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The rays as well as a rule, only able to realize a transitory pretence success because they also have only a limited, if not a purely local influence, and are not able to affect the real broad basis of the evil; and it must be added, that the entire method of radiate healing is still in its infancy, and that first and after effects of the various kinds of rays have not been as yet reliably enough investigated and are too little known, and that in this case as well, the faculty unfortunately makes the mistake of rushing at the matter with the strongest degree of rays, and thus bring about calamity rather than cure.

But I will by no means deny that a cautious, not too frequent application of rays in the most delicate degrees of vibration, combined with the suitable internal Electro-Homeopathic remedies, might perhaps have favorable and accelerating influence on the cure, I could give many examples from the endless ranks of cancer patients whom I have attended, during the cause of 7 decencies and fill volumes with them, but which only insert here a particularly instructive case which shows how futile fatal the so called opportune operations are.

The patient, young women of thirty years of age or thereabouts, noticed one day whilst washing herself a tiny moveable knot in the breast. As it did not give her pain or trouble, she did not pay any attention to it, and not until the doctor came to see one of her children, did she call his attention to it. “A perfectly harmless little knot” was his verdict “I will cut it out for you at your convenience, you may be quite easy in your mind “No sooner said than done, but instead of the one “harmless little knot” there appeared two after the lapse of some months. The doctor shook his head; was much surprised, and finally declared; this time I must cut out everything diseased more thoroughly, “He did this, observing that “It was now impossible that any morbid matter should have remained behind”.

But Lo and behold! After six month’s time several knots made their appearance again, But now the doctor himself had his doubts, and sent the patient to be examination to the clinical hospital, where it was ascertained to cancer and where the breast was entirely removed and the shoulder glands cleared out, But even this radical operation could not prevent it and after a few months in every stitch of the suture a new exuberance being seen, increasing with such acceleration, that in about a year and excrescence, like a bunch of grapes or a cauliflower, the size of a child’s head consisting of a vast number of berries-like stalked formations, filled with blood and pus, was to be found on the breast, some of these bladders fell off in a condition of suppuration, I have never seen a more horrible sight, patient died afterwards of exhaustion, (Cachexy).

Even the Electro-Homeopathic remedies were not able to achieve more than a transitory improvement, and it is true, an absolutely painless course of the illness: and that is worth much in all conscience. But I (Dr.N.L.Sinha ) am perfectly convinced that the patient’s life might have assuredly been saved, if she had not been operated, or at least been treated with Electro-Homeopathy after the first operation. I am no fanatic for my own opinions and principles but observation and experience have taught innumerable times that the chances of curing cancer become less after each operation. When combined with the preparative influence of A, and S, C, deprives the local cancerous formation gradually of all humours, of the real creators of cancerous disintegration. This influence of C. is manifest at first in the change that comes over the cancerous formation if when knot begins to be more relaxed and moveable in the tissues in which it is embedded.

This phenomenon may objectively be considered to be the first token of the commencing improvement. Then be knot begins to get soft, and this is the prelude to the cure proper that ensues by means of re absorption.

I must call your attention at this point to a very frequent attendant phenomenon of this process; which when not properly understood may lead just the beginner in the art of Electro-Homeopathy to fallacies, namely, the cancerous knot-hard at first swells on beginning to grow soft, as a rule. You must not allow yourselves on any account to be misled or intimidated by this process. The swelling of the knot is on lye a consequence of the increased permeation of the indurate tissue with blood and lymph; which enter its cells, well through the indurated tissues and thus begin the demolition of the morbid deposit of cancerous cells.

Open cancerous wounds, on the contrary, undergo a change of colour, become red and rosy. Flesh coloured, and lose thus their discoloured appearance. At the same time the excretion of the wound alters as well, becomes benign, and gradually, loses its penetration cadaverous smell, as of carrion, which otherwise meets one on entering the sickroom of a cancer patient.

After all this you will be able to understand that cancer cannot be cured in a few days, or weeks: but that is necessary to continue cure for many months, often in its most secret crevices from all germs of the disease, if there shall be no danger left of reaction. It may perhaps be already clear to you, why the fundamental manuals of our curative method so frequently and so urgently warn against sudden and premature interruption of a treatment with Canceroso, especially for cancer and kindred diseases.

And yet these warning gave occasion to various misunderstandings because they were proclaimed as a dogma, so to say, and without a reason being assigned for them I know positively that amongst the adherents of Electro-Homeopathy perhaps amongst my present hearers as well, there are a great many who are of the erroneous opinion that something in the ingredients of the manner of preparing  Canceroso perhaps an unknown mysterious poison is the reason that the discoverer of this curative method, as well as its pupils and followers, earnestly and emphatically warned against the premature interruption of a treatment once begun with Canceroso. You will have already drawn the conclusion from what I have said, and assure you most positively, it is not the nature of Canceroso, nor its preparation or its ingredients, that induce or justify this warning: it contains no mysterious poison, which similar to arsenic, involves a breakdown (It seems Dr.N.LSinha is talking about the herbs Caulophyllum and Conium Mac, but if we see about Caulophyllum historically, the root of Caulophyllum has been used as a medicine for: cancer, internal parasites, smooth muscle function, spasms, diuretic, menstruation, and childbirth It is best known for the latter two uses as reports says. Various Native American tribes are also recorded as having used this plant for similar medicinal purposes. Conium mac has been used in homeopathy too, and after all the Electro-Homeopathic medicines are used in dilutions) if a protracted use of the same be suddenly interrupted. But the diseases for which Canceroso is prescribed, allow themselves owing to their own nature, of no interruption of the treatment, before a complete cure is achieved. I (Dr.Sinha) have already pointed out several times that especially chronic disease, must on no account be regarded as purely local and limited. But that it, so varied in its external phenomena it may be, must be attributed essentially to a more or less radical dyscrasia of the real mediators of metabolism,-the constructing and demolishing humours (lymph and blood),which dyscrasia must further result in a cellular degeneration of the organs, through exuberance ,suppuration, waste, disintegration and so on.

This is more or less clearly and distinctly the case in more chronic disease, principally it is true, in the serious illness caused be dyscrasia, such as cancer (in all its forms), tuberculosis, rickets, scrofula, secondary and tertiary syphilis, gout, chronic rheumatism etc. but also in many acute ailments, that are combined with disintegration of tissue.

It is in the first place of no importance here, whether you wish to consider foreign bodies as the mediators of destruction, which the body has either received by hazard , has generated in itself, in consequence of an interruption in the function of the transformation of matter, or was not able to excrete out of the course of the humours or whether you support in this case the scholastic conception of bacteria, micrococcus, or microbes as the bearers and propagators of destructive processes in the cellular tissues of the humours. The fact always remains that foreign substances and bodies are to be found in the organism, creating irritation and paralysation.

It is these, and these only which hoard up in themselves the germs and essence of relapse and danger, of the treatment of such chronic disease caused by dyscrasia with Canceroso be prematurely interrupted or broken of before absolute cure. They then act exactly like fermentation, that a new; gradually progressing infection of the humours and tissues, well arise from the smallest remaining residue of vanquished morbid matter, causing a relapse into the old evil: the virus this time, not only attacking that tissue again which had been liberated from it at first with assiduity and much relapses establishing itself more firmly and malignantly than before, so that disease in which such a relapse occurred, either through levity, indolence or ignorance, is more difficult to cure and more dangerous than before.

Success is the reward of endeavor always keep this exhortation in view, the power and strength of the Electro-Homeopathic remedies are very great. Their efficacy and curative value surpass without doubt any other known curative Method. But not only acknowledge of its effect, perseverance to carry it through is necessary to overcome those most serious, dangerous, and destructive and creeping evils; which poor humanity is subject to. Believe me, the limits the possibilities of healing have been endlessly extended through Electro-Homeopathic medicines”.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti Cancerous, Anti Scrofulous, Alternative, Anodyne, Nervine, Anti-Periodic, Anti Syphilitic, Anti Rheumatic.

First dilution: Increases the secretion of serous and mucus membranes, It tends to eliminate the morbid principles, hastens suppuration when boils etc to ripe. And produces uterine contractions and thus aids expulsion of fetus. It is used in Abscess of Mammary glands, boils, cancers (As preventive), Carbuncle, protracted labour when so is dilated, suppression of milk, cramps of womb land legs.

Second dilution: Reduces the secretions of the serous and mucus membranes, It should be used when suppuration has set in, and in chronic affections. It cures Adenitis, Chlorosis, Abortion, diseases of pregnancy, Cirrhosis of liver, Consumption with P2, Mumps, Prolapsus ani, Myelitis. Etc.

Third dilutions:  Reduces the secretions of the serous and mucus membranes, It checks uterine contraction and thus prevents abortions-so can be used in habitual abortions, Useful for removing.

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