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If we see the six medicinal plants used in P1, we find among them-Eucalyptus, Down the centuries Eucalyptus has been used as a disinfectant, anti-spasmodic, expectorant and an anti-periodic. And of course Mattei has taken the benefits of the action of these medicinal plant and placed it Pettoral group of medicines and the amount of it is same in them that is 10%. The most useful plant in pulmonary affection, especially in catarrhal affection of the bronchial mucus membrane, bronchorrhoea, also said to be successful in tubular and hectic fevers with profuse, exhaustive sweats, and in asthma of debilitated anemia, having dyspnoea and palpitation. Another most popular remedy added in P group is Allium cepa, which is used many ailments but primarialy its action on Coryza with acrid discharge is appreciated bt homeopathic practitioners, It’s action is on naso-pharynx to larynx and with the help of this herb’s tincture many complaints of respiratory system is treated among them-profuse and acrid coryza, hey fever with watery nasal flow, even the cases of cough, dry hoarse cough.

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