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P2 unfolds its particular efficacy as soon as catarrh of the lungs and bronchui as well as the true pulmonary consumption have become chronic or suppurating disintegration of the bronchial mucous membrane or of the pulmonary cells his set in, with discoloured, suppurating, yellow, green or ichorous expectoration, with or without traces of blood. Pettorale 2 conforms in this way quite especially to the efficacy of Canceroso, that is, as you will see later on, the true remedy to combat organic degeneration and disintegration of tissue.C2,and C5  supplement in this sense especially the action of P2 But also the others of the P series may be combined with advantage for special purposes with this remedy; as I will explain to you by means of examples.

Thus P2 is chiefly the remedy for tuberculosis, whether acquired or hereditary. In the last case it is usually necessary at least temporarily, and in high weak degrees of dilution, to add Venereo, either combined with or instead of C1. P2 resembles precisely Venereo not only in its effect on hereditary tuberculosis, but also in its influence on the genitals especially the masculine, and above all on the testicles.Testicles and lungs appear to be two anatomical and physiological, spheresWidely different from each other, and still they stand in a most pronounced. Relationship of reciprocal effect on one another. Not only does misuse of the generative power ,and sexual dissipation lead very frequently as a final result to consumption especially of the lungs: it is without doubt well known to you that particularly patients suffering from pulmonary disease and consumption exhibit a much increased sexual excitability. Finally, it must not be overlooked that it is just in the generative organ that the germ of hereditary transference of consumption from the grandparents to the parents, children and grand-children, must be collected and stored up. For the human sperm is not only the bearer of impregnation in itself, but also of all those qualities and peculiarities which are inherits from one generation to another, as the insignia and token of a family, tribe or race. Like external similarities, shape of the body of limbs are handed on to the descendants so also mental tendencies, and last but not least, the germs and roots of certain kinds of disease. orinclination to the same. Thus P2 opposes principally the tnberculous disintegration of the pulmonary tissues and is capable of bringing it to a stand still, if destruction is not too extensive. Of course portion of the lung that is already destroyed by tuberculosis cannot be replaced by any drug in the world. But further destruction may be prevented ,in that the diseased tissue, in a state of disintegration be separated from the healthy one through a partition formed by a calceous  exudation, that to a certain extent walls up and hermetically seals up the diseased portion of the lung. These circumscribed parts of the lungs that are in a condition of tuberculous disintegration, assume then a cellulous character(cavity),and are closed off from their surroundings by a capsule like shell. P2 decreases therefore the suppurating excretion of the pulmonary and bronchial tissues and causes it to cease. Thus expectoration is gradually reduced as well without being violently suppressed, as by means of opium or morphium drops, and similar allopathic remedies, following as a matter of course that the cough disappears it is true, but that asthma sets in, owing to the ever increasing accumulation of expectorative mucus in the respiratory passages, For the cough, in such cases, may only be attributed to the healing power of nature, that endeavors to discharge the accumulating masses of mucous and pus. This effort of nature should on no account be hindered, but on the contrary supported.This may be effected by strong doses of undiluted globules of P1,P3 or order to more easily and speedily remove the mucus that sticks fast in the respiratory passages as well just hcard, reduce the excretion, and perhaps the production of expectorative, matter. Thus in such cases may be prescribed combined with P2.3rd or 5th dilution(usually alternately with the doses of C5,further 3,4,5,or,10,globules of P1,P3,or P4,three times a day or mixed with meal times in a spoonful of hot water, sugared or honey-water, together with or without as many drops of White Fluid. The latter especially in the case of debilitated chronic patients as a stimulus, and to bring about vigorous fits of coughing, in order to expulse the accumulated mass of mucus.

 MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti-tuberculous, Expectorant, Pectoral, Anti-purulent. Anti-scrofolous, Anti-catarrhal,

FIRST DILUTION: Similar to Pett 1.

SECOND DILUTION: Pneumonia with F1, Consumption 2nd  stage of Tabes mesintrica, Obstinate cough, Laryngitis (acute), Emphysema, Haemoptysis with (A2.) Interstitial pneumonia with A1.

THIRD DILUTION: Pleurisy, Phthisis, Tubercular meningitis

OINTMENT:  Pneumionia,T uberculosis etc,

COMPRESSES: Pneumionia with A2 ,C5 and W.E

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