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This remedy has one of the kingly names perhaps because of its long time use in many symptoms like S1, and the most notable history from royal family, the name of medicine is Lord. This remedy must first and foremost be regarded as a Stomachic and thus supplements to a certain extent the action of S1 in this capacity as mentioned above in its name LORD.

But besides that navel and the cellular tissue of the peritoneum are especially under the influence of same, In this capacity as stomachic it may be prescribed internally as well externally for ulcer of the stomach, cancer of the stomach induration of the stomach. Softening of the stomach, dilation of the stomach as for all organic degeneration whatsoever; exuberance and all conditions of disintegration and destruction of the stomach.

Combined with S1 it counteracts the troubles attendant on such organic stomach complaints, such as pains, vomiting etc. and heals the organic damage itself. Lord is without doubt, a remedy   whose value has not been enough realized as yet. I freely own that I have myself paid for too little attention to it formerly, but that the experiences of the latter years have inspired me with a never increasing esteem from Lord. Its discoverer gave it this curious name, because the first person who cured by it of serious cancer, was an English Lord.

Owing to its effect on the cellular tissues of the peritoneum and navel. Lord is especially applied in umbilical and abdominal rupture, internally as well as in the form of ointment on the rupture itself. It will however be clear to you that only a fresh rupture can be cured in this way, and not one of longer standing. That is, only a rupture whose edges are still fresh and capable of granulation, of that, by means of contracting the edges, it may be completely closed This is as a rule, not possible with ruptures whose edges are dry and inelastic unless one succeeds in artificially inflaming these edges, and thus making them capable of gran ulation once more This may be brought about by a strong Red Electricity, Ointment or red fluid. This is a remedy for hernia and had also been used for strangulation of the intestines and tumors etc.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anti-cancerous, Anodyne, Stomachic and Anti-hernia.

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