Plants Cure On Nano Scale

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Plants Cure On Nano Scale?

Plants are the basis upon which all other life depends. The prevailing scientific view is that all disease is caused on a molecular level. The modern medicines (allopathic) pharmacologically produces its effect by entering a cell through a receptor that confirms to the shape of the drug molecule like a lock and key, medicinal plants are described by their adherents as working on higher level (astringents make muscle solid firm diaphoretics promote perspiration by the skin which makes them more versatile a plant that increases secretion of urine can also be used to treat the kidney and bladder ailments or to eliminate body poisons). For example tannins are compound that bind with proteins in the skin and mucus membranes and convert them into insoluble resistant tissues so plants that are high in tannins, such as bilberry may be used for number of ailments including diarrhea, wounds, and inflamed gums hemorrhoids. Medical plants commonly have several constituents working together catalytically to produce a combined effect which surpasses their individual activity.

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