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C13 is also known as DOMFIN: Two major medicinal plants used in C13 are Ailanthus glandulosa and Belladona, As we know that Ailanthus has been successfully used in Diptheria and even in cases of severe streptococcal infections of throat especaiily in Tonsilitis, Pharyngitis and Laryngitis particularly when they turn into septic conditions. It is one of the chief remedy in homeopathy for throat infection with typical symptoms: Inflamed, oedamatous, dusky red, much swelling, internal and external dry, rough, chocking, feeling, neck tender and swollen, Pain in swalloning extends to the ears. It is also used in diarrhoea, dysentry, and even useful in haemorrhagic conditions especially of ulcerations of mucus membrane Another important remedy is Belladona as most of us know that this is a polycrystes in Homeopathy, and traditionally used in herbal therapeutics for many ailments,  Mattei, has chosen this medicinal plants in C13 with intension purpose of as an anti-inflammatory, especially to reduces the congestion in the acute infections of Tonsilitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Rhinitis, Otitis and even to reduces the congestion of intestinal mucus memebrane, it has been placed even as an anti-pyretic between Aconite and Bryonia homeopathically, and as anti-inflammatory like Arnica and Calendula. and with the above mentioned chief medicianl plats there are some more but among them again it is Conium mac and Rhus tox. also used which shows their therapeutic influence upon the glandular affection especailly indurations, and inflammations. And takking the mode of actions of all these medicinal plants  what we can conclude that during the design of this remedy, it must be prepared principally keeping in mind to make it a specific for the throat. And that’ s how later it has been used for the same As our masters describe- It is use of in purulent pharyngeal catarrh; ulcers of the throat, abscess, ulcerson the uvula, on the tonsils, in the pharynx, as well as in cancer of the latter organ. Thus it possesses undeniably glandular influence on these parts, but its effect on the mucous membrane is still more striking in all cases of ulcerous fostering disintegration and exuberances of the same.

The popular words in Mattei’s times ” Domfin for Diptheria !”

Domfin takes the lead, at all events in this sense as a diphtheria specific, for  group of all kinds and quinsy’ internally as well as externally, in the form of embrocation and compresses, and most particularly as a gargle,It is true that C1 is worth just as much in this capacity do not assert too much, when I say that if help be not put off till the last moment, hardly one case of diphtheria need end fatally,when energetically treated with C13.or.C1. Dr. Sinha tells us an old story of his times that how the deceased Dr.Franz Pesendorfer lost only two children out of about three hundred whom he treated during a terrible diphtheria epidemic which regard in his whole neighbourhood, and these only, because it was not possible to intervene opportunely.And Dr.Dingfelder of Munich has made in his five and twenty years’ practice similar splendid experience. It is well known that the diphtheria micro-organism may be transferred to other portions of the body as well, under certain  conditions namely in overfilled, insufficiently  ventilated hospitals, For instance, open wound, have a great tendency to receive the diphtheria virus and bring it to development, so that diphtheria degeneration of the wound and its secretions takes place. C13 may be employed in such cases as well, internally, of course, as well as for baths, for spraying the wounds, for compresses combined with Green, and sometimes with Yellow fiuid and the universal germicides-S1 and S5,Ver1 and Ver2. If you  consider what hecatombs of victims diphtheria lays claim to year by year. particularly amongst children you must know that the discoverer of Electro-Complex-Homeopathy had merited immortal fame and the gratitude of humanity for this remedy alone.This remedy is also useful for Cancer of throat, Coughs, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis and Dysentery, and A.G.L.Gliddon also adds the words in the praise of this remdy especially in above mentioned diseases.

MEDICINAL PROPETIES  -Desiccant, Anti-cancerous, and Anti-diphtheria, Anti-dysentry.

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