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All systems of the body are mutually supportive. The digestive system turns food into usable nutrients which are then used by every system of the body in the form of energy. And every other system also helps to support the digestive system, which requires a blood supply from the cardio vascular system, oxygen from the respiratory system, nervous direction from the central nervous system etc. and thus body keeps homeostasis on cellular level. And the medicines of Electro-hHomeopathy has been designed especially to bring homeostasis that is disturbed in diseases by a interference of diseased part of one of these systems so we must know the relation and interaction of different organs and systems to each other organs and systems in human body so that a perfect remedies are chosen to correct the disease. Well, after preparing the major group of medicines that are acting on vitiations of lymph and blood, Scrofoloso and Angiotico and other organ and system specific medicines; Mattei didn’t forget to prepare medicines that are acting on respiratory system which also one of the major system that unites to the every cell of human body indirectly to regulate the energy system by supplying oxygen through the blood and that is absorbed in the lungs. And the remedies of Pettorale as name suggests that they are absolutely acting of respiratory systems and their organs, and as we know that other related system also plays an important role to cleanse and refresh this system, even to remove cellular dyscrasia some other group of remedies has been added to make total 9 group of Pettorale remedies i.e. from P-1 to P-9 and accordingly the sanguineous remedies Angiotico, nervous remedies Febrifugo, remedies for cellular degenerations that are especially used in most of the chronic and tertiary stages of diseases of suppuration that means Canceroso and Venerio has also been added. By knowing the importance and relation of these remedies one can get an idea how intellectually the work is done. Let us review that how this system influences other organs and system to be sure that what is purpose and logic of preparing these remedies for curing even the chronic diseases, well, as we know that….

Respiratory System: When we take breath we draw oxygen into our respiratory system through the mouth or nose, which warm up the gas and moisten it before it enters the rest of the body. The oxygen then travels through the larynx (voice box) and down the trachea (windpipe) into the two bronchi, which are branch like tissues that enter the lungs. Cilia, which are very fine hairs, grow in the larynx, trachea and bronchi. These hairs are coated with mucus that captures any germs and pollution that are in the air we breathe before it enters the lungs. This foreign matter is then expelled from the body through swallowing, coughing or sneezing. Once the oxygen enters the lungs, it’s sent to the rest of the body’s organs and tissues through a network of blood vessels. These blood vessels also capture any carbon dioxide emitted by the tissues as a metabolic waste. The lungs are made up of bronchioles, small tubes that have alveoli at their tips. Alveoli are very small round air sacs made up of capillaries, which are tiny blood vessels. Blood is delivered around the body through a network of arteries, veins and blood vessels. The pulmonary artery delivers oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. It sends blood containing carbon dioxide to the alveoli, which expel the gas through exhalation. The alveoli replace the carbon dioxide with oxygen through inhalation. This oxygen rich blood then travels to the heart, which pumps it to the rest of the body. Respiration is the means for breathing in and out. As we breathe in, our chest muscles contract. This lifts the ribs out and moves the diaphragm down, expanding our chest cavity. This expansion decreases the air pressure in our lungs and allows them to be filled with air. As we breathe out, we reverse this process, which allows the lungs to push air containing waste products and foreign particles from our bodies.

Circulatory System: The lungs are where the body is able to engage in gas exchange between the blood and the air. The circulatory system sends deoxygenated blood to the lungs, where it is again oxygenated and returned to the heart, so it can be pumped to tissues and organs throughout body.

Nervous System: Various sensors and receptors in the lungs are sensitive to inflation, deflation, and chemical stimulation, and can activate the nervous system. Afferent signals sent from the respiratory system can initiate neutrally controlled responses such as a cough reflex or changes in the breathing pattern.

Lymphatic: The lymph system helps to maintain the fluid balance in the lungs and plays an important role in the specific defenses of the immune system. Injury or diseases to lung tissues activate this system into removing excess fluid and providing a route of transportation for immune cells.

Immune: Foreign particles and cells in the respiratory system stimulate the immune system to release macrophages and lymphocytes as protection. Asthma is a complex inflammatory disease resulting from a mistaken immune response.

Exocrine System: The lungs and the kidneys work together to maintain proper oxygen levels in the blood. When the kidneys sense that blood oxygen levels are low, they secrete erithropoyetin. This encourages the formation of additional red blood cells with oxygen binding hemoglobin so that more oxygen can be absorbed from the lungs.

Now we can guess that how our systems work mutually to maintain health and the purpose of preparing the Pettorale remedies also same to enhance its function, to removes the blockages in these passages, to improve the diseased nervousness that directly and indirectly affects the rate of respiration which causes long standing nervous-respiratory, or respio cardio vascular diseases etc. by using proper remedies from P1- P9.  What I suggest is this that an Electro-Homeopathic physician also must study that importance of PRANAYAMA that keeps the control over respiration, an ancient Indian science and art of healing and its effects of curing in even so called long standing incurable diseases so that he can apply these breathing exercises to cure the diseases as fast as possible, he must learn YOGA to make himself more perfect holistic healer.

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