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Canceroso 2, here the relationship of the effects between the numbers of the Canceroso and Scrofoloso series becomes apparent. It is in the first instance a specific for the bladder and acts further on the serous and mucous membrane, especially of the intestines and of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, It is therefore administered for chronic, stubborn and malignant catarrh of the bladder(Cystitis), cancer of the bladder, suppuration of the bladder, polypus of the bladder. Then for nodes and exuberance in the intestines, e.g. cancer, polyps, blind piles, further for dropsical accumulations in various portions of the body, especially for abdominal dropsy and dropsy of the breast, as also for so called oedema, serous or gelatinous deposits in various tissue or in joints, for atheroma, Gonocele albus, and so on, C2 suitable for employment in bronchial catarrh owing to its effect on the mucous and serous membranes of the bronchus, particularly when the bronchial tubes are affected where the sputum resists all efforts to eject it and is of a white, though, thready consistency, whilst C5 on the other hand is more adapted for yellow, purulent sputum, the tuberculosis and catarrhal ailments of the pulmonary cells and smaller bronchial tubes together with Pettorale.

Similar to S2, C2 acts further on the liver and gall-bladder and may consequently be favorably combined with F. although it is rather inferior to C10 in the capacity. Like S2 again, it has further a secondary influence on urethra, ureter and kidneys being participating organs of the urinary apparatus. This sense it can be employed to relieve S6 in protracted or complicated illness of those organs, e.g. cancer, exuberance, polyps, indurations, tumor and chronic catarrh. Its intestinal action is also related to that of S2 in that it induces an increased, secretion of the serous and mucous membranes and glands, and therefore may be preferred just in cases of chronic , e.g., for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti Cancerous, Ant-Scrofulous, Anti Orchitic and Alternative.

First dilution: As mentioned in C1, but may also be used in Solid boils, Obesity, Peritonitis, Osteoitis, Spinal diseases, Tabes dorsalis.

Second and Third dilutions: Cystitis, Ca Bladder, Polyps, Hydrocephalus, Neuralgia, Metritis, Leucorrhea, Prolapus ani, Uterine polyps.

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