Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy

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Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy and Homeopathy

Most of the people think Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy is a branch of Homeopathy but this is not the case, because these both sciences of medicine differ from principle of disease and therapeutics fundamentally. The only unique similarity between these systems is the small dose of medicine and the living force (Vital force in Homeopathy and OD force in Electro-Homeopathy); homeopathy goes to higher potencies even on centesimal and millesimal-scale while Electro-Homeopathy never crosses more than decimal-scale. In Electro-Homeopathy potencies are called dilutions which are measured in decimal scale and D4 is the base and even D10 is said to be the highest dilutions and all Spagyric medicines are prepared from herbs not from nosodes or sarcodes that is animal or microbial materials. Mattei discarded even mineral substances for employment that is supported in Homeopathy and Ayurveda because of its physiological facts that mineral substances as such, cannot be digested or assimilated that namely in coarse, material, undissolved or undiluted form; it rather acts on the body as a foreign substance. If it has been passed first through vegetable form and then been elevated to organic form.

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