting on nano scale and modern medical science tools seem to be insufficient to reach at that level to investigate the depths of their biological actions as a medicine.

Swami Ramdev Baba the chief of Divya Yoga and Patanjali Yogapeetha, Haridwar, India working on the scientific research and development of Yoga and  Pranayama  says that Prana is a nanotechnology of medical science. He adds that pranayama the yogic procedures utilizes oxygen on the nano scale to have different action on the body to cure the diseases.

Today, the world has got acquainted with nanotechnology, the stories in the novels in last two-three decades have became now a day’s tools, of course the day is no longer when we will use all the medicinal extracts as the nano medicines according to the measurements of scientific community of the world.

According to Robert Freitas, regarding the use of anti cancer drugs in nanomedicine, he remarks, “Bulk delivery of cytotoxins to tissue cells is completely unnecessary if the means exists to reverse the carcinomatous process at the cellular and genetic level”.

In the European Union (EU), the NANOBIOCOM project is gaining ground. The project parameters are “to establish the scientific and technological basis for the development of a new “intelligent” composite scaffold for bone tissue repair and regeneration with bioactive behavior capable of activating osteoprogenitor cells and genes and within and ‘in vivo’ environment, provide the interface to respond to physiological and biological changes, with mechanical and structural properties similar to a healthy bone and with size and shape required for reconstructing big skeletal defect”. Nanotechnology is now accepted as a global research and development boom. It is the “gold rush” of the 21st Century. As more and more inventive and technologically proven products hit the marketplace, medicine will, indeed, move to the beat of a different drummer. In light of that, it is interesting to recall Einstein’s quote: “All matter is thought vibrating at a certain frequency”.

Revisiting Feynman’s speech says “…that, in the tiniest cell, all of the information for the organization of a complex creature such as ourselves can be stored… in the form of long-chain DNA molecules…” The same principle may apply in photosynthesis, where, according to a Webster definition, it is “a biological synthesis of chemical compounds… occurring in green plant cells supplied with enough light to allow chlorophyll to aid in the transformation of the radiant energy into a chemical form.” Clearly, from DNA to a simple green leaf. The dynamics of nanotechnology have been in motion in nature for millions of years. We sense, that beyond the largest galaxy or within the smallest fragment of an atom, there is a continuity of energetic factors that speaks to our physical senses, arouses our curiosities and emotional passions and inspires our intuitive and spiritual alliances.

From time immemorial, the sages have elucidated the human spirit and higher consciousness. Some have consolidated such beliefs into reverence for gods, others have defied nature and others have chosen to find their answers investigating the empirical world of science. The ultimate research will be in deciphering and manifesting the code of consciousness. In that quest, experience and expression may supersede experiment. When that day arrives, time and space, energy and matter, will cease to be mysteries and become masteries. The will not be beyond our comprehension, but within it. And, whether it be nanotechnology or the boogey-man in the closet, we will not only discover what has already been created and how. We may become the creative force and understand why writes Asad Shahsavari, NMD, PhD, MD (MA) in American naturopathic journal, titled as QUANTUMED, The evolution of Atomic Healing & Nanomedicine.

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