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Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy and Homeopathy

The two different scientific theories of therapeutics of small doses

Most of the people think Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy is a branch of Homeopathy but this is not the case, because these both sciences of medicine differ from principle of disease and therapeutics fundamentally. The only unique similarity between these systems is the small dose of medicine and the living force (Vital force in Homeopathy and OD force in Electro-Homeopathy); homeopathy goes to higher potencies even on centesimal and millesimal-scale while Electro-Homeopathy never crosses more than decimal-scale. In Electro-Homeopathy potencies are called dilutions which are measured in decimal scale and D4 is the base and even D10 is said to be the highest dilutions and all Spagyric medicines are prepared from herbs not from nosodes or sarcodes that is animal or microbial materials. Mattei discarded even mineral substances for employment that is supported in Homeopathy and Ayurveda because of its physiological facts that mineral substances as such, cannot be digested or assimilated that namely in coarse, material, undissolved or undiluted form; it rather acts on the body as a foreign substance. If it has been passed first through vegetable form and then been elevated to organic form. It can easily be digested and can have proper physiological action, Taking Vitamin-C tablet is not the same as eating Orange, or taking iron tablet is not the same as eating spinach. See, Most of the time iron tablet causes the constipation but it not happens when it goes into our body naturally in the form vegetables… well, let us see what  some old master  who practiced both sciences says that even Electro-Homeopathy follows the law of similar, It is true that Electro-Homeopathy follows the law of similar but it is not on therapeutic side as it is strictly followed by Homeopathy with its basic principle Similia similibus curentur;  Electro-Homeopathy on the other side follows the law of similar as a natural phenomena of diseased response but not on the therapeutic side, its therapeutic side is based upon the natural law of similar that disease follows (Not like that proved on HEALTHY body in homeopathic view) for the adjustment of dose of therapeutic Spagyric medicines as A POSITIVE DOSE, NEUTRAL DOSE or NEGATIVE DOSE i.e. strong or weak dilutions according to the sensitivity of diseased person and geographical site and climate that affects the sensibility of individuality.

We will get the clear view as go on reading… Let us take an example of simple infectious disease MEASLES that follow the law of similar naturally.  Measles initial symptoms are malaise, nasal discharge etc. (Homeopathically: These symptoms arise when Hahnemann takes initial few doses of tincture in his experiment in a first day) O.K, Now let us see what actually happens in disease after second day, the pathogenesis in the body of infected person increases- after 2nd or 3rd day the disease takes the further steps that means the lipoprotein antigen of rubella virus increases in quantity as viruses go on multiplying. (Homeopathically: Now Hahnemann has increased more doses of tincture, which gives the rise to symptoms of fever, more coryza, cough and some red spot on body similar to the 2nd or 3rd days symptoms of measles). Finally when the toxin of measles virus gets more severity along with above mentioned symptoms the rash appears on the skin from face to feet from 4 to 10 days. (Homeopathically: This is the overall total effect of pathogenesis of tincture that appeared in the form of symptoms in few days that accordingly Hahnemann experiences, and notes them down as the total symptoms  from 1st day to last day in quality not in quantity) alright?. We find the similar symptoms in the Measles and if not 100% at least 90% similarity of symptoms are also found in the experiments of Hahnemann. Everyone has to agree with this logically. The potencies of a typical remedy of Hahnemann do the same as modern vaccine does in therapeutics. Don’t they? Suppose even if we not supplied any medicines for this disease and we just kept patients on some diets then what will happen, as you know this disease is a self-limited it will get cured following the law of similar naturally because during the course of disease, the intelligent body reacts to combat the disease step by step. From first day it will release some antibodies (That are similar antibodies or similar immunoglobins to combat the similar antigens in the above case, see it is said this is all chemical language by today’s science but modern science is forgetting that there must be one hidden force that is interfering or ordering the immunoglobins to combat the morbid material; the very hidden force is called vital or OD force. One more proof of modern science accepting the vital force is that they say that foreign body or pathogen releases some material that triggers the different complex immune systems that combat the disease in similar way and without the presence of vital force it is impossible for matter (unintelligent Chemical components) to fight against the living pathogens that may be bacteria, fungi or viruses.  Each antibody recognizes a specific antigen unique to its target (as if antibody has its own intelligence). By binding their specific antigens antibodies can cause agglutination and precipitation of antibody-antigen products, prime for phagocytosis by macrophages and other cells, block viral receptors, and stimulate other immune responses, such as the complement pathway (They do so because they are designed to do so). On a dead body neither antigen brings the effects or antibodies act this is a proof that vital force is important for any chemical structure to have effects), Let us come back to our subject, as we agreed that on first day some antibodies released and on second or third day more and finally more and more fighting elements till to get total recovery…. this is law of nature which is law of similar both in natural disease sequence and the drug picture of Hahnemann. So Hahnemann‘s law of similars was set according to the two sets of symptoms that one is experienced in disease and another totality of symptoms that was observed during the so called drug proving. And it challenged the old school thought of contraria contrari principle of therapeutics. O.K, actually what modern science is thinking about the disease is on molecular level i.e. the interaction between the living organism and its external environment or induced foreign agent or so called internally developed chemical structures from cellular changes to secretions from different glands, electrical potential of nerves etc. Now let us see from the angle of Hahnemann, his experiment proves that there is something happening in deeper level than molecular level, the subjectivity is higher concept that gets disturbed and reacts against the pathogenesis of drugs that he experienced during the proving of the drugs and he called that VITAL FORCE that is why we said its quality of symptoms he mentioned not a quantity of symptoms. If we look from the angle of DISEASE we will find the same is taking place on pathophysiological level and the infected person experiences (his subjectivity) similar symptoms that Hahnemann experiences in his experiments. Finally it means DISEASE is also following the law of similars naturally. 

Similarly Mattei followed the law of similar that nature follows in the disease not in drug proving on healthy body (Positive or negative doses that nature follows during the sickness against the symptoms as and when becomes either acute or chronic, on therapeutic level positive-negative doses are either STRONG OR WEAK dilutions according to law of polarity which is natural that responds according to individual constitution, climate and altitude) not the homeopathic (i.e. Similia Similibus Curentur), THAT IS WHY Mattie’s Spagyric therapeutics remedies are based on the nature of symptoms of disease either acute or chronic, remember acute or chronic is not on pathological condition but on subjective level, its manifesting severity in the form of subjective force i.e. law of polarity (NOT ON TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS OF HOMEOPATHY, see Hahnemann is thinking according to the tinctures effects on healthy body but on the other side Mattei is thinking about and on the side of diseased person i.e. acute, sub-acute or chronic phage of subjectivity), histopathology (i.e. ORGANOPATHY) and vitiation of blood and lymph (Blood and Lymph – because these two circulating fluids are responsible for carrying the disease causing morbid material as well as destroying and expelling them from the body). From above picture we can conclude that Mattei was more modern because he is thinking on the patho-physiology of diseases and its manifestations directly and comparing them with effects of force of magnetism, and he knew that the either BLOOD or LYMPH are carrying the morbid materials from one place to another or expelling them out from the body. And at the same time some histopathological changes are taking place in the organs of body. That’s how he constructed the philosophy of therapeutics correcting all theses pathways.  That’s why we say LAW OF SIMILARS is secondary in Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy as it is on the disease side but while LAW OF POLARITY comes primary where we have to give the treatment in positive, neutral and negative doses (These doses are again measured in quality but not on the basis of quantity as sick person is more sensitive under the influence of his own temperament, climate and geographical or tropical influences than healthy person, here the vital or odic force plays the important role not the material content; remember matter is nothing but the packed up energy or force).

In Electro-Homeopathy the word HOMEO derives from HOMEOSTASIS that which brings equilibrium from the vitiation of blood and lymph and not the HOMEOPATHY’S homeo that is similar to drug picture therapeutically. As I said previously the law of similar that is based on totality of symptoms fails to cure the disease because most of the diseases changes their course day after day CHANGING THE SYMPTOMS i.e. giving rises to another symptoms or subsiding previous one this creates confusion selecting the perfect or relevant single remedy homeopathically and Mattei was aware of this fact so he proposed a new therapeutics. That’s why Mattei accepted COMPOUND REMEDY and discarded SINGLE REMEDY practically. And as per the compound remedy of Electropathy formulation is concerned they all are not combined with their actions homeopathically in vague way or in arbitrary manner, but with a greater impact of individual plants on the human organism having their actions on individual organs broadly and the two vital fluid channels of body, the blood and lymph because our body is composed of a single instruments of vitality and the activity of different organs having relationship with each other or a natural co-ordination with each other. Let us take an example of Urinary System the major organs of this system are Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and Urethera as they form a combined activity in totality to excrete the unwanted substances from our body with their mutual goal. If any disease affects these organs what ordinary school of medicine thinks is to remove the cause directly, but Mattei, an extra ordinary man of therapeutics prepared medicines acting universally (On totality of organs of the urinary system) and locally (On specific organ like Ureter or bladder or kidney). His group of plants used in S2 and C2 acts on the lower part of urinary system while S6 and C6 on upper part the system of urinary so to speak; S2 for primarily on bladder and secondarily on ureter and kidney while S6 is primarily on kidney and secondarily on lower parts of US. And C2 and C6 for the chronic cases of same system that has developed dyscrasia in chronic phage including cancerous phage to get the effects of medicine in strong or weak dilutions, If added S1 or A1 as a lymph or blood purifier, a constitutional remedy according to the temperament it will work more logically that is the skill of physician or therapist.  Speaking practically he prepared medicines like the 11 cricket players that stand on the ground to take the wicket of batsman. It depends upon the skill of physician (The captain) that how he arranges the player to take the wicket…

Let us clear more deeply taking an example of a CRICKET game. All of us know what happens in the CRICKET game, the bowlers, batsman, fielders and what they do during the play etc…  Let us think that human physiology is a cricket game.  All 11 players play important role as all of them posses unique qualities like various types of  bowling, fielding, bowl catching etc… and all of them are trying to either take wicket of batsman or engaged from all sides so that batsman should not take run. According to physio-pathology we can say that all 11 players are BIO-CHEMICAL elements like antibodies, enzymes and phagocytes etc. which are acting on batsman, the foreign body or unwanted substance for human body that is to be thrown out of the body or get destroyed.  Taking Run means deranging the normal physiology that gives a rise to symptoms (Physiological picture: Increase in temperature, Inflammation, Pains and Other sensations that takes because of all players including batsman are in rush to fight each other). This happens on PHYSIOLOICAL level every second in our human body, when it becomes impossible for batsman to take run then the human body is said healthy i.e. in HOMEOSTATIC phage. What happens when a BATSMAN becomes trickier and powerful and 11 players loose their efficiency then a so called diseases starts to develop. And the same phenomena was applied by Mattei in his therapeutics, his 11(more than 11 are there actually) Spagyric herbal essence act like of 11 players to take the wicket and at the same time not to allow batsman (morbid material) to take the run. He theorized the 100 possibility of hitting the ball by batsman so he arranged the players logically (That’s all his compound remedies, philosophy of composition of  organopathy, law of polarity, law of similar etc.).To understand this mechanism we have to know the properties of medicinal plants used in every remedy from ACHILLEA MILEFOLIUM to VITIS VINIFERA.  His S1 is universal remedy because THE CAPTAIN ARRANGED THE 11 PLAYERS SO PERFECTLY THAT THERE IS POSIBILITY OF GETTING WICKET AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE IN MANY CASES, So to speak ,according to the knowledge of masters in SPAGYRIC treatment. Though Mattei is intelligent but being as a HUMAN his remedies also has limitation but yet admirable with many ways on principle and healing art. This is just the beginning; Mattei’s principle of disease and therapeutics will be revealed after some more than 100 years clearly when the concept of disease gets a subtler vision on nano-scale on the ground of electro-magnatism, quantum mechanics and more subtler particle physics. YOGARISHI Ramdev Baba of Patanjali Yogapeetha has established team of many scientists AND WORKING VERY HARD to prove the PRANA (refined energy that is the basis of universe) acts on body to cure the disease with the help of circulating OXYGEN that is absorbed from LUNGS into the red blood cells and on nano-scale which regenerates the cells, cleanses the morbidity as RESPIRATORY SYSTEM is the one unique system that unites to the other system through BLOOD and LYMH channels. Some MASTERS who studied classic homeopathy and Eelctro-Homeopathy say that Mattie has done a great job by improving the wanting of homeopathy, some says that this system begins where homeopathy ends. But as far as my knowledge is concerned I think this school of medicine though follows some rules of Homeopathy but still on principle and as well as on therapeutic level is unique one, this is a one package of medicinal system that combines many medical sciences.  The following points give us some clues of differences between these two systems.

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