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C10: Before we should go in the pharmacological action of this remedy we should know that the three plants extra added in C10 are 1.Chelidonium majus 2. Podophyllum peltatum 3. Cardus benedictus

Let us first see the action of Chelidonium as we know that this plant’s tincture  has been indicated in irritable persons, who are subject to hepatic and gastric complaints, bowels are often constipated, hard stools. If diarrhea is present it will be grayish homeopathically, bilious vomiting, bilious headache and in so called bilious pneumonia are also covered by this remedy, so naturally it is granted as one of the effectual bilious remedy which has action on Liver, Gall bladder and digestive system and thats how with this remedy is said to set up the disorders of the above said organs, though by adding this medicinal plant to C10 already Mattei has won the half battle to bring it in the lines of S10, but make it more extensive especially to act on chronic cases of Liver, Gall, Intestines he adds Cardus and Podophyllum As we know that Podophyllum acts chiefly on deudenum,intestines-rectum and the target is achieved because Podophyllum is also one of the popular bilious remedy which is used to influence the bilious temperament whose liver and gall is congested, sluggish and out of which digestion is disturbed, stools are not well formed either results into constipation or greenish stools are passed. Cardus has also a little bit same action. After knowing the contents of the major medicinal plants in it we my conclude that it is desingned especailly for Intestinal diseases, for chronic one.

A.G.L.Gliddon admires as far as C10 is concerned that ” This is specially useful for intestinal disease Cancer, formed on old cicatrices after actual abscess, Cancer of Stomach or womb, Obstinate chancres, Colic though strangulation of the intestines, Tabes dorsalis. “

Mattei praised this remedy for Cancers of the same organs.

Dr.Sinha admires the same that it influences on the intestine, rectum and appendix, liver, gall bladder and spleen. And then particularly on the intestinal nerves. It must be considered , as you see. The nerve-specific of the C series of remedies. In this capacity it opposes the nervous energy and functional disorders of these organs, especially congestion and stoppage such as for instance result from influenza and appendicitis. In such cases it is therefore quite specially connected with the effects of F1or S10.Like the latter it is prescribed in strong and sometimes strong doses to overcome the said congestion stoppage. Thus C10 may be taken with advantage where there is a tendency to chronic constipation e.g. at meal times, mixed with the kindred and supplementary acting S2 and F1, 5 or 10 globules of each at meal times dry or in a spoonful of hot water.It acts on the mucous membrane of the intestines, anus, and urethra in cases of exuberance, e.g. polyps and especially warts; particularly on the so-called condyloma. which as a rule originate in gonorrhea or in a sycotic constitution (according to Hahnemann).It may therefore in such cases be advantageously combined with Venereo. This hold good also in cases of lupus; and lupus-like skin-diseases, which are based on the former, or an a syphilitic constitution. Its effect on the liver, gall bladder and spleen is especially manifest in swelling and dilation of the liver, cancer of the liver, abscess of the liver, swelling and induration of the spleen, particularly when these are the after effects of continuous tropic or intermittent fever(malaria),or what is more usually the case, when they arise from the use or more properly misuse of quinine for years. Here you must of course prescribe F1 together with C10 the organic remedy for the liver, gall-bladder, and spleen, and in consideration of the importance of these organs as purifiers of the blood-A. as well above all A2. You must first of all distinguish, it is true between the effect, the purpose and also the course of influence of these two.A1.especially A2 acts on the sanguineous exchange in the liver and spleen: that is on a function of blood-production, perhaps blood purification and on the congestion of blood in these organs. S2 acts on the secretive function of the liver glands, thus for instance of the preparation of the gall-fluid and the disorders of intestinal digestion, which result from an irregularity of the same.

F1 acts on the glandular tissue of the liver and gall and the gall-fluid itself as well as on the results of a dyscrasia, and finally on the nerve impulse of this organ, as well as that of the intestine-the so called peristaltic movement and the regulation of the discharge of gall into the intestineas regards measure, time and quantity.

C10 finally acts on the organic degeneration of the gland and mucous membrane of the whole above mentioned series of organs, so that exactly by means of the combination of these remedies the entire functional apparatus of the liver ,gall, venaporta and intestinal system is affected and influenced.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES- Laxative, Anti-cancerous, Vermifuge and Alternate.

First dilution: Green coloured Chronic diarrhoea

Second dilution: Appendicitis, Lupus

Third dilution: Yellow fever, and Constipation

Dry Globules: Abdominal colic, Obstinate constipation etc.

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