Cancerosos Group Of Medicines

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There are 21 medicinal plants used in Canceroso series of remedies, Most of them are new medicinal plants not used in Lymphatico and Angiotico group of remedies, after preparing Lymphatico and Angitioco Mattei was probably thinking for the third group of remedies for chronic diseases that might be the result of cellular degeneration with relapses. Of course this phage of disease has always challenged the scholars of medicine in the history and different systems of medicine suggest different theories and the remedies;  it was Mattei whose angle of looking at this stage was awesome, he brought these group of medicines under name as Canceroso and one of them became even as an universal constitutional remedy for Mixed temperament and Mattei won the half of the battle in the field of medicines by introducing these group of medicines as a general and organ specific and even later Venerio for venereal disease. 

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