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Dr.N.L.Sinha has praised C1 with its efficacy more in female than male but yet it is used even in male in many disorders that reaches to chronic phage also. C1 has the most extensive and universal influence of the Canceroso-series on the entire sphere of glands: lymphatic absorbent glands, salivary glands, the mucous and serous membranes. Specially of the throat, male and female genital, Subcutaneous and cutaneous cellular tissue.

Well, the praise for Canceroso group of medicine is noteworthy as far as the words of founder of these remedies, Count Mattei is concerned “ These remedies manifest their specific action against all scrofulous disorders when they reach their gravest and most advancd stages: such as scirrhus, passive tumors and different cancers, which for this reason, resist the action of Scrofoloso. The cure of scirrhus and cancer is certain so long as the vital organs are not too profoundly affected, or so long as the losses of strength, the encroachment of the disease, and the rapidity of its course, have not arrived at such point that there are no time left for the remedy to purify the blood”.

It is consequently a specific for ulcers, indurations, tumors of all kinds suppuration of the glands, mucous discharge and catarrh especially chronic catarrh with suppurating secretions, chronic eruptions, e.g. scabies with suppurating secretions, chronic pharyngeal catarrh, chronic catarrh of the vagina and uterus, chronic catarrh of the bronchia, nose, ears and eyes, with suppurating discharge, exuberance of polyps of the mucous membranes, e.g. in the throat, nose or frontal cavity, cancer or cancerous indurations, nodes and ulcers of every kind and of every organ, diphtheria, croup, quinsy, chronic gonorrhea, (in connection with Venerio, S2, F1), leucorrhoea, inflammation of the vagina and uterus.

Dr.N.L.Sinha adds here that “On account for influence on the female genitals, It may be prescribed for the hundred fold disorders and irregularities which may occur during the ascending (puberty), development (evolution) pregnancy, child birth, child bed, nursing and finally during the retro grade, development (involution), the so called ‘change of life’ I can say on the ground of an experience of almost seventy years duration, there is no other remedy which acts both as a preventive and furtherance in obstetrics like this If it be regularly taken during the whole (or at least during the second) period of pregnancy, it brings about, not only a regular, and untroubled course of the same, but promotes the proper development of the fetus and finally a quick and comparatively painless delivery, as far as this natural procedure may ever be reasonably called “painless”. It is the therefore especially important for women expecting their first child, for debilited women, when the throes set in too feeble or are interrupted, for those who having already been confined know by experience that the previous parturition were only achieved with difficulty, and with the help of medical art: and finally for women, who not in their first youth expect their first confinement, which in such cases, owing to the already existing firmness adds in elasticity of the genitals, usually takes a complicated course. C1 acts therefore on the throat, the regularity and strength of the same. To bring this about, C1 must be taken during the last week before confinement in the 1st dilution and during delivery itself but then oftener-a mouthful every 10 to 15 minutes. If the throes are very weak and intermittent, dose may be intensified when required C1, 5 to 10 globules in a 1\4 pint of water, which may be sipped very often, as directed above”.

Furthermore as I am also a little bit convinced as far as adding it with F1 in chronic nervous disorders of women, as Dr.Sinha sir adds like this “Many bodily as well as mental or physical disorders of women being connected with the sexual instincts on the one hand, and the functions of the sexual instincts on the other, the reason will be clear to you why C1 must play a leading part in nervous disease (of women) as well”.

Its influence on the mucous membrane is manifest in chronic catarrh and discharge e.g. Leucorrhoea; ear discharges, catarrh of the throat and larynx, diphtheria and exuberance of the mucous membranes. Its influence on the glands in the various forms and degrees of cancer, especially in cancer of the breast and uterus, no matter whether the cancerous ulcer still be in the state of scirrhous indurations or of suppuration. C1 acts likewise on all kinds of fistula , which are usually based on tuberculosis foundation, then on tuberculosis, itself, especially on a general stage of the same and laryngeal phthisis; whereas the preference must be given so C5 in the case of pulmonary consumption to C10 or C2 for intestinal tuberculosis, C3 and C4 for tuberculosis of the bone, C6 for tuberculosis of the kidneys,C2 for tuberculosis of the bladder-corresponding to the organic special effect, and likewise for the congruent forms of cancer.

Its effects on the skin and the tissues of the cutaneous glands become manifest in all cases of ulcers, indurations, exuberances, for instance warts, furuncles, and carbuncles and lupus: and on the serous membranes in all cases of dropsy, also of exudation, whether it may contain ichorous or suppurating discharge, which often occurs as a result of protracted inflammation of the glands or mucous membranes, in the form of inflammation of the pericardium of the lings such as pleuritis and so forth.

It is true that it is often surpassed by C2 in its effect on the serous and mucous membrane: the different effects of weak and strong doses may here by clearly perceive. If given in weak doses it decreases the mucous and serous secretions of the cutaneous glandular organs in question, given in strong doses on the contrary it increases the same.

In this way it is possible with the same remedy for reduction as well excessive secretion which can lead either to accumulation of a local limited nature (oedema) or of an universal character(dropsy) as to set regularly going again suppressed secretion, which is the cause of chronic inflammation, dry catarrh of exuberance. It is the same in the case of suppuration no matter whether it be benign or malignant, whether it is internal or external, whether it originates in wounds or ulcers or cancerous formations, or in simple ailments of the mucous membrane, (catarrh for instance, cold. ear, discharge, leucorrhoea; gonorrhea etc.), but more especially in the chronic stage of the same. As is known the Scrofoloso are remedies for the glandular and mucous membrane as well but for the most part for the lesser and slighter forms and degrees of the ailments of the same, but whenever it ceases to be a question of a more interruption of a function, and there is an actual degeneration of destruction of tissue, it is always necessary to employ Canceroso, instead of Scrofoloso, particularly in those chronic diseased condition that are founded on a certain state of dyscrasia of the blood and lymph the mediators of metabolism. But you must not forget withal, that just on that account C, must be supported by S, and A, which owing to their influence on the organs of metabolism and the functional activity of the same, make its value fully apparent . C attains the culmination of its significance in the treatment of the various forms of cancer and cancerous conditions. Modern pathology discriminates a number of sub-species of this terrible courage of humanity, apart from the organ or seat of the disease, e.g. cancer of the stomach, breast, intestines, lips, etc which distinguish themselves by the difference of their cellular degeneration.

Now with standing, all these are only an external and secondary matter, and the essence of the disease of cancer, which is, in truth, nothing else than the highest degree of a destructive dyscrasia of the real mediators of metabolism-namely the humours and developing out of this a progressive decay and disintegration of the tissues, and above all of the glandular tissues, connected with a complete transformation of the same, which leads to their destruction by indurations, exuberance, suppuration or dissolution, and finally to certain death, either on account of the destruction of vital organs, or of a general cancerous dyscrasia of the homours, which thoroughly infects the whole body. This explain as well the absolute bankruptcy of the factuality with its purely operative treatment of cancer and it explains why, in dissatisfaction with the same, new remedies and methods are ever being sought and enquired for, and which only lead from one failure and disappointment to another. What great things were expected of Radium, Mesothorium, of the Rhontgen and Finsen rays? and others and what is the result?

I wanted to write the mode of action of this remedy according to my limited knowledge with some of scientific pharmacological knowledge of the medicinal plants used in it, but when I went through the many books of our masters what I found as far as the scientific work of Dr.N.L.Sinha sir is concerned among all of them is great and GUIDE to next generation even for a century, I personally think, his genuine contribution is the most advanced in his times and even today also, so it is ready to guide us in many way, as he says on C1 further “That cancer is for so called “science” just as incurable as it was 50 years ago, and it all comes of making the same mistake with cancer as with other illness owing to dyscrasia; e.g. tuberculosis, and regarding it as a purely local disease and of course drawing the fatal conclusion, that it is impossible therefore to remove the evil by means of a purely local treatment either with the knife (operation) or by means of certain rays. And yet Nature speaks so clearly and distinctly for those who will listen to her voice and understand her tokens, Or is not clear enough, when in spite of repeated, careful and through operations, in spite of a perfect, extirpation of the diseased organ, the evil always breaks out a new, sooner or later, either in the some or in another place? Is this not a clear proof that the origin of the disease must be sought for far deeper than in the cancerous tumor, exuberance or ulcer? It is not a proof that the origin of the same is not affected at all by the artificial or forcible removal of the cancerous node, or of, let us say, the local nodes, and retains the faculty not withstanding of creating over new cancerous, nodes, and of maintaining their exuberance? Not only this-minute observation shows that in far the most cases the further course of cancer is only more malignant and stubborn, and that it presents greater hindrances and difficulties to the cure after operation, in its renewed appearance, than without the same.

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