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Though Vermifugo are chiefly considered as Intestinal specific and used in the cases of worm infestations  but we must not forget that its action is also similar to Febrifugo in some extent that’s how these remedies are also known as Nervine. These remedies are valuable in different kind of affections of mucus membrane. Being as nervine can be used in cases of Rhumatic opthalmia, ciliary neuralgia, and periodical prosoplogia which are typical symptoms found in Spigelia homeopathically.  In Vermifugo Chenopodium anthelminticum plant has been used which is also one of the worm specific popular remedy in so many folklore medicines among them we found in Sumatra and Singapore its oil is extensively employed in the treatment of roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm. Artimisia Cina is also another plant used in Vermifugo-2 which has more prominent action on worms as well as on chorea or convulsions. If we look at the different plants used in Vermifugo surely we get an idea that the purpose of preparing these remedies is to treat the worms and its complications even its action is noted more deep in cases of another type of different kind of infections especially chronic that leads to manifestations of skin diseases.


All of them are acting on intestines in different manner, and among them Chenopodium is traditionally popular for worm infestation, and used in cerebral appoplexy, Euphorbium has been used successfully in cases of cerebral irritation that leads to disturbance of bowel movements homeopathically, Thymus is effective remedy in eosinophillic disorders of respiratory system, so L2 is said essentially an intestinal remedy. It acts on the small and large intestines, rectum and appendix in its entire length, but especially on the intestinal glands, whose secretion it regulates: in this sense it is digestive remedy acting on small and large intestines, through its effect on the secretion of the intestinal mucous. Respecting its quantity and quality it regulates the evacuation of the bowels. It especially removes the chronic constipation, which is founded on the interruption of the secretion of the intestinal mucous and acts similarly to F1 particularly on the peristaltic movement of the intestines as well and this must be considered as a nerve remedy that for SYMPHATHETIC  and other intestinal nerves comes under the influence of this remedy. But as an intestinal remedy it plays yet another part act as an ANTIHELMINTHETIC that what its name denotes. This means that it removes and expulses all sorts of intestinal worms, dead or alive. In this sense VER 1 must be considered as an extremely valuable remedy for worm infestations as well for other infections of intestines because it helps to prevent pathogenic bacterial or viral growth in the intestines when employed internally along with CANSEROSO group’s intestinal remedy especially C10.  Externally it can be supplied with C5 for wounds.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti spsmodic, Anti helminthetic, Nervine, Anti bacterial, Laxative.

FIRST DILUTION: It can be used as laxative with YE, when there is spasm with flatulence and in cases of chronic constipation.

SECOND AND THIRD DILUTION: As an antihelmenthetic, in cases of different kind of worms, in chronic nervous disorders with F1 and YE, in diarrhea with origin of chronic bowel inflammations that IBS or IBD with C10 or C13. In cases of bronchitis when the cause is eosinophilia, whooping cough with Pettorale groups of medicines, Insomnia may also be cured with this remedy if associated with anxiety and WE can be added here separately.  


Possesses the same qualities as VER1, only it acts more thoroughly in chronic cases of worm infestations, therefore opposes the tendency to ever renewed infestation with the same. With regards to its other effects similar to those of F1, the latest experience appear to be more in favor of VER2, here also owing to the genius epidemicus, i.e. the temporarily changing peculiarity of disease similar to the observation we made in the case of F. It has gentler but deeper action than the V1. Mostly used as an injection or in ointments or Compresses as an adjuvant to VER1. Baths are also recommended for the nervous complaints and for skin diseases.


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