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As we know that Canceroso 4 is in the first instance called as bone specific, the reason may be one of its chief medicinal plant that is Symphytum. If we throw light upon the its medicinal contents what we see among the Conium maculatum, Pimpinella alba, Rhus toxicodendron, Vincetoxicum officinale another spag is added that is Symphytum spag. ( Krauß) according to JSO. But what is the role of Symphytum officinalis that makes this remedy different from another of Canceroso group is to be noted, as we know Mattei added this medicinal plant to make it more and more sepcific as a BONE REMEDY, as the action of Symphytum from sources says that through the tannic acid, starch, and asparagine which are found in it, has an action on on the affections of the bone and periosteum. It has been used traditionally in Fractures. The active compound in Symphytum is thought to be the allantoin, which was reported to promote cell division and the growth of the connective tissue, bones, cartilages and to accelerate the wounds’ healing. Probabaly for its better results in bone disorders, its one more common name “Boneset” may have been come in existance in Folk medicine. Even it has been used in wounds, Externally:






All inflammatory skin disorders.

Historically has been used as an internal agent for soothing mucous membrane irritation in the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract and urinary tract. It acts as an anti inflammatory when there is damage to the periosteum, promotes callus formation in fractures and decreases inflammation of tendon sheaths. It has been used for arthritis, dislocations, contusions, hematomas, thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, parotitis, and glandular swellings. Comfrey can also be used as a gargle in periodontitis and pharyngitis. And practically if we take history of C4 we find as Dr.Sinha Sir says that it resembles somewhat the effect of C1.

And also acts on all calcic deposits in the cellular tissues of the body, for instance gouty formations of knots in the joints and muscles, the gouty calcic deposits in the eye, on certain form of cataract and stone, that arise from a gouty basis, C4, acts further on the horn substance which related to the bone-substance, constructs the hair and the nails of the fingers and toes, and is therefore to be employed when the hair falls out and the nails break and splinter. Of course C4 is also a remedy for teeth, e.g. carries, and also may be employed during the development of children, for irregular and insufficient growth of the teeth, want of development and brittleness of the same, for a tendency to decay, fistula in the gums and so on, caries; necrosis of the bones, tuberculosis of the bones, exuberance of the bones,(also the syphilitic), rickets.

All these diseases, belong the sphere of action of C4.and of course, all injuries to the bones as well. It has a more striking influence on the mucous membrane in chronic and purulent inflammation and catarrh, as for instance, suppurating ear discharge. If acts not less thoroughly on the mucous membranes of male and especially the female genitals, e,g, for stubborn discharge,(chronic leucorrhoea), when it resists the influence of C1, and C5 or Venerio.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES:-  Anti-cancerous, Anti-Scrofulous, Alternative.

First dilution: Ankylosis of Joints, Bone pains.

Second dilution: Necrosis of bones, Ulcers, Fistula of Anus.

Third dilution: Hip joint diseases with Neuralgia, Polypus of nose.

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