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A.G.L.Gliddon says “its action resembles that of a mixture of C1 and C2”. As we know that the medicinal contents of this remedy are Vincetoxicum officinalis, Pimpinella saxifraga, Conium maculatum, Rhus toxicodendron, Daphne Mazereum, Sempervivum tectorum according to JSO Komplex Heilweise, which is also known as Gw3 Mezereum cp JSO. But I don’t find in the old Indian text book the medicinal plant Sempervivum tectorum added to C3 instead only 5 medicinal plants are found described even in the old texts of Dr.N.L.Sinha. Let us know its action as toto, before that we should know the action of Mazereum and Sempervivum tectorum so that we may come to know that what major part of these remedies are. 

Let us see at first Mezereum….

Mezereum has been used in the past for treating rheumatism and indolent ulcers, but because of its toxic nature it is no longer considered to be safe, in dilutions it is said safe homeopathically and has been used since centuries. As it is said that the plant contains toxic compounds, including daphnetoxin and mezerein, and these are said currently being investigated for their anti leukaemia effects, as traditionally it is reported: the bark is cathartic, diuretic, emetic, rubefacient, stimulant and vesicant. The root bark is the most active medically, but the stem bark is also used. It has been used in an ointment to induce discharge in indolent ulcers and also has a beneficial effect upon rheumatic joints. The bark is not usually taken internally and even when used externally this should be done with extreme caution and not applied if the skin is broken because is an irritant and causes vasication .The fruits have sometimes been used as a purgative.  It is one of homeopathic remedy and prescribed for the treatment of various skin complaints and inflammations, Skin symptoms, affections of bones, and neuralgias most important, especially about teeth and face, Bruised, weary feeling in joints, with drawing and stiffness, Pains of various kinds, with chilliness and sensitiveness to cold air, Bone pains, Eruptions after vaccination, Burning, darting sensation in the muscles, subsultus tendinum. Pains shoot upward and seem to draw patient up out of bed, Semi lateral complaints. Patient is very sensitive to cold air. This remedy is indicated in Syphilitic and Scrofulous person; especially when the perisoteium, bones and skin are involved.

Sempervivum tectorum is also said one of the skin remedies…

Mostly used for herpes zoster and in benign tumors, and of course beneficial in Scirrhous induration of tongue, Mammary carcinoma, Fungal skin infections like Ringworm and in phlebitis especially for blind piles. Erysipelatous affections, Warts and Corns, Apathetic ulcers also comes under its influence homeopathically.

C3 thus becomes similar to S3 with regard to its relation to the organs as a cutaneous and intestinal remedy. It acts besides on the mucous membranes of the cartilage and therefore secondarily on the bones. It exercises its chief influence of the glandular and cellular tissue of the skin and the subcutaneous cellular tissue. It is therefore to be applied for purulent of gangrenous destruction of tissue, e.g. deeply seated ulcers, tuberculosis of the skin, gummy nodes (tuberculum syphiliticum) in the subcutaneous cellular tissue; lupus, intense burns, scalds, frostbite, purulent frostbite .It is of no importance whether the cutaneous destruction occurred from dry heat, fire, hotsteam, corrosive acids or high degrees of frost.

It is employed as an intestinal remedy in cases of cancer, abscess, similar to C2 or C10 but varies from both these in being more suitable for intestinal Sickness, that is combined with stubborn diarrhea, as well as for chronic inflammation and catarrh; whilst on with chronic constipation. C3 has a pronounced influence on the capillary vessels, e.g. Acne Rosacea Of all the glands, the thyroid gland appears to be most influenced by C3. It is therefore given the preference to others in cases of goiter which it first of all softens if hard before, and then causes to be absorbed. In the stage of transition the hard goiter-lump loosens itself from its surroundings, and therefore becomes mobile, and later on soft.

This detachment is achieved by means of strong doses; 1st and strong dil, whilst absorption of the goiter is brought about more readily by weak doses, you can moreover, observe that the other Canceroso as well act similarly on hard or indurated exuberances.

Being a remedy for the cartilage it is serviceable for instance in rickety, tuberculosis, scrofulous and syphilitic exuberances of the cartilage, condensation, wounds, gangrenous destruction and of course bone diseases in this course of which the cartilaginous mass is implicated, thus for example, caries, gangrene of the bones; then for rickets as well. In these sort of diseases it may either support the bone specific C4, or temporarily substitute the same, as bones and cartilage properly belong together. It is especially efficacious for the well known facial lupus or cancer of the skin when the corrosive destruction of the cellular tissue of the skin encroaches upon the cartilaginous masses that lie beneath, e.g. on the nose or cheek bones.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Alternative, Anti-Cancerous, Anti-orchitic. Different Dilutions can be used for Skin and bone affections, ulcers and Benign Cancerous growths according to law of polarity. 

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