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CANSEROSO TB:  Dr.A.G.L.Gliddon describes its action in one sentence “ Useful in cases of Retention of Urine and other urinary troubles.”

But we have seen its effect in different cases if used in different dilutions and doses, and success has been achieved as said in the literature particularly the old literature, but this remedy though not commonly used now days, but always should be remembered in cases of pediatric enuresis nocturna, where it has shown excellent results, I am sure that its action is as deep as our masters described it, Dr.Sinha sir says “ This remedy is designated outside the numbered series of medicines, and resembles most closely with C2 and C6 . Its chief influence extends over the bladder, the constrictors of that organ and the ureter, It has a secondary effect of course, on the kidneys as well.”

That’s how this medicine can play special role for retention of urine, diabetes, debility of the bladder, paralysis of the bladder, stubborn enuresis nocturne, also for stone in the bladder and kidneys, exuberance and polyps.

As we know that after changing the dose and dilution according to the law polarity we can see the different and exactly opposite effects of the medicines, as we know that alcohol in little dose can act as an appetizer and in large doses exactly opposite to it, that is irritating to the stomach ultimately causing to hyperacidity and vomiting. If take an example of Cannabis sativa we also see the same rule in that agent as well, in lower dose stimulant and in larger doses the depressant! This is what law of nature is. And in the medicines of Electro homeopathy we also see the same law, that’s why Dr.N.L.Sinha sir says that we do not about the different effects of one and the same remedy when prescribed in various degrees of strength for this is the key to the application of the same remedy in apparently quite opposite condition.

Thus for instance, for retention of urine, C17 (CTB) should be administered strong dry or liquid doses in D4 (the first dilution) , because in strong doses it provokes the activity of the bladder and the constrictors. For diabetes, on the other hand and enuresis nocturna the remedy must be given in week and high dilutions from D6-D8 in order to achieve the opposite effect.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Diurnal, Anti-cancerous.

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