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P4 I have already drawn your attention to the fact, that corresponding to the anatomical structure of the body, and the physiological pain of action of the same one remedy of each series of medicines affected particularly the nerves of that group of organs and tissues for which the said series of remedies is intended. Now this is pettorale 4 to which, in the series of the pettorale, is allotted the part of a neurotic remedy for the respiratory organs, It therefore acts especially on the Nervous pulmonali and its ramifications, as well as on the vagus nerve.Consequently it develops its chief efficacy in disorders that are for the most part nervous, such as spasmodic cough, nervous asthma, whooping cough (together with F1 or Ver1) and then especially for attacks of asthma and coughing of the aged In accordance to its additional characteristics it is for the most part altogether a remedy suited to those advanced in years in contradiction to P3 that is, as you know especially a remedy for children.

Otherwise P4 is very similar to P3 in its relation to the bronchi, capillaries and windpipe. Consequently it may be employed all cases of catarrh and inflammation of those parts. Moreover P4 like P3 is often used for supporting P1 or P2 especially to loosen and accelerate the expulsion of a considerable accumulation of mucous, which stops the respiratory passages, and thus causes difficulty in breathing(asthma)As is well known, this is disorder that usually acts in the old age, and especially befalls otherwise debilited or feeble old people, but also those suffering from chronic quinsy and bronchitis, as well as all great smokers or drunkards, teacher and preachers. In such case P3 must be prescribed, to given undiluted as an intermediary remedy, either in single globules during the day, or 3 to 5 or more globules dry at a time, twice or thrice a day It is very efficient when combined with S10 or S2.and F1,and may be still more strengthened by adding White Fluid. Specially useful for the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. It is also useful for running nose and excessive secretion of the bronchial tube and for whooping cough with A.1.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anticatarrhal, Anti-scrofulous, Pectoral, Expectorant.

FIRST DILUTION:  in Acute cases.

SECOND DILUTION: Whooping cough, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Post Nasal catarrh, Asthma.

THIRD DILUTION: Chronic cases of Asthma, especailly Nervous Asthma .

DRY GLOBULES: Aphonea,4-5 globules in 3rd dilution hourly. Hay fever 2-4 globules 2-3 hourly, sometimes even hourly . Post nasal catarrh, 2-3 globules 5-6 times a day, in winter globule dilutions dissolved in hot water.

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