White Electricity

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White electricity contains all the different energetic qualities of od and other in equal parts, so that its action is to a certain extent neutral Q i.e., no one of the various undulating energies is more essentially prominent than the other. The sphere of white fluid is above all the great sympathetic, with its ramifications and ganglions, the solar plexus, the cerebellum and the vegetal fibers of the nervous system.

It is accordingly the specific for nervous conditions of exhaustion, such as may be especially observed in neurasthenic persons. The origin of this irritable weakness is the pronounced what to nervous power which may be the result either of exhausting restless activity, want of sleep in consequence of nightly work, sick nursing, study; or of exhausting passions and desires which turn the night into day-squander nervous force and wear out the nervous. Therefore white electricity is the chief remedy for neurasthenic persons, for their various ailments, pains and exhaustion.

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