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Here comes one of the most admired and frequently used remedy since it is discovered in the Canceroso group of remedies i.e. C5 (Canceroso 5), When our old masters say that it can be compared with S5 as a skin specific, it puts limitation to its action, rather we can say that SKIN is just a simple part of its action, because it is most deeper and extensive remedy as far as pharmacological action is concerned. Of course we see miraculous results of it in skin diseases especially chronic one, and we should not forget the words of A.G.L.Gliddon that came in the admiration of this remedy a century ago “The most powerful of all the Canceroso, Its action which is deeper and more general than that of any others, resembles that of mixture of Ang, Canc and Scrof. It is anti cancerous and anti syphilitic”.

Before we go more in details of the action of C5, let us throw light upon one of the major medicinal plant in this remedy is used that is Phytolacca Decandra because of this we can notice that how extensive this remedy can be, Phytolacca Decandra is used in glandular swelling with heat and inflammation. Along with this property, it has also a powerful effect on fibrous tissues, muscles and scar tissue, that’s why in chronic cases of subcutaneous tissue can also be successfully used. But the list of common glandular conditions include swollen tonsils, tonsillitis, ulcerated and sore throat, chest and breast inflammation, burning and painful areas of the skin is also a major point in which it is called in higher dilutions, in lymph node swelling or soreness also it is recommended . Eczema, Psoriasis, Boils, Abscess, Herpez, Chronic dermatitis are also said to be treated by this remedy. Mastitis and sties or other eye related inflammations are also common glandular conditions that can be treated using Phytolacca Decandra, in Homeopathy it is one of the common and most popular remedy used in many conditions especially that is associated with the above drug picture. Homeopathically it is also used in Syphilitic bone pains; chronic rheumatism, sore throat, quinsy, and diphtheria, tetanus and opisthotonos, decrease of weight, retarded dentition etc. It is said in certain conditions of the system which might come under the head of dycrasia, it proves a most valuable alterative. Scrofulous, syphilitic, and rheumatic conditions are invariably benefited by it. Different sources says that Phytolacca plays an important part in dermatological practice. It destroys the “itch” insect, consequently it is of value in scabies. The condition which calls for it is one of indolent action of the skin, usually associated with vitiated blood. There is a glandular difficulty—a scrofulous condition. There maybe scaly, vesicular, pustular, or tuberculous eruptions, and lymphatic enlargements with pain. The skin maybe inflamed, but does not itch because there is not activity enough in the part. It is often indicated in chronic eczema, syphilitic eruptions, psoriasis, tinea capitis, favus, and varicose and other ulcers of the leg. Associated with iris, it is a valuable agent in acute sycosis, fissures, fistulae, boils, carbuncles, dermal abscesses, and all ulcerations of the outlets of the body. It relieves the pain of burns and promotes rapid healing. For skin diseases it should be employed internally and locally.

Thats how its action on SKIN is seen more promising in chronic skin diseases, and now with this tremendous action of this single plant if used with another four plants i.e. Conium maculatum, Pimpinella alba, Rhus toxicodendron, Vincetoxicum officinale you can conclude that how C5 is more deeper as said by A.G.L.Gliddon.

Mattei admired “Canceroso 5 has much more profound and special action on pulmonary organs than other Canceroso, and it is the one mostly used externally”. Now guess if added with Angiotico and Pettorale how effectively it will work in cases upper and lower respiratory disorders. Well, the story of C5 doesn’t end here, it is going to reveal even more and more its secretes in the coming days if added with GE.

We hope that this remedy will prove to stimulate even stem cells, though it is assumption but in some cases we see such miraculous results particularly the diseases where we see the cellular degeneration is profound. It will be revealed more deeply in the coming days, before that let us see what Dr.N.L.Sinha talked about it in his times. “C5 the similarity with the organic relation of S5 becomes again clearly apparent here, above all as a specific for the skin. Like S5 it is given thepreference for all external application, for the same reason e.g., of baths, compresses, bandages, and ointments for tumors, ulcers, exuberances, indurations, fistula wounds of or underneath the cutaneous cellular tissue in the first instance for cancer, carbuncle, furuncle; lupus, and then for chronic fostering cutaneous eruptions and other skin-diseases, such as scab, salt flux, and varicose ulcers. C5 acts in a most pronounced manner on the cellular tissue of the veins and may be combined in consequence With A2, administered alternately or mixed:- for instance for varicose veins; varicose ulcers, blind hemorrhoids, phlebitis.

The relationship of C5 to the effect of the Angiotico remedies is especially seen in its influence on the lungs, in no other remedy of the Canceroso series is this relationship clearly to be seen C5 acts particularly on the pulmonary cells, and the large bronchial tubes, thus supplementing the action of A. and P and especially in a state of chronic and purulent pulmonary and bronchial catarrh and consumption, as soon as the suppurating destruction of the pulmonary tissue, has begun, and in the case of pulmonary suppurations, as you see, the influence of P2 After C1 it is also the most excellent glandular specific for all indurations, exuberance, purulent processes of all disintegration, softening and other cellular degeneration of the glands. In this capacity as well it is usually applied externally to support C1 or any other internally administered C.

Thus for instance, for swelling of the groinal gland, the prostate, parotid glands, thyroid gland, in case of goiter, Begbie’s disease, bubo, abscess, of the  stomach or cancerous nodes, cancer of the breast, as will in a condition of indurations (nodes),as also of purulent disintegration (cancerous ulcer).

After C5 it possesses the most voluminous constitutional efficacy, and consequently is often used as a substitute for C1 in the course of a lengthy C. treatment, if perhaps the improvement or cure brought about by means of the latter is checked in its further progress: and hereto refers the serious warning which often occurs in the older manuals of Electro-Complex-Homeopathy there being then a danger of serious malignant relapse, through which such disease, that is founded on dyscrasia, may be rendered incurable, when beforehand, a complete cure or at least, stand-still or improvement could have been expected.

Resemblance of C5 to the relations of S5 to the organs and tissue; becomes especially manifest in all diseases of the muscles and joints, founded on a gout, diathesis, namely in chronic rheumatic gout. But here you must not overlook the fact, that all these deeply seated diseases of metabolism are not simple and local, but complicated and constitutional disorders in which, as the fundamental mediators of metabolism (blood, lymph, humours, mucous, and so on), large and various groups of cellular tissue are diseased also, This circumstance explains the fact that in such maladies not only one, but several remedies of different series, must as rule be administered. Let us consider here as an example a case of rheumatic gout. We prescribe for instance, S5 for the gouty diathesis, which is here the basis of disease, and for the tendency to uric deposits in the cellular tissue of the muscles and joints that arises from the same.

A1and A2 opposes the process of inflammation, redness, and swelling, pain which arise form the accumulation of foreign bodies in the tissues, (uric acid and calcic deposits) and finally C5 influences the swellings, indurations and stuffiness of the limbs, which originate in the uric deposits in the muscles and joints. And therefore, whilst these three remedies are essentially administered together, each one of the same influences a certain section of the entire of disease and the corresponding symptoms. However, just C 5 may be employed with advantage in almost all conditions connected with external phenomena of disease, owing to its extremely extensive influence on the glands and skin, if applied externally in the form of ointments, compresses, baths, etc. to support one more internally administered remedies; so that it has a right to be considered as sort of universal remedy for all slight to serious illnesses from corn to cancer!”.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES:- Anti-Scorbutic, Anti-parasitic, Digestive, Astringent, Nervine, Uterine, Sedative, Prohylatic, Resolvent, Alterative, Anti Cancerous, Anti Rheumatic, Anti Scrofulous, Anti Periodic, Anti Syphilitic, Nutritive, Stomachic and Tonic.

FIRST DILUTION: Hastens suppuration.

SECOND AND THIRD DILUTION: Tumours, Skin affections, Leucorrhoea Elephantiiasis, Acute Inflammations, Fistula, Glandular swellings, Acute herpes, Eczema, Scrofula, Thrush, Abscess, Ulcers.

COMPRESSES AND OINTMENTS: Abscess, Burns, Boils, Cancer of Lips, Tongue Eczema, Inflammatory abscess, Lupus, Otalgia, Varicose veins, Elephantiasis Orchitis, Hydrocele…etc

Gargles: In throat infection especially in Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, Cancer of Tongue Ulcer in mouth, Gum boil, Scurvey, Syphilitic wounds in throat …in all cases with Green Electricity.

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